Sunday, August 21, 2016

YAC August Activity

2nd Planning Meeting called by Isaiah

Welcome Back YAC Cyclones

August 21, after Orientation  1:15-2:00.  Started on time and finished on time, but then we had a consultation with Coach T, and we met for 30 more minutes

Harper Wing

YAC Planning Team  Co-Presidents will send text
Text was not sent announcing meeting.  Isaiah and Katherine worked with the below agenda set by Isaiah.

Agenda by Isaiah 

 - When will YAC meet  
After a long discussion and a meeting with Coach T., Isaiah is proposing the following meeting schedule for consideration of the planning team

-Board members meet Mondays at 7:30 am.  We chose Mondays because there are no conflicts with other clubs.

-YAC members meet 1st and 3rd  Tuesday of the month.  Other Tuesdays as needed for community organizations to present project proposals or for project chairs to get project needs done.

- Calendar
Katherine reported on the below calendar which resulted from the Strategic Planning Time in May.  Changes will continue to be made in subsequent meetings.  A copy of the calendar will be provided to member at the first full membership meeting in September.

Isaiah will get YAC commitment for peace week 

Mrs. Clay will send Isaiah, Miranda and Katherine a PP "at draft stage" with rights to change, add or delete

Isaiah and Miranda will make a video with pictures for Clubs Fair, which might be the first week in September.  Second week is peace week.

September 8 s-l and Peace Week at Chapel!!!

Service-Learning Youth Council
Youth Active in the Community
Helping Find Passions to Serve -
Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
 Service Opportunities for youth, to youth, by youth

Established 2005 by Grayson Walker ’07, John Scott ’07
2016-17 Summer Planning Team:
Miranda T., Isaiah L., Safra and Mariam S., Ellison G., Katherine S., Grace P., Johnny L., Hannah H., Sahanya B., Anna B., Luke A., Mallory W., Gabrielle M., Cathy Z., Mason T., Ahmed H., Erik R.,Natalie H., Mrs. Clay ’74
Meets 1st and 3rd Thrusday of the month for full membeship meetings in Harper Memorial Wing, building adjacent to Chapel. Contact Person: Carmen Clay ’74 Cell: 405-520-1325, Office: 749-3103, . Planning Team meets Mondays for breakfast meetings in Harper at 7:30-7:50 am. to plan monthly activities and set agendas.
Direct/indirect advocacy and research volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences. These service opportunities  aim to empower members to find their passion to serve and participate in the community to improve lives, while developing 21st century skills and global citizenship. YAC is part of the spiritual formation of Casady students. YAC is funded by Fall Fest Fundraiser and Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair Endowment.
2016-2017 Calendar
Why? Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
Theme: Environment
August:  August 6th, Bennett Athletic Center, 2:00 pm: Organizational meeting.  YAC Open Houses: New Teachers, Registration, Clubs Fair, 8/16 Faculty @ Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Second

September: Peace Week 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21 IDP) 9/11 National Day of Service, Fall Fest: 9/30 Septembner8: Service-Learning Chapel Presentation

October: October 24-28: Hunger Week: Casady Cans Do Food Drive; OKC Regional Food Bank service days: October 28: Make a Difference Day

November;  Family Volunteer Day: November 18,2017, Miranda’s Project?

December: Holiday Volunteering, Health Project: Blood Drive; 6-10th ?t ICS  Hope for the Holidays Drive  November 29-December 12, 2017

January:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Day ON Service, Monday, 1/16/2017 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for LD/PD

February: Random Acts of Kindness Week - Recycling

March: Perfect Pair Project, Homeless Alliance Drive, NYLC Conference: Anaheim, March 22-25

April: OKC Arts Festival: April 3-8, ,2017, STUCO Walk-A-Thon: ?, National Volunteer Week; April 23-29 Presidential Service Awards: Global Youth Service Days: April 28-30,  Run to Remember;, Fedex Time Strategic Planning 2017-18

May:  Senior send off, and thank you volunteers social May 1-12: AP’s

June 2017: FedEx Time Strategic Planning 2017-18 via Skype or Google Hangout ; June 19-21 Seattle: Points of Light Service Unites Conference

July 2017: Peace Week Planning via Skype or Google Hangout.

- Officers
Description of officers: On parking lot, Isaiah will handle this at next meeting


Casady Youth Active in the Community

Johnson Elementary:  Casady cheerleaders welcomed back students!
1st YAC Planning Meeting: The first meeting was on August 6th.  Miranda used a special app to contact planning team.  Meeting took place at Bennett. Small attendance (Miranda, Isaiah, Mariam, Safra, Natalie).  Agenda was prepared by Miranda and Isaiah. Minutes forthcoming
Food Bank: Sahanya B. volunteered with the Faculty at the Food Bank on Tuesday, August 15, 2016.  Justin S. helped organize t-shirts.  Memories here
Freshman Orientation Table: YAC information. Facilitators: Miranda, Isaiah, Mariam, Safra

There were three calls for volunteers from our Casady Community

1. Casady Development Office:  Wants volunteers to thank donors
2. Casady Alumni: Archives: Volunteers needed to go over memorabilia 
3. Casady CPO:  Concessions organizers  the first week of August.

Calls for volunteers from the Greater Oklahoma City Community. 
Details at Casady Places to Serve Blog

1. Youth Boards need new members. Application deadlines are in August.
2. Jewish/Muslim Film Institute movie on 8/21/2016. Information here
3.  Love OKC One Day  Volunteers needed on 8/27/2016.  Mrs. Clay will volunteer.