Thursday, August 18, 2016

Suggestions for YAC Invitational Meeting, Activities, Harper Wing

***Please read and bring thoughts on paper to share at the meeting. 

There are Infinite Paths to Peace, What is yours?  Squares with my beliefs  or NOT
-Service: Roots and Fruits
-Harmony with Yourself
-Harmony with Others
-Harmony with Groups and Communities


Possible Agenda

*While people are waiting to gather, they can share thoughts about the reading with a peer they DO NOT KNOW well.  If they did not get a chance to read it, they can listen or read the article from the blog link in their phones.  
Mrs. Clay will get seasonal semi healthy snacks from Sam's.  Sahanya and Hannah H. will make the decisions as to what we will serve. 

A) Welcome Back: Introductions and Sharing Facilitators:  Miranda, Isaiah 5 minutes   
- A summer highlight 
- One personal expectation/goal of YAC 2016-2017

B) YAC Calendar:  Facilitator: Ellie,Miranda,Isaiah and Strategic Planning Attendees 15 minutes

- Pressing Calendar Item:  Clubs Fair- Chapel Presentation / Volunteers at YAC Table (Sign, snack, handout)  Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

-Yearly Calendar 
1. Report from August 6th Planning meeting Miranda, Isaiah, Safra, Mariam, Natalie
2. Calendar, Why and Theme from Strategic Planning Ellie,Safra, Mariam, Grace, Katherine
3. Calendar Questions to address

-When will we meet?
At the Activities meeting, Friday 8/19/2016, YAC was allocated Tuesdays during Activities.
This will demand strategic planning from our senior leaders, since they will have to give up some of their personal social time from out to lunches.  This day is not free of conflicts for underclassmen because all the language clubs will meet every other Tuesday and there is another club also meeting on Tuesday.   Isaiah was going to investigate with coach T. to see if another date in the morning is possible

From August 6th Planning meeting:  7:30 in the morning full meetings?  
Mrs. Clay's 2 cents.: "Great for people who do not carpool or drive themselves.  I am skeptical but willing to try it.  It will be great for the Planning Team / Executive Board, but we also need to have a day during Activities.  I see the conflicts: College Visitors/Academics/make-up/socializing/networking/teachers meetings/resting/unexpected changes in schedule, but if we have engaging and hands-on activities going on, NOT PLANNING and sign up meetings; hope more people will come because it will be "socializing with a purpose" "Fun, Food, and Friends with a Purpose"   What is the Purpose: "Participating in the Community to Improve Lives"
-What organizations need to be contacted to place our service activity on their schedule?

-Who will facilitate the service opportunities?

What will YAC do for Peace Day?  Who are the YAC voices of Peace Week 

-Proposed new direction for YAC service hours?  Why?  5 minutes
"How about a new direction for YAC hours? Required attendance to receive YAC hours credit: ? Activity Time meetings per month and participation in 2 service YAC projects per trimester?"
I like the idea of having a required attendance to receive credit! That would definitely encourage members to actually come and be active.

C) YAC officers first draft description  3 minutes via post-it notes  Facilitator:  Safra, Mariam
-Write a description of expectations and responsibilities of the YAC office you have 
-Write what YAC members should expect to do to be in good standing, receive service hours and have the type of experience that will bring them back to meetings during the year and participating in YAC service-learning experiences at Casady and the greater Oklahoma City Community.

D) Reflection with a Cause:  2 minutes Facilitator: Mrs. Clay
There are infinite paths to Peace, What is yours?  Share the thoughts about the following areas of your reading with another peer you do not know well

Timekeeper: Volunteer Board member 
Minutes: Katherine
Photographer: Grace One group picture needs to be taken with the YAC Ipad