Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friendship Walk Planning Session Agenda

To the Planning Team for
International Day of Peace
September, 2016 -- Metro OKC

Please join our next planning session. It will be:

Wednesday, August 10th -- 6pm
Raindrop Turkish House 
4444 N. Classen Blvd 
Oklahoma City, OK   73118

Will you be able to attend? Let us know by completing this super short survey form ... There are only 3 questions: 

Our hosts at the Raindrop House have been truly fabulous and generous in offering food and hospitality. We should let them know in advance how many people will be at the meeting. 

Regarding our agenda, we need to talk about publicity, outreach, social media, etc. We need to gather the bio's for our speakers. There will be lots to talk about. 

Confirmed speakers to introduce the Friendship Walk: 

Kuaybe Basturk ... Dialog Institute 
Aamr Hasanjee ... International Students Association, UCO
Maureen Hefferman ... Executive Director of the Myriad Gardens
Sinead Maguina ... President, UNA-OKC 

It has been suggested that we invite Noel Jacobs (Respect Diversity Foundation) to deliver a short message at the end of the walk. Let us know what you tink by completing the survey form. 

I hope to see you at the Turkish House!
Oklahoma City Myriad Gardens Site of the first OKC Friendship Walk
Celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace which occurs on a yearly basis on 9/21

The first OKC Friendship Walk will be on Saturday, September 24th, 2pm, at the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City. The walk will be a part of the Turkish Festival, and it will demonstrate the rich diversity of Oklahoma's communities as well as our commitment to building a culture of peace and friendship. It will commemorate the International Day of Peace (9/21) as proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Everyone is invited to participate -- there is no charge for admission to the festival, and the only requirement for walkers is to maintain a positive attitude and a peaceful demeanor. Flags, signs, banners are welcome, as well as expressions of support for the sustainable development of our planet in a global culture of peace. We might also offer a special word of encouragement to the people of Turkey who are suffering from the erosion of human and civil rights in their country. Peace, freedom, and human rights go hand in hand. 

 The Myriad Gardens will promote the events through their social media kits. 

Walk speakers: Sinead Maguina... will introduce the speakers and give instructions to the walkers.   The Executive Director of Myriad Garden Foundation Maureen Heffernan (405) 445-7081 and  Kuaybe Basturk ... Interfaith Dialog Institute , and Aamr Hasanjee ... International Students Association, UCO will welcome the walkers.

OKC Friendship Walk Board Agenda
by  Prya, United Nations Association of Greater Oklahoma 

Friendship Walk
Program Details:
Saturday, September 24, 2016
2:00-3:00 pm (includes speakers and walk time)
Opening Remarks (no more than 15-20 minutes)
Silent March around the perimeter of the gardens
Closing Remarks/Thank you (no more than 5 Minutes)

To begin our walk, we will have several spoken messages. Speakers will include:
Kuaybe Basturk ... Dialogue Institute 
Aamr Hasanjee ... International Students Association, UCO
Maureen Heffernan ... Executive Director of the Myriad Gardens
Sinead Maguina agreed to speak as well. She will introduce the speakers and give instructions to the walkers.
Flute and drum will be provided by Steve McLinn and (we hope) Albert Gray Eagle.

To do:

  • Get bios from speakers for Sinead and let them know about the time limit for speaking. Can we set a deadline to get this information to Sinead?
  • Can we identify someone to close the event? 
  • Have we confirmed Albert Gray Eagle?  What about the drumming initiative?  Flags to mark the path from UCO?

  • Create flyer (who can do this?)
  • Post to social media (twitter, facebook, blogs, websites, etc.)
  • Other outreach (newspapers, magazines, blogs, community event calendars, etc.)
  • Where are we telling folks to gather at the gardens?
  • Contingency plan for unfavorable weather conditions...if there is one?

Warmest Regards,
Priya M. Desai, M.S.W.