Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Casady Faculty and Sahanya at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Casady 8/16/16

25,191 meals packed by Casady Faculty and Sahanya on 08/16/16

Food for thought from a Cyclone  "Whenever I miss a meal or two my stomach growls and hurts quite a bit, so I can't even fathom what it feels like to experience that everyday, or to miss a day of food. The feeling would be horrendous."
Thank you to Coach Jim Bonfiglio for setting up the day, arranging transportation with volunteer faculty drivers, breakfast and lunch from our Sage dinning team, and for designing and ordering the Casady Cares t-shirts. 

Merci to Mr. Clifton Roberts, Food Bank Drive and Marketing Coordinator for the pictures featured in this blog and to Lacey Bagley, Education/Volunteer Coordinator for another outstanding service experience at the Regional Food Bank Volunteer Center

Arigato to Cyclones Justin S. for helping organize the t-shirts for delivery to teachers and to Sahanya B. for helping as needed; serving with the teachers, and requesting teachers to leave "thoughts going around in their mind" during breakfast, or "things they wanted to remember" during the break in quilt patches.  

We are creating an e-book with reflections and pictures taken by Sahanya which will be uploaded after time is provided for the narration of the book by Casady YAC students.  If a faculty member did not get a chance to leave thoughts on the quilt patches, the patches and cloth pens will be at the Harper Wing looking forward to receiving faculty thoughts to share with the service teen board, Casady YAC (Youth Active in the Community) and placed at a quilt of the roots of service.

A few thoughts from the quilt patches were:  "It is amazing to know that we can accomplish so much together."  "Yoohoo!  So much fun! So meaningful too!  It is important to remember that each package is going to someone...it's someone's after school snack, breakfast, dinner."

More pictures from Mr. Clifton Roberts below and at https://flic.kr/ps/vF8QT
Casady 8/16/16
Packing Food for Kids- 2,052 backpacks

Casady 8/16/16

Casady 8/16/16
Packing cookies: 75 cases
Casady 8/16/16
Packing Crackers: 153 cases
Casady 8/16/16
Sr. Pack: 607 cases

Casady 8/16/16Casady 8/16/16

Thank you Cyclone Teachers!