Friday, July 15, 2016

Youth LEAD OKC TEEN on YLOKC sustainable collaborations, June Organizational meeting

I think partnering with the Oklahoma City Memorial Foundation is a smart idea. I think that with collaboration with the Memorial Foundation YLOKC has a unique opportunity and insight to be able to center cross-cultural interaction around a rather large and unifying pillar of not just the City, but the Oklahoma, and potentially the national community.

Additionally, YLOKC would be able to retain those 'high-achieving' students... for by making it a boarded position like a lot of other non-profits and organizations do in the city, by having a written application. You can pitch the benefits of been on a specially elected teen board; having been selected as youth ambassadors to the City. 
Additional responsibilities could be set annual events and with the application list one of the requirements to be that the board must plan 1-2 'significant' volunteer or community or charity events during each term lasting one school year, after which they may ask to continue on granting that the organization is satisfied with their work.   Ananya'17

UPDATE:  An intentional collaborative effort will begin in the school year between Youth LEAD OKC and the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum.  Mrs. Shannon Presti, YLOKC CEO and Ms. Lynne Porter, Museum's Educational Director, met in the month of June and came to an agreement to connect YLOKC to the museum's Oklahoma Standard: "One Act of Kindness, One Act of Honor, One Act of Service."  More details to come at the YLOKC kick off party in August.

July Organizational meeting via phone, participating mentors: Shannon, Carmen and trainer Tabitha May-Tolub
1. Agreement was made for a super training including YMCA's Student Initiatives Youth Groups.  There was a request-pending administration approval-to connect to Tabitha's stay in Oklahoma to train Casady Freshmen the Friday of her stay.

Training Details
When?  November 11-14 .  Time will be determined as location is secured for either an overnight or a day leadership Experience.  
Where?  Casady Wing- Default    Camp Classen being investigated
Why? Diverse Teen leadership empowerment 
Who? YLOKC, YMCA Teen Initiatives