Thursday, July 7, 2016

Updated Planning Brainstorming for Casady Peace Week 2016

Casady's Peace Week 2016 Preliminary Ideas
11 Days of Global Unity- 11 Ways, 18 goals to "unite in peace"
9/11 (Unity) -  9/21 (Peace Day)
                 Unifying different backgrounds into one community 

Chapel Speakers and performances tentative schedule proposal for Father Blizzard
9/21 Peace Day:                  Wednesday:  UD Chapel Orchestra
9/20 Disarmament Day:         Tuesday:      UD Chapel Choir
9/19 Freedom Day:                Monday:       Judy and Josh

Speakers being explored for other chapels  9/12 -9/16 
National Memorial and Museum speakers: The Education Coordinator, Mrs. Lynn Porter was contacted on 5/29/2016.  She has been able to provide incredible chapel speakers in the past.   Mrs. Porter will be re-contacted in July for speakers for all chapels.  She felt that she could provide age appropriate speakers.

Another source is the Respect Diversity Foundation Bureau of Speakers 

Mrs. Clay also sent an e-mail to Sam Presti's press agent on May 25/2016.  Sam Presti was a 9/11/2015 speaker and we will love to have him back.  Mr. Presti is the manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder and main promoter of the Oklahoma City Standard, One act of Kindness, Honor, and Service sponsored by the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  Update:  We need to be flexible with Mr. Presti schedule and re contact his agent in August.


Another possible speaker is Thunder player Serge Ibaka born in Congo, Africa and a Spanish citizen.  See what PEACE ONE DAY is trying to accomplish in Africa in the area of Peace with the sponsorship of Warren Buffett.  Update:  Mr. Ibaka was transferred to another team in June.

                           Brief Introduction of Peace One Day- Worked to institutionalized IPD@ UN

Peace One Day Great Lakes Campaign in collaboration with Warren Buffett

9/24 OKC UN Celebration of International Day of Peace  Connections to YAC and YLOKC.  A small group of volunteers is working on connecting the Turkish Festival (4,000 people attended last year) to a UN/OKC raising awareness, advocacy and celebration of the International Day of Peace 9/21 on 9/24.  The Peace/ Friendship Walk/Parade will be at the Myriad Gardens.  Time: TBD yet.

The  Casady YAC Peace Team connection MAY BE with walkers with signs and pinwheels raising awareness of UN Peace Day-Peace One Day, and the 11 Days of Global Unity.  The  YAC theme and the evolving YAC Peace Week WHY?  Unifying different backgrounds into one peaceful community ( Environment-Unity in Diversity-Participating in the community to improve lives-Going Beyond Co-Existence) align very well with the UN IDP OKC Walk.
Jeremy Gilley on Skype with Casady YAC Peace Team 2015

The Casady Peace Team may also want to consider bringing a t-shirt design to the attention of UN IDP OKC planning team at the next meeting.  Coca Cola is one of the sponsoring businesses of Peace ONE Day -organization that institutionalized the IDP at the UN. Jeremy Gilley, its founder has been our inspiration for many years.  Other possible sponsors could be the businesses from the Asian District, the organizing entities of the walk, and multicultural and civic OKC clubs promoting peace, like the Respect Diversity Foundation, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club,the Asia Society of Oklahoma, the Latino Community Development Agency,  The goal will be to give away or at minimal cost environmentally friendly inspirational t-shirts at the walk and the entire Casady community participating in the 11 Days of Global Unity Activities from 9/11-9/21, our PEACE WEEK.  

The Casady music and art departments will be contacted to see if they could help with inspirational posters  and banners for the walk as well as musicians cheering the walkers and performances of peace/multicultural pieces at the end of the walk.

Preliminary ideas for the Peace Week T-shirt 2016

Globe with Oklahoma highlighted. Around the Globe people walking with  pinwheels 
OKC Peace Walk-- International Day of Peace Celebration

Political Location Map of Oklahoma
Political Location Map of Oklahoma

Or something really simple like the T-shirts of the Peace Run below   Instead of stars-pinwheels, instead of the torch, a very simple dream catcher .  The stylized person could be in walking motion  
Oklahoma City
Peace Day Walk
Another suggestion is to make something as simple as the below design


Unifying different backgrounds into one community 

 Summer by The Lake and/or Boys and Girls Club in July and August
Workshop on Pinwheel making, 
Kids around the world decorating for Peace Week 2016 @ Upper Division

Friday, September 9: YAC Peace Team announces the week at chapel
STUCO announces themes for the day and activities at chapel

a. Movie by Dr. Torres - Spanish Club @ Fee  Matinee

b. Movie by Mrs. Clay  Peace One Day  Eid Dinner and Skype with Peace One Day
45 minute documentary. 45 minute dinner and skype.  Music by East meets West Musicians
 How International Day of Peace was created by Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, 21 of September, International Day of Peace.  
This film will be shown at the Casady Wing with Eid Dinner celebration.  The consultant for the Eid Celebration will be Mercy School Institute.  Mrs. Clay is working on a Skype before or after the movie with Peace One Day.  The movie is available at, Peace One Day at  Casady owns the film on DVD's

Day II: Monday, September 12, 2016

Opening of Week at Chapel
Chapel Speakers - Blue Labyrinth by Butterfly Garden by Mr. Mark Coate, Casady Grounds  
Great Day for Multicultural Club to have Advisories Activity 
Possibilities for Speakers being investigated: Sam Presti- Thunder General Manager UD, 
Serge Ibaka, Congo/Spain basketball player MD? and LD
Blue labyrinth for personal reflections @ Butterfly Garden
Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum Speakers
Respect Diversity Foundation speakers

Day III: Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Green School Program Speaker at Chapel; PLT School Environment ?
Oklahoma Forestry Department Seedlings Give Away
Great Day for Environmental Club Activity 

Day IV: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Economic Justice

Homeless Alliance speaker @ Chapel ?
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma / Food Insecurity workshop @ Activities
Great Day for YAC to have an Activity during Activities Period
Maybe making healthy snacks in collaboration with the Food Bank Kids Cafe Program for
Boys and Girls Club, Food Pantries or elderly shut-ins around our school

Day V: Thursday, September 15, 2016
Singers for Peace @ Chapel - Judy and Josh
Guild of Saint George/ OK Kids Korral / Children's Hospital speakers @ chapel
Great Day to have Sage connected to Peace Week
Activities: Making healthy snacks with locally grown products, a collaboration with health providers and local supermarkets for after school programs

Day VI: Friday, September 16, 2016
Children and Youth

Pause to Reflect: Saint Paul's inside Labyrinth
Labyrinth Guild speaks at all chapels - classes invited to guided labyrinth walk
Pinwheel making at all divisions - Signs for Peace Walk at After School and art classes
Great Day to connect the art department to Peace Week  
Making Healthy, Oklahoma Grown ingredients snacks for Boys and Girls Club
YAC Peace Team at Boys and Girls Club to Make banners for UN Peace Walk
Great Day for International Club Activity and Service Club in the Middle Division
Players for Peace at After School Programs
Interesting Craft:  A little time consuming, but inexpensive

Day VII: Saturday, September 17, 2016
YAC Peace Team and YLOKC @ Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids Event with YWCA collaborating to provide information to women attending the event
Day for Kids @ Boys and Girls Club, YAC and Youth LEAD OKC makes banners and posters for Peace Walk OKC 2016 to take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day VIII:Sunday, September 18, 2016
Human Rights
Movie and popcorn at Wing: 2:30-5:30
Youth for Human Rights International -Videos and poster making for Peace Walk 2016
Possible guests: Respect Diversity Foundation Representatives
Belief Documentary
Installation of  Peace Village at the Wing (9/18-9/24)
Invitation for all grades to visit the Village at the Wing
Pay it Forward courtesy of Mr. Gene Rainbolt

Day IX: Monday, September 19, 2016
Voices of Peace: Veterans and Peace
Judy and Josh possible performance
Great day for advisories to have an Art Activity- Sheet banners: What does Peace Mean to us? to the taken to Peace Walk 2016 on Saturday 9/24/2016

Day X: Tuesday, September 20:2016
Chapel: Voices of Peace: Casady Choir
Great Day for STUCO Activity at advisories

Day XI: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Peace Day
OFF of Uniform: Wear a Peace T-shirt
Peace Sign in front of chapel - Leave your pinwheels on the sign.  Pinwheels will be taken to the United Nations Peace Walk OKC and distributed to participants while supplies last.
Make sure your pinwheels rotate and are laminated to withstand Oklahoma Weather

6:00-6:30: Recipeace Breakfast at Jimmy's Egg

7:00-7:30 am Silent Peace and Non-Violence Advocacy Walk around Casady Lake or the labyrinth 
Guests:  Father Blizzard and Father Youmans??
Great Day for advisories and/or clubs or building to walk together advocating peace and non-violence, and get 30 minutes of service credit

At the beginning of the Silent Peace Meditation Walk, you are invited to read this poem

We are peaceful! 
May all beings be peaceful!
We are happy! 
May all beings be happy!

Peace in our hearts brought peace to our families.
Peace in our families brought peace to our communities.
Peace in our communities brought peace to our nations.
Peace in our nations brought peace to the world.
There is peace on Earth and it began with me.

One world
One community
One family
One heart
One love
One Planet United

8:00 a.m.  Players for Peace:  Orchestra at Chapel
Encourage a collaborative Activity for Change
Singing, dancing, playing a sport for Peace