Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From Peace One Day


Three months to go to Peace Day,21 September. Given that today is World Music Day, we thought there is no better time to tell you about two brilliant new films we are launching, both with music and culture as strong themes. The first is our ‘Get Involved’ film, demonstrating creative and exciting ways that Peace Day has been marked in the past, including through music and culture. Watch thishere if you are looking for inspiration for your own Peace Day event!
Our second new film is also strongly music related, and highlights our One Day One Dance initiative, a hugely popular campaign that continues to grow each year. This film will get you dancing on 21 September! Watch ithere.
Today we are also excited to launch Sounds of Peace, a music based initiative in partnership with Musicians without Borders. It shows how powerful music can be in bringing people and communities together. Full details can be found by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this newsletter.
At Peace One Day our plans for this year continue to evolve and change shape. We are working right now on a new idea for Peace Day 2016 that we are very excited about. Watch this space for more details in future newsletters.
Many of you have already told us about your plans for Peace Day, and we would love to hear about all the other activities being arranged all over the world. Let us know by filling in our online form here. We would be happy to share your activities with our followers and provide you with any support that we can. Peace Day is your day to create action on 21 September, and we want to tell the world what you are planning.
Peace Day is about you. By marking the day you can make a real difference. The smallest activities can create massive impact. There are only three months left to Peace Day. Now is the time to start acting!
 In peace,
Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day
We have created a fantastic new film demonstrating some of the imaginative ways that Peace Day, 21 September, has been celebrated previously. Dance, music and other cultural activities are just the beginning, watch this film to be inspired for your own Peace Day event.  


Our second new film highlights our One Day One Dance initiative, a campaign that is loved by many and inspires new groups to get involved every year all over the world. Watch this filmand get dancing on Peace Day, 21 September

Sounds of Peace is our new music based initiative, launched in partnership with Musicians without Borders, which aims to harness and utilise the highly significant power of music in enhancing community togetherness, tolerance, empathy and peace. 
A toolkit/lesson plan has been created and developed by Musicians without Border’s highly experienced community music lead trainers, and Peace One Day is proud to present this toolkit/lesson plan as an incredibly relevant and effective way of celebrating Peace Day, 21 September. Visit our website for full details.

POD Film Productions uses our 19 years of award-winning filmmaking to create bespoke films for organisations such as Coca-Cola and British Airways, as well as individuals, NGOs and charities. We’ve taken our own story from 0 to 1.5 billion people. Imagine what we can do with yours.

Please contact us here to find out more. All funds are re-invested into our non-profit role of institutionalising Peace Day 21 September.
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