Monday, May 23, 2016

Service-Learning recognizes senior servant leadership @ Awards Assembly - Peace Run meets YAC

The Service-Learning Program recognized and thanked 3 members of the Class of 2016 who have inspired by example and have organized, taken action, and supported the Casady service club, YAC (Youth Active in the community) for the duration of their high school careers:

a. Aubrey H. & Dylan D., YAC Co-Presidents 

c. Allison T., Chinese Club President and "Half the Sky, One Sky for all children" project chair, benefiting Chinese orphans.  Allison was away in Wisconsin competing at the national level with the Casady Science Olympiad Team.

Noble Hours Award  1,000+ hours of service in 4 years: Aubrey H. (Photo forthcoming)

“Research proves that by serving the needs of others, a person finds happiness.  Aubrey H. opened her eyes, mind, and heart to surrounding community needs and engaged in compassionate deeds; joyfully investing time to move them forward without expecting anything in return."   For her continuous acts of kindness, serving over 1,000 hours during her 4 years in high school, an equivalent of a minimum of 250 service hours per year, Aubrey is receiving the Casady Service-Learning Program, “Noble Hours Award”.  Aubrey is the second recipient of this award since the inception of the requirement starting with the Class of 2004.  

Aubrey received an engraved silver clock, which she will keep.  A solar powered spinning globe with Aubrey's name and the name of the previous award recipient, Taylor Burrow, resides at Casady School at the Headmaster's Office to inspire others to emulate her example of being an entrepreneur of hope for peace through acts of honor, kindness, compassion, and service, the Oklahoma Standard!”

World Harmony, Peace Run United States 2016 Team meets Cyclones @ Boys and Girls Club

Two Cyclones requested an investigation field trip to Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park to see what service opportunities were available at the Club during the summer.  It was an unexpected surprise to meet members of the World Harmony, Peace Run USA 2016 at the club's parking lot.  The Peace Run Team was waiting for 4:00 pm to present their mission, vision, and purpose to the club members.  The Peace Run Team welcomed questions and allowed Cyclones Ellie G. Hannah J. and Carmen Clay'74, the honor to hold the Peace Run Torch which symbolically has been held by prominent peace leaders of the global community, one of them being Mother Teresa.  They also took pictures, sang their Peace Run song and provided business cards to follow-up YAC's plans to join an OKC Peace Walk being planned in collaboration with the United Nations of Association of Greater Oklahoma City and other Peace organizations in OKC for September 24, 2016 to celebrate the UN International Day of Peace 9/21, which this year falls on a Wednesday.