Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day of School: YAC Ice Cream Social, STUCO's Pancakes, YAC Begins to Plan 2016-2017 School year

What did you do for a Klondike Bar?  You SERVED
Thank you to our Cyclone Volunteers
We had an awesome year.  We surpassed every goal we set!
Seniors certified the 2nd most hours since the awards inception with the Class of 2004
13,179.25 hours served and certified by the Class of 2016

YAC 2016-2017 Co-Presidents host  YAC senior send off, thank you volunteers ice cream social

YAC Social Chairs Sahanya B. and Hannah H in collaboration with Ellie G. and Ali B. created a banner, brought decorations  and Mrs. Clay purchased the Klondike Bars and Push Ups for the YAC Senior Send Off, Thumbs Up to Volunteers Ice Cream Social,  The event took place during the last double of 2016 at Records. Yearbooks were also distributed at that time. Grace P. provided a small token of YAC's appreciation to the senior YAC Chairs, and Co-Presidents: Aubrey H, Dylan D., Murmeen J., Agnish C., and Allison T.

Best Wishes to the Class of 2016
Thanks for the Memories

STUCO's Breakfast and Activities Treat

Congratulations to our senior athletes!

Delicious Pancakes 
were provided by STUCO to the Upper Division Student Body before chapel and during Activities
What a way to begin the last day of school!

Every one had a great time with pancakes, ice cream and yearbooks!

What did they do for a Klondike Bar?  


YAC Strategic Planning Minutes by Mrs. Clay
More details from Katherine, forthcoming
YAC Strategic Planning at Work
Results Below

Still need to define responsibilities and process to keep officers working efficiently and collaboratively, but here is the slate of offices and people who welcomed being part of YAC 2016-2017 as of 5/25/2016.

Management Team Co-Presidents:  Miranda and Isaiah,  Vice-Presidents: Safra and Mariam, Calendar Manager: Ellie G.

Communication Team Secretary: Katherine  Marketing and Social Media: Grace  

Ways and Means Team Treasurer and Grant facilitator and overseer  Johnny:  YAC money from Fall Fest, $100 for projects per month if Rainbolt endowment provides the funding.  Grant Facilitators:  Mrs. Clay and ?

Human Relations Team  Social and relationship building chairs: Hannah H. and Sahanya B.

Recruitment and Action Team (grade level chairs, project chairs)
Freshman Grade/Project Chair: Ahmed H., 
Sophomore Grade/Project Chairs: Sahanya, Ellie, Anna, Hannah. Mason T. (Peace Week)
Junior Grade/Project Chairs: Luke A. (Voters R.), Mallory W. Gabrielle M., 
Senior Grade/Project Chairs: Cathy Z, Erick R.(Mentoring and tutoring)

Planning Team during the summer:  Johnny, Ryan, Evelyn, and? Kick-off party in August at OK Kids Korrall.  Mentors will meet on May 25, 2016 at Casady School to see what Evelyn has proposed and to discuss connecting to the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum as a possible sponsor of YLOKC in 2016-2017.

Casady YAC/OKC Peace Team
Members of YAC Planning team will meet during the summer to finalize what YAC's leadership will sponsor during Peace Week and decide connections with Casady Service-Learning Program plans for the week and links to the city wide celebration of the International Day of Peace with a Peace Walk to take place Saturday, September 24, 2016.  See details at Casady Peace Week Blog

Themes & WHY

YAC:  Theme:  Environment 
Why? Participating in the community to improve lives.  A tentative calendar is at Harper.  Picture and minutes forthcoming

YLOKC: Theme: Diverse Teen leadership empowerment 
Why? Identity and diversity education of teens by teens through projects that unify people of different backgrounds and improves lives
Roots and Wings trainer?  Picture of Evelyn's suggestions for YLOKC 2016-2017 forthcoming!

PEACE WEEK: Theme: Beyond Co-existence
Why!  Unifying different backgrounds into one community.  We need to see who is interested in working during the summer on this project

WHAT and HOW? 

Forthcoming after full planning teams meet to finalize calendars with activities that have measurable outcomes and are connected to the WHY

Preliminary Schedule for YAC 2016-2017 Provided by Ellie G. and Mrs. Clay

Service-Learning Youth Council
Youth Active in the Community
Helping Find Passions to Serve - Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
 Service Opportunities for youth, to youth, by youth
Established 2005 by Grayson Walker07, John Scott’07

2016-2017 Summer Planning Team:
Miranda T. Isaiah L., Safra & Mariam S., Ellison G., Katherine S., Grace P., Johnny L., Hannah H., Sahanya B., Anna B., Luke A., Mallory W., Gabrielle M., Cathy Z., Erick R., Ahmed H., Mason T.
Meets TBD by Summer Planning Team. in Harper Memorial Wing, building adjacent to Chapel. Contact Person: Carmen Clay’74 Cell: 405-520-1325, Office: 749-3103,
Direct/indirect advocacy and research volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences. These service opportunities  aim to  empower members to find their passion to serve and participate in the community to improve lives while developing 21st century skills and global citizenship..
2016-17 Theme: Environment

2016-2017 YAC Calendar  Work in Progress during the summer
Calendar Manager: Ellie G.

August: Clubs Fair; YAC Open Houses
September: Peace Week 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21 IDP)
October: Hunger Week: Casady Cans Do Food Drive; OKC Regional Food Bank service days- Fall Fest Clubs fundraiser
November;  Family Volunteering
December: Holiday Volunteering, Health Project:: Blood Drive: ICS  Hope for the Holidays Project

January:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Day ON Service
February:: Random Acts of Kindness Week- Recycling
March: Perfect Pair Project, Homeless Alliance Drive
April: STUCO Walk-A-Thon, National Volunteer Week; Presidential Service Awards: Global Youth Service Days: Run to Remember; OKC Arts Festival, Fedex Time Strategic Planning 2017-2018
May:  Senior send off, and thank you volunteers social
June: FedEx Time Strategic Planning.2017-2018 via skype or google hangout facilitated by YAC Planning Team 2017-2018
July: Peace Week Planning via skype or google hangout.