Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First meeting of YAC 2016-2017, May 10, 2016

a. Banner for senior ice cream social  Sahanya had the idea. I will bring the ice cream.  Coach T said yes to Monday 23 double!  Senior Thank You Ice Cream Time  UPDATE!  Great banner made

b. Get a report from the people who attended the Fedex Strategic Planning.  Love the why of all the areas covered.

The proposed theme is Environment

We do not know the what or how of peace week, but the proposed Why!  Unifying different backgrounds into one community.  Easy to understand and with great possibilities.

Katherine will send the minutes for the blog.  The Why of YAC 2016-2017 is Participating in the community to improve lives.  A tentative calendar is at Harper.  A list of propose officers is also at Harper.  Two new positions:  Social Chair/Relationship Building Facilitator  and Grant Writing Facilitators.  This is a work in progress, but it is nice to see how many people are interested.

Pinwheels will not be an option for Students Rebuild Challenge.  They change their challenge every year. 

c. The proposed slate of officers is below (Work in progress.  We still do not have defined positions and the word team still means competition and we want to stress collaboration.

Management Team/Committee? Co-Presidents:  Miranda and Isaiah,  Vice-Presidents: Safra and Mariam

Communication Team/ Committee: Secretary: Katherine  she will send the minutes of the Fedex for the blog. Marketing and Social Media: Grace  Katherine please make sure Miss Infantino places the Ice cream time in the school calendar and send me your minutes of the Fedex Afternoon

Ways and Means Team/Committee: Treasurer and Grant facilitators and overseers  Johnny:  YAC money from Fall Fest, $100 for projects per month if Rainbolt endowment provides the funding.  Grant Facilitators:  Ellie and Anna?

Human Relations Team/Committee:  Social and relationship chair: Hannah H. and Sahanya?
Recruitment and Action Team/Committee:(grade level chairs, project chairs)
Sophomores: Sahanya, Ellie, Anna, Hannah
Juniors: Luke A. (Voters Registration)
Seniors: Cathy Z