Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dr. Gerard's English classes connected

The Metaphor Project

Junior teachers connected the Grapes of Wrath to the Food Bank, Food Insecurity Simulation workshop facilitated by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Education Coordinators.


Grapes of Wrath and Regional Food Bank Food Insecurity Simulation Reflective Moments

  1. "There ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue. There's just stuff people do."

  2. "Says one time he went out in the wilderness to find his own soul, an' he foun' he didn't have no soul that was his'n. Says he foun' he jus' got a little piece of a great big soul. Says a wilderness ain't no good, 'cause his little piece of a soul wasn't no good 'less it was with the rest, an' was whole."