Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19 meeting

Suggested agenda
Mrs. Clay away in Boston.

 SENIOR SEND OFF BANQUET: Tuesday, May 10.  Please check that is a date good for everyone.  The AP the next day is the English AP.  Double check the calendar. 

Please get the list today during the YAC meeting of seniors and the people who they will invite. Also get a sign-up of the YAC members who will attend the dinner.  I am in Boston because my grandson was born prematurely on Sunday.  

In the agenda for YAC today

1. Sign -up for April 30   Sign-up at the window of the YAC community room.  Last official YAC meeting of 2015-2016.  This date was changed to May 7 from 1:30-4:30 pm

2. Sign -up for Tuesday, May10th senior send off....You also need to confirm the location with the restaurant...Grand House. 6:30-8:30 pm.  The next morning is the English AP.  Miranda reported, 

3. The 21st of April at 8:00 am there will be a webcast from Syria.  We will miss it, but I will have a link at the Casady YAC and Community Service Learning Blog to view the recording version.  See the webcast here

4. Allison needs help with the Children's Activity Field at the Arts Festival.  Encourage YAC members to sign-up to volunteer with her

5. This coming Saturday, April 23, in honor of Earth Day, the environmental club is having a street clean-up and the composting club in collaboration with YAC (You all had this on schedule since the last strategic planning) will have an activity at Calvert at 1:00.  The Adopt the street clean-up supervisors will be Mr. Delgrosso and Mrs. Zesiger.  The composting club advisor and supervisor is Mr. Kelly.  Hope he will be able to attend since I will still be in Boston until Sunday.

​6. Items from the Floor:   

Reflection of National Volunteer Week:  PSA were better than ever.  Attendance for Tea time was good, but not excellent.  Next year, we might have an ice cream social instead.  With an ice cream truck.   We only had one project for Global Youth Service Day:  Pinwheels at Boys and Girls Club.  Mallory and Gabrielle ​facilitated the activity for 20 club members 6-10 years old. They made 45 pinwheels, a donation of $90.   We have a group of pinwheels to check, finish properly since they were done at two OKC activities in the greater Oklahoma City Community, count them and send them next Tuesday.

Perfect Pair Project needs helpers and donors.

Other items from the floor