Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome Back from Spring Break- YAC Agenda for 3/ 22/2016

This video is an inspiration about how teens and children collaborated to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.  The video was part of YSA, (Youth Service America) Monthly Bulletin

YAC Agenda

Activity:  Pinwheel making for Students Rebuild Healing Classroom Challenge, helping International Rescue Committee to provide resources with $400,000 Bezos Foundation funding to help Syrian teens and children recover, grow and develop. Just like the Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair endowment helps YAC and Service-Learning operate at Casady School to help teens become local and global entrepreneurs of peace and social change.

Mr. Wesley Fryer provided the following links to a Syrian Refugee child story Clouds Over Syria as he demonstrated using google glasses for more interactive viewing connecting phones to free applications .
Android version:  

The movie "Clouds of Sidra is a large download so many take a bit depending on their Internet connection speed. The video "Clouds over Sidra" is also view-able in a web browser, but you can't move around to look at different parts of the scene as you can with the VR version: .

Agenda minutes by Cathy Z.
-strategic planning 
      - April 30 9-12
      - help to plan for next year's YAC 
      - even if someone if not in YACin 2016-2017 they can come 
- middle division baseball needs volunteers to help with concessions 

Agenda Items with minutes by Cathy Z.

1. Composting: As part of our strategic planning last year, YAC decided to help the composting project in March.  Anna M. will stop briefly to tell us her project needs.
- weekend of earth day (April 22nd is Earth Day)  Activity will be April 23

     - help plant herds and veggies   @  Calvert  1-3, April 23
UPDATE: Environmental Club will have an Adopt A Street clean-up in the morning 9-noon

2. The Perfect Pair Project for SoFTH Week  - update  Freshman Team
- needs volunteers that will stand in front of buildings (upper and lower divisions)

     - volunteers need to collect the socks that are donated, remind people to bring them, and      tally the number of socks that are brought

3. STUCO Walk-A-Thon and Bodine Elenentary Books -  update  Senior Team
Freshmen and Mrs.Clay's suggestions
a. Help decorate already made Pinwheels with messages in different languages
b. Play Let's Move Game,similar to one play at Fall Fest. We need sign-up for shifts once we know when the Walk-A-Thon will take place.
  - place mats 
     - decorate/make pinwheels #1  The decision was to decorate and give away Pinwhels, especially made as thank you for the people who stop walking to decorate pinwheels.  The YAC Hands on Peace Team will be making the pinwheels next week.  We need people to help at the booth, but
          - write encouraging messages on pinwheels
     - relay race with bowling pins and ping pong ball 

          - if they win they get a piece of candy

4. National Volunteer Week- update  Junior and Freshman Team

Monday, April 11th:  - Presidential Awards April 11, Mr. Bottomly speaker
- Chapel:  Medals and inspirational speaker at chapel.  Miranda, Grace and Cathy are handling this in collaboration with Evie, Ellie, Isabel, and Shakeer.  The junior facilitating team met during Spring Break to finalize details.  Miranda is the team leader and is working on re-writing the process of the award's chapel. Grace took notes of the meeting

we have 4 volunteers to pass out metals to the people getting awards 
     - going over the agenda for the ceremony 
     - after the ceremony the people getting awards will receive donuts 

     - during activities that day YAC will have a tea time to celebrate  This was changed to Tuesday

- 8:00 am- Activities  Certificates and Letter from President as well as doughnuts for award winners at Harper.  Grace will order 100 doughnuts and Mrs. Clay will pick them up.

Tuesday April 12th: 10:00 During Activities, Sage will have Tea Time with Service-Learning and YAC at Harper.  We welcome students and faculty to view project memories as well as enjoy a cultural English tradition.  Funding provided by the Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair endowment.  The Service-Learning Office is contracted with Sage for 100 people.
    - during activities that day YAC will have a tea time to celebrate  

Wednesday, April 12th - Activities Help Perfect Pair and Students Rebuild Healing Classroom Challenge- It ends April 30th.  YAC students get a volunteer Pen (100 ordered)

Thursday, April 13th- Activities Help Perfect Pair and Students Rebuild Healing Classroom Challenge- It ends April 30th.  YAC students get a volunteer Pen (30 0rdered)

4 Global Youth Service Days  - Freshman Team and Service Learning Office
br />
4:00-6:00 Friday, April 14:  Healing Classrooms: Students Rebuild Pinwheels for Syrian Refugees Project at Boys and Girls Club

Saturday, April 15: Healing Classrooms: Students Rebuild Pinwheels for Syrian Refugees Project at Independent Living facilities

Sunday, April 16:  Possible first date for S-L Banquet and senior send off
Juniors think the Senior Send off and Banquet should be the first week of May, May 9 or 10 are possibilities
1. Ideas for Senior gifts:  Grace is handling this
2. Banquet idea is still looking for tentative day when it will be best for the seniors and juniors due to conflicts with AP's and other celebrations.     - seniors need to get a guest list   

5. Youth LEAD OKC  Johnny, Mallory
April 3:  International Dance Experience
May 7:   Autism Walk
  - true dance: promotes learning dances from different cultures and countries
     - there will be a senior send off for the members of youth lead
     - Saturday may 7 : autism walk 
           - $35 to do the marathon 
6. Service-Learning Office Projects:  Mrs. Clay  ON PARKING LOT
-Seniors to complete hours: The Big 8 (Paxton, Grace H., Luke, Trevor, Max, Brandon, Jacob, Jillian)

- Letter to CPO for electronic equipment for Harper:  YAC wish list  Dylan and freshman?  Mrs. Clay and Mr. Snider will write the first draft on Tuesday, March 29th

Letter to Mothers for Audiovisual equipment:  Dylan, Hannah, and Sahanya will update letter status.  Letter should be ready by the end of February.  Mrs. Clay bullet points from her perspective below.
 Writing Points
- Harper is used for many kinds of meetings. The technology requested will help those meetings run more efficiently
- YAC has very little time to do the amazing job they do of getting our teens to be active in the community. To  change the location of meetings in order to view videos and skype or do google hangouts with non-profit organizations takes time and is confusing.  Being able to do everything at Harper without having to request a new will make YAC's job easier and more efficient.
- The overflow of chapel goes to Harper.  If the chapel experiences are videotaped, people in Harper will not only hear it, but will be able to be part of the experience via video screen.
-Weekly agenda's are currently only viewed by officers.  Meetings will be more interactive if the agenda items and reflective pictures could be shared during "real time at meetings."
- Daily announcements and service opportunities will be made available on the screen daily.  It will be a reliable, current account of the service and youth board opportunities available with videos stating the mission, vision , and purpose of the organizations seeking volunteers.
-Classroom with a Cause and Debate Classes can provide quick presentations, videos.
March 21-26 
Celebrating FL WEEK @ Harper, Miller, Super Cao Nguyen & Pambe Ghana Global Market

Monday, March 21-Thursday March 24: Miller's Global Market: Let Mrs. Clay and the Upper Division Spanish I Class display your items from around the world at Miller.  Please label your items with your name and country of origin.

Tuesday, March 22 - Thursday, March 24: Participate in the Students Rebuild Healing Classroom Challenge. Make pinwheels for Syrian Refugees this week during Activities, 5th Period (students not in art, music or choir), and double when your teachers are NOT taking the double.  Make a pinwheel, get a piece of candy from SUPER CAO NGUYEN, listen to music from around the world, get service hours and help provide funds from the Bezos Foundation to the International Rescue Team on the ground organization directly helping Syrian refugee youth and children, recover, grow and develop.


Friday, March 25: No Classes: Good Friday   10:30 am-12:30 Have an international shopping experience @ Super Cao Nguyen..  Bring money to eat lunch at Super Cao Nguyen or at international restaurants located at walking distance from Super Cao Nguyen.

March 26: Volunteer and/or attend Pambe Ghana Industry Flea Market, 9-3 pm.  399 NW 10th (corner of 10th and Hudson).  Mrs. Clay and maybe UCO international students (TBC) will be on site in the morning.

PAMBE GHANA NEEDS VOLUNTEERS  PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is a seasonal fair trade shop. The Market is staffed entirely by volunteers and sells products from around the world, purchased directly from artisans or from certified members of the Fair Trade Federation. Fair trade principles include a guarantee that artisans are paid a fair price in the local context when the products leave their hands. They also receive assistance with quality control, design, and improved working conditions (see for more information about fair trade).

Products at the Market come from Guatemala, Haiti, Peru, Ghana, Burkina Faso, India, Indonesia, and many other parts of the world. Information about the artisans is available for most items. All proceeds from Global Market sales benefit PAMBE Ghana and the La’Angum Learning Center in northern Ghana. Thus, purchases from the Global Market give triple benefit: by pleasing the recipient, supporting the artist who made it, and benefiting PAMBE Ghana.

Saturday March 26 from 9 to 3
399 NW 10th (corner of 10th and Hudson)
We need 3 volunteers for this, for two 3-hour shifts. 
We'll have a table under an awning. It is a sort of "hip Flea Market " 
You'll need to park, and the Industry Flea web site says they will have a list of suggested lots on hand.
Contact Sara Braden, Global Market Manager, srbraden@gmail.com210-5214

Saturday April 9, from 6 to 9
St. Paul's Cathedral, 127 NW 7th St, OKC
We need 4 to 6  volunteers (2 to staff Global Market table, 1 or 2 to man the registration table, and 1 or 2 more to be extra hands and help out as needed.) This is the fund-raising event that was cancelled last year because of bad weather, so we hope it will be extra good this year. There will be music, international food tasting, and tables with items to sell (including the Global Market).  Contact Emmy Ezzell, Volunteer Coordinator

May 28-30, at the Rainbow Fleet office, 30th and Paseo
Save the date and think about manning a shift or two.  Contact person Emmy Ezzell, Volunteer Coordinator,
405 875 4372 to volunteer

Sunday June 5 from 9 to 3
There will be more on this as it gets closer, but please save the date. Contact  Emmy Ezzell, Volunteer Coordinator, emmyezzell@gmail.com405 875 4372 to volunteer

Ideas from teachers to celebrate National Foreign Language Week

Alpha Mu GammaAlpha Mu Gamma is the Official Sponsor of National Foreign Language Week

National Foreign Language Week was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957 by Alpha Mu Gamma. Sister Eloise Therese, the National President of Alpha Mu Gamma from 1956 to 1960, discovered that such a week had never been officially celebrated in the United States as a whole, although foreign language had receive recognition by different educational institutions at various periods of the academic year. 

Inspired by her the National Council of Alpha Mu Gamma began to formulate plans to make the United States aware of the need for and importance of foreign language study through the celebration of NFLW. The first celebration was set for the week of February 17 to 23, 1957. Each year since then the National Executive Council of AMG has set a week for this event. In recent years it has become the practice to have NFLW during the first full week of March.
On December 12, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent a telegram endorsing the celebration, and each succeeding president has added his support. An even greater contribution to the success of NFLW was made by the posters of the late Bruce Russell, who received not only the Pulitzer Prize but also recognition from President Eisenhower for his efforts toward greater world understanding through his timely cartoons. He offered the Society a cartoon each year until his death in 1963, and even left one finished drawing and an unfinished sketch that were used in 1964 and 1966 respectively. These posters have been distributed each year throughout the United States and are available for sale to interested bodies.
The chapters of Alpha Mu Gamma, now spread through over forty states, took the initiative in organizing activities during the Week with the purpose of making the American student aware of the vital necessity for foreign language study. Typical projects were newspaper articles, radio and television programs, foreign language films, festivals of foreign music and plays, the singing of foreign songs and lectures open to the public. Soon other universities, colleges and schools were also celebrating NFLW.
Every year a NFLW poster with a new theme is printed. It is distributed free to all AMG chapters and is available for sale to the public. Normally the posters size is 24"x19", and are printed in two versions - one with the official date for the Week and one without. The cost, at present, per poster is $6 and shipping & handling is $6 (for 1-5 posters). Shipping is free for orders of 25 posters and above. They are mailed out in solid mailing tube by US Priority Mail.
The Official Theme for the year 2016 is:
 "Languages Enrich Your Mind"
NFLW official week in 2016 was  March 7 – 13, 2016