Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday April 3 Meeting @ International Dance Studio: 1:30-3:30

Minutes of the meeting in pictures by Pierce S.
Founding Member Graduates

Sharing a culturally enhancing snack

Making senior send off jars

Our Youth Lead OKC Seniors and Mentos

Sunday, April 3 - 1:30-3:30 pm
Last official YLOKC meeting of 2015-2016

International Dance Studio Address: 3001 NW 73rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116,  Phone:(405) 748-0082Studio Website:
Directions to studio here

April YLOKC Meeting: 
- Senior Send OFF, 
- Planning Autism Walk, Saturday May 7, 6:30 am - noon Bricktown Ballpark
- Multicultural Dance Experience

Suggested Agenda
Casady: Nish, Pierce, Jack, Daniela, Hallie
Classen SAS: Ryan
Mercy: Buthiana, Aseel
NorthWest Classen: Evelyn
PC West: Bethany
YMCA: Shannon
International Dance Studio: Hazel

1. 1:30 pm  Welcome and Icebreaker (Miriam, Aseel)

2. 1:45 pm -2:30 pm
- Senior Send Off (Mallory, Shannon, Buthiana)
- Multicultural Snack (Ryan)
- Autism Walk (Evelyn, maybe Crystal and John Cooper Ross)
May 7th: Autism Walk Booth: Art/Music/Photo Booth
Color of the Walk: Red  
Location of the walk: Bricktown ballpark.  2 S. Mickey Mantel Dr. OKC, OK 73104
Website of the walk
To do list for the walk
a. b. c. d.
- Reflection and Feedback of YLOKC 2015-2016
-Youth LEAD TIDE Conference!tide-conference/czbq
May 27-29 Emerson College, Boston Mass, $300 Registration + Transportation to and from Emerson College. Teens register and make flight reservations individually. Carmen can take teens, but will not return to OKC. She will stay in Boston!

3. 2:30-3:30 Multicultural Dance Experience (Hazel Lopez )
Advocating Cultural Understanding through International Dances
Reflection and feedback of the meeting

Youth Leaders and friends (recruitment for next year)
We welcome Clifton Colbert as a possible connection between YLOKC and RDF.

Planning Team
Casady:Mallory (April Activity Facilitator)
Mercy: Miriam, Aseel, Buthiana (Icebreaker)
NorthWest: Evelyn (May 7th Activity)
Classen SAS: Ryan (snack)
YMCA: Shannon (Supplies for senior send off -Nish, Nurmeen, Bethany, Sirenee)

Special Invitation to TIDE

What would our society look like if all teens had the tools to compassionately and effectively engage across differences of identity? What if every young person in our world was trained to see conflict not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with those who are different from them?

My name is ­­­­Thi Nguyen and I’m a teen member of Youth LEAD, a non-profit based in Sharon, MA. For almost two decades, Youth LEAD has been training high school students to respectfully dialogue about highly charged issues. We’ve been recognized by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University as a national best practice.

We invite teens to join us this Memorial Day weekend for TIDE, our annual Teenage Identity and Diversity Education Conference. For three-days, teens lead experiential workshops and train their peers to lean into and lead difficult conversations around identity.

We also invite teen participants to present their own workshops at TIDE – on the intercultural and interfaith work they do in their own communities, or other issues of identity, diversity, and conflict resolution. In the coming weeks, our team will be reaching out to solicit proposals for these workshops. This is an aspect of the conference that we all look forward to every year, and we encourage you to apply!

If you work with high schoolers, or know teens who want to bridge “the difference divide,” we would be thrilled to have your youth join us at TIDE 2016!

Please see the poster below for more details, and feel free to email me, or the conference director Divya Chandramouli if this event interests you, or with any questions.

Thank you so much!
We look forward to hearing from you,

Thi Nguyen

More information @!tide-conference/czbq

TIDE Registration HERE