Friday, March 25, 2016

March 29 meeting

Minutes by Cathy.  The meeting only lasted 20 minutes because leadership needed to attend Walk-A-Thon obligations.

1. STUCO's Walk-A-Thon 2016   Aubrey and Dylan
-YAC booth: Decoration of pinwheels as well as making miniature ones for the walkers and/or Children at Hospitals
-Sign-up for booth facilitators  Sign-up at Harper

2. Items from the Floor
- Students Rebuild,Healing Classroom Project Update and sign-up  ON PARKING LOT
- Classroom with a Cause:  A Perfect Pair Update and sign-up at Harper, Week of May 2nd-6th
- Strategic Planning Update and sign-up ON PARKING LOT
- Seniors who have not completed the requirement are still 9 (Spencer, Paxton, Gracie, Luke, Trevor, Max, Brandon, Jake, Jillian)  Nish, Dylan and Aubrey will continue to help.
-Date for Senior send off??? and Banquet.  YAC group picture during National Volunteer Week ON PARKING LOT
-Letter to CPO for audiovisual equipment ON PARKING LOT
- Request for YAC Funding:  Johnny will be approach by officers and/or Mrs. Clay
a. $35 to sponsor an autistic walker at the Autism Walk on May 7th.  Requested on behalf of YLOKC
b. $$ to treat ice cream or snow cones to children from Boys and Girls Club attending the Evening of the Arts with their art teacher.  Luke L. will host the students
c. $$$ to sponsor the family who will open the Walk-A-Thon.  Dylan stated that this will help STUCO greatly.  She also reminded people to buy the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt
3. Sign-up to volunteer during National Volunteer Week and the Evening of the Arts: Thursday, April 14.  20 students need to volunteer.  Grace will bring more information next week.

3. National Volunteer Week Schedule Update: Miranda, Cathy, Grace (flyer), Ellie, Evie, Isabel, Shaheer

-Monday, April 11:  PVSA @ Chapel.  Doughnuts after chapel instead of goodie bags

-Tuesday, April 12: Tea time with Service-Learning.  YAC showcases "A year in Service"  Tell your volunteer story in the YAC community Room

-Wednesday, April 13:  Thumbs Up For Volunteers: Roots of Service Quilt and Pinwheels for Syrian Children during Activities, 5th Hour and Double.  Tell your volunteer story-YAC Community Room In Harper

-Thursday, April 14: Thumbs Up For Volunteers;   Roots of Service Quilt and Pinwheels for Syrian Children, Tell your volunteer story- YAC Community Room in Harper
Double: YAC volunteers with Evening of the arts- sign up with Grace - Boys and Girls Club might bring a bus with art students and art teachers.  Luke L. is considering hosting the group and helping them enjoy evening of the arts.  A request to YAC:  Fund snacks and ice cream for Boys and Girls club.  How many are coming?  TBD

Global Youth Service-Day(s)

-Friday, April 15: Service out of uniform.  Wear a t-shirt of a place you volunteered.  Videotape your volunteer story at the Casady YAC Community Center Room in Harper
YAC Hands on Peace Team @ Boys and Girls Club with personal projects and pinwheels
4:00-5:00  Tutoring  Ration 1/1
5:00-6:00   Pinwheels Ration 2/20
6:00-7:00   Personal Initiatives:  Hip Hop, Zumba, Ballet, Debate, Basketball, Tennis, reading service books, etc   Ratio: 1/?

-Saturday, April 16: Being brainstormed!
a. Hands on Peace YAC Team tour of the Homeless Alliance: Investigation site visit in preparation for the Perfect Pair Project    />
b. Volunteering at the Food Bank- Distribution of fresh products
c. Pinwheels for Syrian Children @ Vineyard - Canterbury-Epworth Villa

-Sunday, April 17:  Pinwheel making at home with friends, family and youth groups.
Last shipment of pinwheels will be mailed on Tuesday, April 19.   There will be a live webcast with Syrian refugee children on Thursday, April 21 @ 8:00 am.  The Hands on Peace Team will be excused from Chapel. Carl Albert is speaking at Chapel.  A recording of the speech will be made available.

Live Webcast Syria & the U.S.

This is a chance to connect with Syrian students we are helping by making pinwheels! RSVP now for our free, live webcast from Lebanon for the Healing Classrooms Challenge. See Syrian students who are beneficiaries of the Challenge meet American students taking the Challenge. Educators from Lebanon and the U.S. will connect as well.You can participate by sending questions through a Chat feature that will be answered in real time! Can't watch it live? See video of the webcast on our YouTube channel right after the live event.