Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day: Pinwheels for Syrian Refugee Children

Happy International Women's Day

With donated materials by junior Isabel S., and freshman Ellie G., and led by Evie W. members of the Class of 2019 have been making pinwheels to send to the Bezos Foundation which will distribute them to Syrian refugee children through the International Rescue Committee to Healing Classrooms in refugee camps. The Bezos Foundation will donate $2.00 per pinwheel up to $400,000 to help the International Rescue Committee provide healing resources to educators helping children at Refugee Camps.

During Peace Week 2015 (11 Days of Global Unity" 9/11-9/21 (International Day of Peace) the Upper Division YAC, in collaboration with Mrs. Clay Spanish I Class, the Middle Division International Club, and Youth LEAD OKC sent 250 pinwheels to the Bezos Foundation.  As an act of honoring International Women's Day, YAC will be counting and mailing a second installment of pinwheels for Syrian Refugee Children this Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  

YAC will continue to make pinwheels after Spring Break.  There will be a special time for pinwheel making during Global Youth Service Days April 14-16 when YAC will make pinwheels at Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park and with neighboring elementary schools and elderly facilities


Mr. Wesley Fryer provided the following links to a Syrian Refugee child story Clouds Over Syria as he demonstrated using google glasses for more interactive viewing connecting phones to free applications .
Android version:

The movie "Clouds of Sidra is a large download so many take a bit depending on their Internet connection speed. The video "Clouds over Sidra" is also view-able in a web browser, but you can't move around to look at different parts of the scene as you can with the VR version: http://vrse.com/watch/id/21/ .