Monday, February 15, 2016

March 6 meeting at Emmanuel Synagogue: 12-5:00

Youth LEAD OKC is a cultural competency program sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, Casady High School Service Learning Program, and Mercy School Institute.  It is funded by the Oklahoma City YMCA, Teen Initiatives Program and in-kind donations from participating schools and non profit organizations such as the Respect Diversity Foundation.

YLOKC is a branch of Sharon, Massachusetts Youth Lead Online.

Youth LEAD OKC experiences are developed, planned, and implemented by teens for teens.  Youth LEAD teens come from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, economic, and faith backgrounds.  Youth LEADers explore their own identities as well as their similarities and differences and act together to build the next generation of community and global leaders.

What:  YLOKC Meeting, Movie Screening of a film sponsored by the Jewish, Muslim Film Institute: A bottle in the Gaza Sea Movie Forum Discussion with YLOKC helpers

Who: Youth LEADERS and OKC Community

When: March 6, 12:00-5:00  

Where: Emmanuel Synagogue
    Address: 900 NW 47th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Map of Emanuel Synagogue


 Johnny, Mallory,  Nurmeen, Naailah, Carmen, Isaiah,Natalie
Safra and Mariam will only attend the movie screening.

Mercy: Miriam, Aseel, Aiman, Buthaina

North East High School:  Evelyn

Classen SAS: Ryan

YMCA: Shannon

Respect Diversity Foundation: Joanne  and intern

Emmanuel Synagogue: Sherry and Rabbi Abby

Agenda - Planning team (Johnny and team, Evelyn and team)

12:00-12:30   Kosher vegetarian pizza lunch cooking experience @ Synagogue                 (Johnny, Mallory, Mariam O., Aseel, Aiman)  

The icebreaker was stating your name, your school and what ingredients will you place in you pizza.  We welcomed Isaiah from Casady.  We also thank him for the pictures taken

Youth Leaders eat lunch - Reflect February meeting-Plan April's. Idea: Something with Multicultural dancing and senior send off  
(Mallory, Shannon, Buthaina)

Mallory facilitated this part of the meeting.  We will proceed with the Idea of Meeting being about A Senior Send OFF:  Activity Similar to last year's:  Jars decorated with their names (Nish, Nurmeen, Sireene, Bethany) with candies and notes on either a word they represented to us or quotes for the future or how they inspired us by their example.  The meeting will be at the International Dance Studio. Dance facilitated by Mrs. Hazel Lopez.

Tentative Agenda
1. Welcome and Introductions:  Johnny and Sireene

2. Ice Breaker:  By Miriam and Aseel   

3. Senior Send Off Activity   Mallory, Shannon, Buthiana
Shannon will bring the supplies

4. Snack break: By Ryan

5. Multicultural Dance Experience: Facilitated by dance studio owner Hazel Lopez

6. Reflection and Feedback by Johnny

Carmen will not be able to attend. She will help facilitate the pre-planning via e-mail.  Shannon, Buthiana and Noel will be the mentors on site.

Rabbi Abby was able to come for a few minutes after the cooking class.  She had an unexpected emergency  meeting and could not be with Youth Leaders.  She explained what to look for if you want to cook a kosher meal and the kosher restrictions based on what God explained to people is good to eat.   Sherry, a Baptist Administrative Assistant, started cooking in the Temple;s Kitchen.  She was our teacher-chef

Autism Walk:  May 7th   (Evelyn and Jack)       
Mrs. Frost and Mr. John Cooper Ross will no be able to attend       
Contacts:   Pres is Melinda 831.5160 VP is Chrystal Frost 315.6337

John Cooper Ross and Crystal Frost could not attend due to an illness in Crystal's Family.  We send Crystal our most positive thoughts.

Evelyn reported that the Walk is on Saturday, May 7.  She is motivating her STUCO to participate fundraising.  Jack school is also a big fundraiser
Tentative Agenda for Sunday, May 7   

1. 6:30 am   Youth Leaders Set-up Booth at Walk.  The color of the Autism Piece Walk is RED

2. 7:30 a.m   Youth Leaders take turns man powering art activity at booth.  Carmen will provide the supplies

7:30- Noon:  Youth Leaders participate in the walk, sponsor John Cooper Ross through Casady Service Learning funding

Shannon will not be able to attend.  Carmen might be in Boston.  Buthiana will be there as the adult supervisor

1:30 -4:15  Screening of A Bottle at the Gaza Sea

Youth Leaders helped Synagogue cook popcorn and ushered audience.   The movie screening was facilitated by Joan and Michael Korenblit of the Respect Diversity Foundation, helped  by the Interfaith Alliance Vice-President, Noel Jacobs.

Youth Leaders watched the movie.  The quality of the film projection was poor and the subtitles hard to read.  The movie was mostly in French.  It was a nice Romeo and Juliette type movie.  The gate scene made it look too easy to break through the barriers of a divided and at war land/culture.  Buthiana shared her personal experience waiting for hours with her six children for her husband to be cleared, due to his Homeland Security status.  We all started to visualized hungry young children with only chips, candy and soda to eat and a worry mom scared for the safety of her husband, herself and her family.  She also said, would we have behaved differently if we were dealing with "the enemy.?"

A nice movie, but not as powerful as The Other Son.  The next movie will be at the main mosque

All students were invited and encouraged to be part of the discussion. The discussion LEADERS after the screening of the movie  were Imad Enchassi and Rabbi  Abby Harris.   Aiman and her group had to leave early due to activity at Mercy School.  Youth contribution to the discussion did not take place. 

4:20-4:45         Reflection and feedback, clean-up (Carmen, youth Leaders and interested audience members

Words such as inspired, empowered, educated, surprised, amazed, intrigued, reflective, were shared after the movie.

Two former teachers asked Youth LEADERS how they would encourage other teens to participate in conversations such as the one promoted by the movie.  Johnny responded, come to at least two meetings!

One of the teachers asked if schools were promoting viewing movies on their campuses.  The youth leaders responded that no such experiences were provided to them.  

Wish all the Youth Leaders who had the YLOKC t-shirt would have worn it like Shannon did.

The movie was good, the treasured experience for most YLeaders was the cooking class because we not only learned how to cook healthy pizza for ourselves now, but we learned a skill that we can take to college and beyond.

Youth Leaders also were intrigued by the Baptist background of our teachers as well as non-believers and agnostics attending and participating in an interfaith experience.

-Special thanks to Ms. Sherry Houston, Synagogue's Administrative Assistant 528-2113.  She gave us the lesson on how to cook a kosher vegetarian pizza for lunch. She purchased the ingredients and cut all the vegetables.  Cost: $45 and a thank you gift card for Sherry.

The Autism Walk is on May 7th. Please check schedules and tell us if you will be participating on the Walk.  Youth LEAD OKC is asking to have a booth at the Walk

-Special thanks to Joan Korenblit, Johnny and Carmen for the contacts made with the Synagogue on behalf of Youth Lead OKC. 
Sherry Houston - ( and Rabbi Abby Jacobson (enterprisingrabbi@gmail.comSherry Houston = 528-2113,  Rabbi Jacobson =   824-9047   528-2113 Joan Korenblit, Executive Director Respect Diversity Foundation,, 
405-706-3828  Cell"

Special thanks to Mark and Carmen Clay and Evelyn for contacts and contacting Autism Walk OKC representatives.

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