Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February is RAK Month at Casady School

Middle Division:  February is RAK Month @ Casady School

Rachel's Challenge Cyclone Style:  You are caught doing RAK, your RAK is placed in the RAK Bucket.  The chain comes from Got YOU DOING RAK!

-SEE period picks from the 8th grade RAK and a little slide show movie of them.

_ 7th grade SEE period RAK's the North YMCA

High School:  Happy Valentine's Day:  Leave us your RAK Heart

LD Parents Pancake Breakfast for Mardi Gras

 Lower Division Art Show

Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey

Grand House provides a great Chinese New Year Show for OKC on Chinese New Year's Day

Super Cao Nguyen provides a cultural experience to OKC on Chinese New Year's Day