Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 9th Meeting

Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey
Pippin needs volunteers.  Sign up at Harper or contact Mrs. Libby Albert drlibbyalbert@gmail.com
On Thursday, February 18th, residents from the Statesman's Club will attend the performance.  YAC hosts needed.
a. Greet and usher elderly to seats.  Indicate location of bathrooms
b. Intermission :  Usher elderly to concessions.  Talk about performance.  Usher back to seats
c. After the performance ends:  Introduce elderly to members of the cast. Help them to their van
1. RAK Week:  Starts Sunday
a. Help Nicole with project
b..Books for Bodine Elementary-School

2. Ellie's Proposal Moving Forward:  Ellie, her mom and Mrs. Clay will visit the Homeless Alliance today.  Ellie will bring possibilities next week.  Ellie's mom will be the YAC guest speaker at next meeting.

3. Letter to Mothers for Audiovisual equipment:  Dylan, Hannah, and Sahanya will update letter status.  Letter should be ready by the end of February.  Mrs. Clay will send bullet points from her perspective.

 Writing Points
- Harper is used for many kinds of meetings. The technology requested will help those meetings run more efficiently
- YAC has very little time to do the amazing job they do of getting our teens to be active in the community.  Change the location of meetings in order to view videos and skype or do google hangouts with non-profit organizations without having to request a location  for that purpose will make their job easier
- The overflow of chapel goes to Harper.  If the chapel experiences are videotaped, people in Harper will not only hear it, but will be able to be part of the experience via video screen.
- Daily agendas and service opportunities will be made available on the screen daily.  It will be a reliable, current account of the service and youth board opportunities available.

YAC Strategic Planning: Saturday, April 30, 10-12 lunch catered by Grand House at 11:30
National Volunteer Service Week April 10-16   Global Youth Service Day: April 15-17   

April 10-16
Presidential Awards at Chapel, Monday, April 11th, Guest speaker: Mr. Josh Bottomly
Tea Time Presidential Awards Reception during Activities on Tuesday @ the Chapel transept if available or Harper. Catered by Sage (sweets and finger foods and hot and cold tea)

Lunch time: Senior Send Off with participation of non-profits or evening event at Grand House

April 16-18
Service Project with local non-profit  Date and Time TBA


Time with Mr. Fyer, Technology Director:  Google glasses, and Digital Citizenship
Viewing the Syrian Refugees video.  Hannah is leading the project that will result from the viewing.  Continue to make pinwheels for Bezos Foundation or any other need she will bring to our attention

If you want to use Google Glasses, please download this app in your phones
iPhone version:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vrse-virtual-reality/id959327054?mt=8  Mr. Fryer explained the 3-D aspect of the glasses and everyone at the last meeting decided we need to try them at the next meeting. 

Android version:

After downloading the app, students should download the movie "Clouds of Sidra." It is a large download so many take a bit depending on their Internet connection speed.

The video "Clouds over Sidra" is also viewable in a web browser, but you can't move around to look at different parts of the scene as you can with the VR version:

If you downloaded the application and the movie, you will be able to watch it with Google Glasses.  Mr. Fryer has 20 available