Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome Back Cyclones and Graduates

Class of 2015  YAC Leaders visit
Noble Hours Award, Youth LEAD OKC Founder, Casady Trustee Award
-Trustees Award-  Casady School

The Trustee's Award, a permanent trophy of the school, is established in honor of past and present Trustees in gratitude for their devoted service to Casady School.  This award is given to that student who by virtue of his or her character, loyalty, and service, has made Casady a finer school. Jessica G'15 received the 2015 Trustees Award at graduation commencement.  

Jessica received the Trustees Award during the Casady's Graduation Commencement on June 6 from the Casady Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Guy L. Patton.

- Noble Hours Award- Casady Service-Learning Program

Noble Hours (1,000+ hours of service) Award Winner, Taylor B'15)
The first Noble Hours Award was delivered by Dr. Jon Powell, Casady School Principal and Mrs. Carmen Clay, Director of Service-Learning to Taylor B'15 at the Casady UD awards chapel assembly  on May 22, 2015.  The criteria for the inaugural Nobel Hours Award was set by the recipient, Taylor B.'15, who was the first Cyclone to serve over 1,000 hours in 4 years in high school, the equivalent of more than 250 hours per year.
Research proves that by serving the needs of others, a person finds happiness.  Taylor opened eyes to the surrounding needs and engaged in compassionate deeds; joyfully investing time to move them forward without expecting anything in return.   
The unexpected outcome of Taylor's compassion and altruism was the institution of the first service-learning program award in the history of the requirement, the NOBLE HOURS AWARD.  
Taylor received an engraved silver clock.  
A solar powered spinning globe with Taylor's name will reside at Casady School (currently at the Headmaster's Office) to inspire others to emulate her example of being a hope for peace through acts of kindness, compassion, and service.

-Youth LEAD OKC:  -Founder Recognition-

- YMCA Youth Initiatives - Youth LEAD OKC

Delivered by Dr.Jon  Powell, UD Director and Mrs. Carmen Clay, YLOKC Mentor on behalf of Shannon Presti, YMCA Teen Initiatives Director and YLOKC, CEO

"Four years ago, as a shy freshman, Sidney J'15 eagerly accepted the task to establish a teen exploratory board to consider the need and interest of creating a unique cultural competency program for our community. 

Because of her dedication, insight and determination, Oklahoma City now has one of the only programs in the Midwest to inspire and mobilize youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges.

           This unique program is called Youth LEAD (Leaders Engaging Across Differences) and literally only exists because of Sidney and three other students, Sam K.'15 (Heritage Hall), Dane N. (Douglas High School) and Serene K. (Mercy School/Edmond Santa Fe), from across our city. 

Establishing a program based on ideas that are generated, executed and completely led by youth is a difficult task. Sidney stuck through the challenging times when it seemed like the program would remain a simple idea instead of becoming the multifaceted program that it is today. She continued to recruit other students to help launch the program when other teens dropped off from the planning team because it required a lot of time, effort and critical thinking. Her steadfast attitude even kept the adult directors motivated to see the program through during the most difficult times when it seemed we would not find local funding or support.      

After four years of hard work and commitment, Youth LEAD is now a robust program of students from many diverse Oklahoma City metro high schools, representing a multitude of races, religions, beliefs and interests. Sidney thrives in the group and gets along well with any teenager that joins. Thanks to the YLOKC founding teens caring nature and dedication to diversity, Oklahoma City has a premier cultural competency and diversity education program that will enhance youth and their ideals for generations to come."   Shannon Presti

Sidney received a token of YLOKC's appreciation, which was delivered on behalf of Shannon Presti by Mrs. Carmen Clay, Casady Service-Learning Director at the awards chapel assembly on May 23, 2015

Former YLOKCasady and YAC leader 

Visits Casady

with friends from UK, Belgium, and Australia 

Ananya B'18  currently attends United World College