Sunday, January 31, 2016

Planning February 7 meeting-Planning Team

1.  Sireene, Daniela, Nish and  Ryan will not be attending.  Ryan connected his passion for this project to Casady and Oklahoma resources.   Nish and
Carmen went to Special care and Nish's notes are below for the people able to attend to start the decision making of the Autism event and decide if there will be a YLOKC connection to Respect Diversity Foundation movie.  Mrs. Danna Morrison, Special Ed. Teacher sent her ideas.  Do to a family conflict, she will be unable to attend, but Dr. Noel Jacobs is planning to attend and recruited teens from Edmond Santa Fe at the Tramping Islamaphofia Forum @ Mercy School.  

Carmen sent a reminder Saturday to all who attended a YLOKC meeting or activity this year.  It is a total of 47 people with adult mentors included.

From Sireene- She set the teen agenda in motion with this e-mail "I won't be able to attend the meeting. I'll be able to attend the March one though. All ideas sound great. Maybe the meeting could consist of a little reflection on our last projects and then start planning the next project, keeping in mind we only have our March and April meetings left."

2. Carmen will take care of sign-in and minutes (Y code for internet needed).  She will bring quilt patches to display and update quilt making process.  She will also bring the "YLOKC shower curtain."

3. What Agenda items and supplies are needed?  As of 1/311 .  Carmen asked Amira if she would facilitate logistics gathering and be the time keeper of the meeting.
Logistics pending:
Welcome Icebreaker,  Announcements:  Do we need other ice breakers in between agenda items to get us energize? NO

Who will do this? Update 2/1/2016:  Amira suggested an animal icebreaker, Chloey and Mallory volunteered to help Amira

What materials are needed? blindfolds, pictures of animals  Shannon has the blindfolds at her office  and Amira will have the copies of the animals
How much time will it take?

Break:  Snacks and drinks  Update:  A suggestion was made of fortune cookies and cuties to celebrate Chinese New Year???

Who will bring this? Shannon will provide the snacks.  She will purchase them Thursday at Super Cao.
When should it go in the agenda? 
How much time will be needed?
Forming Agenda for 2/7 Meeting (Skill handouts below)

1.  Skill why reflection?
Reflection and feedback of December and January meetings-  ? Hallie considering- did not hear back from Evelyn will be facilitating this section of the agenda.  Evelyn asked for more details on 1/31/2016.  What materials are needed? and how much time will this take?

2. Skill: Project management and project planning
Plan next project  Jack and Johnny connecting to resources the week of 2/1/2016.  Resources: Casady Learning Center Faculty in the UD, MD, and LD, Special Care Autism specialist and Payne Education Center.  Johnny said she could facilitate this part of the meeting, but was sick on Friday and could not attend the visit to Special Care. NISH was the only one able to attend the visit to Special Care.  Here are his notes and pictures of the investigation site visit.  Nurmeen will bring information about a possible restaurant location of the event if so chosen.  She will start the facilitation of project planning.  All teens able to attend will allocate time limits to the agenda and we will work with all youth leader NEW and returning facilitating this section of the agenda.

Special care notes-Nish

Possible volunteerism ventures:

lecture/workshop/training on weekend, interaction with children must
happen on weekdays, special care doesn't operate on a normal schedule
so possible to come in during spring break

Autism walk- teams are made and then a walkathon around lake Hefner
parkway and brick town

Bring in volunteers to hang out with the kids
Cook/ play instruments (percussion, leave this one to jack Ryan)

Janitorial work? Volunteers come in and clean and whatnot.
Question: how to get volunteers to say yes?

Talk with dema see if the theatre can do anything as a treat for the
kids. They have a really nice auditorium.

What materials are needed? 
How much time will this take?

E-mail correspondence with Mrs. Morrison, Casady Learning Differences Faculty
I haven't seen Jack yet, but thought you might introduce him to the website  They have some good info, and if they wanted to sell the rubber bracelets, for instance, they could order from there.  Also, I thought about April being a spring month, maybe a dance with the blue theme.  Sell tickets.....Maybe a poster contest with judges to help decorate for the dance...Illustrate one thought or idea about autism that people need to know...a catchy theme for the contest....Just some thoughts.  See you Sunday!  Danna​

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions and the time you will spend with YLOKC this coming Sunday. You are part of our agenda at  Your e-mail inspired me to send an e-mail to all people who could help us during our investigation stage of a service learning experience/project.
As I understand it, The Payne Education Center specializes in the intervention, diagnosis, and referral processes in regard to dyslexia, or reading differences.  They also refer to other agencies for assessment purposes in language disorders, which could include children suspected of being somewhere on the autism spectrum.  I also had another thought last night.  The group could consider a door decorating challenge, where various doors at Casady may be decorated with an autism awareness theme....Looking forward to Sunday, as well.  May I have the address for the restaurant when you get a moment?  Danna

I am sending copy of your suggestions to the team responsible for project management and planning.   I am attaching the skills handouts provided to YLOKC during our annual training from YLOKC online and Roots and Wings Training and Consultation, Tabitha May Tolub, trainer.  YLOKC develops 21st century skills "by creating" service-learning experiences with focus on identity enhancement and cultural competency.   The fundraising aspect is secondary because we are a very small board with very limited funding.

We are looking forward to hearing from Special Care to perhaps explore a direct service opportunity to our own awareness of Autism. I worked with Dr. Choudry from Special Care in the past. What an incredible educator!  His wife Nadira works in the Primary Division, a lovely lady. The Co-President of YAC, senior Aubrey Hermen is an active youth board member at Special Care too.  We have some valuable connections to explore!

Another possible resource brought to my attention by a freshman student is Payne Education Center.  What is their connection to Autism?  I know they help with reading and dyslexia.   

Dear Noel, Pam, Andrew, Aimme, Lori, and Nadira,

The YLOKC teens are meeting this coming Sunday to look at a possible multicultural awareness event for Autism in the month of April.  They chose this project during their Strategic Planning at the beginning of the year.  The Project managers of the Autism project were selected at the training and are Casady Cyclones, Johnny Lee'17 and Daniela Rodriguez Chavez'19. Their original ideas are on the handout, Autism March 6, work plan handout below.

Youth Leaders are looking for ideas to raise their own awareness and the general public's awareness in a fun, engaging, multicultural way.  We are seeking your assistance  with any connections and/or resources- videos, movies- recommended websites.  Some of the Cyclones involved in project management and planning might ask to visit with you too.  We hope to schedule a visit to Special Care as soon as possible!

Thank you for the possible connections you can send our way.  Carmen Clay, Casady School, Director of Service-Learning

From Mrs. Williams:
I wanted you to see this first: 
Today, we’re officially launching Light It Up Blue for 2016!  
As one of the thousands of people who took part in the past, you already know how fun, easy, and meaningful it can be to help shine a light on autism -- so I hope you’ll be one of the first to say you’re in.
Pledge to wear blue for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.
This is hands-down my favorite time of the year.
It’s incredibly inspiring to see the entire world -- 142 countries on all seven continents in 2015 -- come together in support of people with autism. On April 2nd, when iconic landmarks like the Egyptian Pyramids turn blue, and thousands of people share photos of their Autism Speaks puzzle piece pins and blue shirts, it gives everyone hope that we can keep doing this important work -- raising awareness and creating resources to improve the lives of people living with autism.
With autism prevalence increasing more than 100% in the last decade and continuing to rise, that mission is more critical than ever. When you Light It Up Blue, you’re celebrating loved ones living with autism -- and helping groups like Autism Speaks find more answers, and address critical needs.
You were the reason 2015 was so successful, so I hope you’ll step up again now -- add your name, and then spread the word.
Thanks! Let’s do this!
Sophie Kondor
Light It Up Blue Project Manager
Autism Speaks

P.S. -- After making your pledge today, check your inbox for a 10% discount code to the Light It Up Blue Store!

From Special Care, Andrew Gray and Mansur Chaudry

Let me know if you all would like to come out and do a tour and we would love to have your group come out for a tour whenever you all are available! Just let me know.

Andrew Gray
Marketing & Development Coordinator
Special Care, Inc.
12201 N. Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73114
Phone: 405.752.5112

Announcements and invitations

a. Carmen and Buthiana for teens' consideration: Presentation of I am.   Deep listening  as icebreaker, at OCU Multicultural Institute?  February 5th deadline for proposal.   Presentation is Saturday March 5th  NO teen response

b. Carmen for Teens and Mentors Consideration:  The Global Kindness Challenge  Take the Challenge to your schools!  No response

c. Jewish Muslim Film Institute for mentors and teens consideration
Sunday, March 6: 1:45-4:45  YLOKC could usher. Our March meeting could be at the synagogue or a place near by at noon to continue project planning for April.  Then at 1:00 be at the Synagogue to usher movie goes.   If there is interest I could ask our partner organization, the Respect Diversity Foundation if one or several of our students could co-facilitate or be in the panel representing youth.   Of course the facilitators will have to preview the movie.  Carmen presented this option to the Casady Youth Leaders and they seemed interested, but no decision was made.  This will be put to full YL meeting on Sunday, February 7th by project management and planning team

Emmanuel Synagogue map
A random connection blossoms into love in this drama about Tal, a recent arrivial to Israel, who witnesses a cafe bombing that traumatizes her. In response, Tal writes a heartfelt letter that follows an unlikley path to Naim, a young Palestinian.

d. Interfaith Alliance: Cair: Project Peace
 The Peace Project was in Oklahoma City at Mayflower Congregational UCC on Sunday January 31st from 2:30pm-4:30pm!   The Peace Project is a viral photo project through the Islamic Society of Tulsa's Outreach Committee. This campaign entails having people from all walks of life, stand and pose with a sign that states their name along with their occupation, or a characteristic with the hashtag #IStandForPeace.
You can see pictures from their previous events in Tulsa on their Facebook page - they've photographed hundreds of people from the Tulsa area who stand for peace and Sunday is your chance to do the same!

Some Youth Leaders and mentors went

From Respect Diversity Foundation:  Trumping Islamofophia: A Community Forum on Hate, Rhetoric and Muslim Teens
Mercy School, Friday, February 6, 7:00-9:00 pm.  Carmen, Buthiana and YLOKC Mercy are going?  Join us!

Food for thought:  Deep Listening....

Agenda skills' handouts