Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 26 Meeting

1.  Items from the Planning Team
-Aubrey spoke about President Volunteer Service Awards.  Create a file at the awards website.  Mrs. Clay orders awards at the end of February.  To create a file, come to see Mrs. Clay or follow the directions at 
- Digital Citizenship Project Proposal: Aubrey, Dylan, Miranda, Isaiah, Nish, Chloey in parking lot.  

-MLK Day Reflections  Group Picture for RT needed for blog.  Freshmen, senior and junior in attendance shared what they did on MLK Day 2016.  Some stay at home to recuperate from illness, others volunteered taking family members and mentoring friends.  Freshmen volunteer at YAC sponsored activities and had a great opportunity to get to meet peers from other class.
2.  Items from YAC members
-Cleats for Kids Collection Aubrey asked people to donate tonight and come to the game
- Kindness Week in February  What does YAC want to do?  Aubrey and Dylan will bring ideas to next meeting.  It might be with literacy
- Peace Week 2016 Planning Team   Who is in? on Parking Lot
- YAC/YLOKCasady Presentation at Multicultural Institute @ UCO, Friday, March 4th -Saturday 5th .  Deadline for presentation proposal: February 5th. Mrs. Clay asked YLOKCasady to consider presenting at UCO conference.  Daniela is investigating possibilities.

Harvard's Education School published today their executive summary for college admissions reform.  This document is supported by many brand name schools.
Lots to process, dialogue, and discern from this document.  Mrs. Clay asked students to read the below report

World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition
February 1-7 Mrs. Clay placed it on daily announcements.  She will play!  Will you?
Casady/YAC/Youth LEAD OKC/Peace Team 
  Play with us!

Resources to support  participation in the World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition, and to ensure  a positive and meaningful experience.

1. Invite Individuals to Your Team
 Use the social sharing tools here to invite them to sign up
2. Challenge Others to Play
 Use the social tools found here to invite others to register their teams to play.
3. Daily Agent Missions
During each day of the Coopetition, all players will receive an Agent of Compassion Mission that offers tangible ideas and inspiration for ways to play. 
4. Explore Ways to Play
 Check out the growing list of Ways to Play for individuals and for team as a place to get started!