Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19th meeting

Agenda and minutes

1. Guest:  Mr. Wes Fryer, Casady School Director of Technology
Talked about Digital Citizenship and invited interested students to consider providing ideas and feedback to the committee.  Mr. Fryer shared the Digital Citizenship Committee proposal presented to Mr. Sheldon for funding with the small number of meeting attendees.  The senior leadership had sent a text stating that we were not going to have a meeting as many YAC members had volunteered on MLK Day.
Mr. Fryer will send PP for other members to see.  He is also planning to attend the next YAC meeting to share a phone app which will raise our awareness of Syrian Refugee Children's Journey.

Mr. Fryer also sent a cost proposal for video display equipment for Harper.  A YAC committee is needed to write the proposal to the mothers so we can request it when they give funding for improvements for next year.  The equipment will make it possible to view agendas, inspirational videos, have skype conversations not only to YAC, but to all who meet at the Harper conference table.

All other agenda items went into the parking lot

2. MLK Day Reflections
http://casadymlkday.blogspot.com/  Mrs. Clay needs her music equipment and list of volunteers from Rebuilding Together

3. Items from the Planning Team

4. Items from YAC members

5. Items from S-L office
- Kindness Week in February  What does YAC want to do? http://casadyacleads.blogspot.com/
- Peace Week 2016 Planning Team   Who is in?  http://casadypeaceweek.blogspot.com/