Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 12 YAC meeting


Icebreaker:  Grapes cultural activity  ON PARKING LOT TO GIVE SEONDRE THE FLOOR

1. MLK Day final details.  Sign-up
Isaiah, Aubrey and Dylan will do chapel reminders to sign-up on Thursday.  Father Blizzard has been notified to give them time during Chapel Announcements.

Living Beloved Community Coopetition: January 15-18
The MLK Weekend: Living Beloved Community Coopetition is a 4 day challenge to bring the vision of Dr. King’s Beloved Community to life through acts of kindness and organized service projects. Participants are encouraged to honor the places in their lives where Beloved Community thrives, as well as to strive together to end poverty, hunger, and homelessness.The MLK Weekend Coopetition begins by honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday on Friday, January 15th and continues through Monday, January 18th, the National Day of Service in honor of Dr. King.  Cleats for Kids, $ for Indian children Education, and the MLK Day YAC projects are our entries for this coopetition.  Mrs. Clay also requested to let her know anything YAC students are doing to serve others be it family, friends, the community or the environment during MLK day for Nicole's Project.  We are documenting Teens Acts of Kindness.

2. Service Opportunities and Project Reports
- Children's Hospital delivery of placemats and activity bags ON PARKING LOT
-Science Olympiad:  Great number of volunteers!
- Composting Project status On parking lot

3, Items from the floor
-Kira's Project.  Bring $2 out of uniform:  Fundraiser for Indian children.
-Hannah's Project    Clothing collection is over.  Considering Pinwheels for Syrian Refugees
-Miranda's Project  On Parking lot until next year
-Nicole's Project   Kindness Platform
-Respect Diversity Foundation Invitation to Women's DiverTEA, January 17, 1:30-4:00 @ Saint Paul's Cathedral

4. Guests Father Blizzard, Mrs. King, Seondre Carolina
Seondre Full speech and sharing his experience as Ithaca University MLK Scholar forthcoming
Mrs. King speech and pictures at

Father Blizzard told YAC that finally S-L has a home, Chapel Program.  He is a resource to YAC and the head of all the service coordinators, Mrs. Clay: Director of Service Learning at Upper Division, Mrs. Omelia, Service Club and Service-Learning Facilitator at the Middle Division.  Other divisions have service embedded in their curriculum. They respond to Mrs. France and Mrs. Sharp.  Service has expanded to be part of all divisions.