Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year, 1st YAC meeting of 2016, January 5, 2015


1. MLK Day
Sign-up for opportunities @ signup genius.  Forms available at Harper for Food Bank and Rebuilding Together.  Dylan explained the options and Isaiah and Mrs. Clay provided details including a very personal background for MLK Day.  Just check
January 12 Chapel speaker presentation and presentation of opportunities at chapel

2. Science Olympiad
Volunteers needed this Saturday.  Please consider volunteering.  Contact Mrs. Beckram.  Mrs. Clay will be volunteering early in the morning.  Serving is Playing!

3.  December Projects
ICS Hope for  the holidays 
Reflection  Katherine thanked everyone.  Mrs. Clay said that it was the biggest donation ICS has had from PD and LD.  Mrs. Clay also explained that the kids look at High Schoolers as mentors.  You are inspiration to give.  Cheerleaders and Tennis Players are SERVANT leaders!!!! Special thanks to Katherine and Dylan for connecting this project to YAC.
Children's Hospital  In parking lot!

4. YAC members 
-Agenda items from the floor
Nicole J. stated that she is running for a pad gent with a platform of Kindness.  She will explore the Compassion Games as it directly connects to promotion of kindness.  
Grace P. requested volunteers for Arts Alliance Activities
Mrs. Clay asked for Science Olympiad volunteers
Hannah H. will start a clothing collection for Syrian Refugees

- December Reflections
Give schedules at the beginning of the year
Have forms at a more visible place
The club should do more volunteering in the field
Keep on changing the world one step at a time
Help people with basic needs
I could volunteer more often when the opportunities are available
Increase participation in Peace Week- It will be awesome.  Let's be more involved in the community
We need to volunteer together more often in the community
Help Syrian refugees- Connect to the local mosques
Mrs. Clay showed the YAC and YLOKC calendar and stated that we will have a Service-Learning Banquet at the end of the year to honor the seniors.  She will allocate money from S-L Conference attendance to the banquet.  This banquet will be a service learning project for all grades, except seniors.  Mrs. Clay also stated that we will have a strategic planning like we did the past two years in the month of May.

5. Service- Learning Items
New Service Opportunity with Technology and seniors
Dylan read this message
Hello! My name is Elisabeth Wright and I am the Young Adult Librarian at the Village Library. I know that you work at a school that highly values community service, so I wanted to tell you about a new opportunity we are offering. We are looking for volunteers on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 4:00-6:00 to help library patrons (particularly seniors) with computer and technology questions. Please direct any interested students to the application at this link and please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Elisabeth Wright

Upcoming Guests
January 12:  MLK Day speaker and Father Blizzard, Religion and Service-Learning Department Head
January  19:  Mr. Wes Fryer, Director of Technology

Class of 2019 : 
Hours completed and certified by August 1, 2018.  YAC officers will receive a list to help them finish the paper work,

Class of 2016:  From Mr. Bottomly,

Service Learning hours are a graduation curriculum requirement that Casady reports on all transcripts to colleges in the application process.
If a Casady student has few hours (of the 45) reported on their transcript (at the time of college application submission), then the college may see that as a student who has not taken this requirement seriously.  This will probably not negatively impact an admission decision, but it might. 
If a student has not completed his or her service learning hours by graduation, then that senior's final transcript will be frozen by the college counseling office and not submitted until the hours are complete.  A frozen transcript can be very bad for a matriculating student.  He or she may not be able to be able to participate in freshman college orientation programs, and, therefore, not  able to enroll in classes and move into their dorm room. 

Flies and PSA
YAC service hours being updated at files this week.  Bring documentation to update your files.  President Volunteer Service Awards will be ordered at the end of February and delivered in chapel during National Volunteer in April