Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cleats for Kids collection ends, Senior - Kindergarten Literary Exchange and Fair Trade Chocolate Projects Begin

Cleats for Kids Collaborative Competition between Casady and Heritage during Basketball Games....and the winners are.......the kids of Oklahoma City and Casady Cyclones!
The Cyclone Side

The Charger side

Cyclones and the OKC kids Won!

Third Grade Fair Trade Chocolate Project begins

Service-Learning Project

Main Objectives of the Project: 
·         To increase the students’ global awareness regarding human needs, social justice, economics, and the environment
·         To nurture the students’ empathic imaginations
·         To instill a sense of empowerment and social responsibility
·         To engage students in the application of math concepts such as interpreting charts, and to expose them to business concepts such as expenses, gross sales, and profit
Chocolate, Charities, Choice, and Charts is a service-learning project.
Third grade students learn about the economic, social, and environmental problems associated with chocolate production, and they learn how Fair Trade addresses these problems. 
The students promote the sale of Fair Trade chocolate by making posters, and they publicly announce and explain the project to the school.
The students sell Fair Trade certified chocolate to generate money to donate to charities.  During this selling period, the students learn about five charitable organizations that focus on five different areas of need: education, medical care, disaster relief, hunger, and shelter.
When the selling is complete, the students vote to decide how they want to direct their money to the charities—each student has ten votes which they may allot in any manner they choose.  These votes are entered into an Excel spreadsheet which is projected for the students to view.  As the votes are entered, the students watch a pie chart generated by Excel that displays the changing percentages allotted to each charity, and they can also see the changing dollar amounts.  This continues until all votes are entered and the final amounts to be donated are established.

Service-Learning: Senior-Kindergarten Literary Exchange Project

Senior Creative Writing students read books they created to Casady kindergarten classes.  Students meet in the primary division.  Seniors read their books to small groups of kindergarten students and rotate through the kindergarten classes.  The second part of the exchange is the spring in which kindergarten students come to the Upper Division to read their books.

Part I of the "Senior-Kindergarten Literary Exchange"   The seniors in Mrs. Finley's creative writing class are finishing their books, and they will go to the Primary Division to read to the kindergarten children in February.  Their tentative plan is to eat lunch with the kindergarten in the new activities building (adjacent to the primary).  E day works best for Mrs. Finley's senior class.  They will meet during 4th period on E day, so students will have enough time to walk to the primary, eat lunch with the kids, and read 3 to 4 rounds of books. 
The two dates being considered by Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Finley are Monday, Feb. 8th and Thursday, Feb. 18th

Part II of the Literary Exchange in late April or early May.  For Part II, the kindergarten children come to the Upper Division to eat lunch and read the books that they have created to our graduating seniors.