Saturday, January 23, 2016

Casady Register the Service-Learning Program, Peace Team, YAC and YLOKC
  • First and Last Name:: Carmen Clay
  • Email Address::
  • Community, Organization, or Group Name:: Casady School Service Learning
  • Team Name:: Casady Peace Team- The Oklahoma Standard
  • Sub-Team Name(s) (Optional):: Casady YAC / Youth LEAD OKC
  • Location:: 9500 North Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Congratulations! Your team registration is complete!

So, what’s next? There are many resources available to support your participation in the World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition, and to ensure you and your team have a positive and meaningful experience.

Consider this message your Team Playbook, the ultimate guide to everything you need to play and win!

Table of Contents
1. Connect With Other Organizers
2. Invite Individuals to Your Team
3. Challenge Other Teams to Play
4. Daily Agent Missions
5. Explore Ways to Play
6. Add Your Events
7. The Compassion Report Map
1. Connect With Other Organizers
Join the Compassion Games Team Organizer Messaging App called Slack - a free communication tool for resource sharing and connecting with fellow Team Organizers. Slack makes it possible for you to build relationships with organizers from around the world, share ideas, stay informed, and get support if you need it! You will receive a personal invitation within the next 24 hours to join Slack. Simply follow the link and create a free account to log in.
2. Invite Individuals to Your Team
For others to join your team, have them sign up to play so they receive the daily missions. Use the social sharing tools here to invite them to sign up. Additionally, make sure to have your team members use your registered team name when they participate on the Compassion Report Map, as this is the only way your team's points can be tallied together on the Coopetition Scoreboard!
3. Challenge Other Teams to Play
Use the power of competitive altruism to ignite more compassion by challenging other teams to join the coopetition and play together! This creates an exciting and engaging environment for everyone involved. Use the social tools found here to invite others to register their teams to play. (Sign in to access these social sharing tools.)
4. Daily Agent Missions
During each day of the Coopetition, all players will receive an Agent of Compassion Mission that offers tangible ideas and inspiration for ways to play. Agents of Compassion continue to be a simple and meaningful way to bring compassion to life for oneself, others, and the Earth! They are a great supplement to service projects as well.
5. Explore Ways to Play
Looking for ideas to engage your team during the Coopetition? Check out the growing list of Ways to Playfor individuals and for team as a place to get started!
6. Add Your Events
Once you've committed to events and activities for your team, add them to the event calendar on the Compassion Games website. Promote your upcoming events and attract more volunteer team members!
7. Compassion Report Map
The Compassion Report Map measures your teams "compassion impact." Benchmark the number of volunteers, hours of service, monies raised for local causes, and number of people served. Reports combine a description and a reflection, resulting in stories that inspire and uplift players around the world while providing a framework for participants to view the impact of their actions. Post your reports here!
Have any suggestions or questions? Ideas? Feedback? Contact Compassion Games Coach Sommer Albertsen here:

We invite you to play in the...
World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition!
Join us to bring the growing spirit of global unity to our communities!
What is World Interfaith Harmony Week?
The World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition is a seven-day global challenge to promote acts of peace, collaboration and tolerance between people of all faith, spiritual, and humanistic traditions. An annual U.N. observance beginning on February 1st and going through February 7th, individuals and teams will use the spirit of coopetition to inspire collaborative acts of service to give back to their communities and strengthen mutual respect, understanding, and harmony between people of all backgrounds. 
How Can You Get Involved?
There are many ways that individuals and teams can play, from organizing creative service projects to performing acts of kindness. (Check out thefeatured ways to play here.) By signing up to play, individuals and teams receive simple yet profound compassion “missions” to guide their actions each day of the coopetition. These missions make participating in the Compassion Games accessible and meaningful for players of all ages!

You can also participate in one or several of the special World Interfaith Harmony Week Speaker Events hosted by the Charter for Compassion during World Interfaith Harmony Week. We are kicking this off on Monday January, 25th at 2:30 PDT with a special interview with Dr. James Doty, Chairman of the Dalai Lama Foundation, discussing his new book “Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart.”   
How Do the Compassion Games Work?
In addition to receiving daily missions, players report on their activities on theCompassion Report Map. The reports of Registered Teams are reflected on the Coopetition Scoreboard, displaying the number of volunteers, number of hours served, number of people served, and the monies raised for local or global causes. The purpose of the scoreboard is not to receive credit for one’s actions (you can report anonymously), but to inspire others by the stories that emerge as a result of players being actively compassionate in the world!
Are you in?! We look forward to
playing alongside you!
Have any suggestions or questions? Ideas? Feedback? Contact Compassion Games Coach Sommer Albertsen here:
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