Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mission 5: Give Appreciation

Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to your fifth mission, take a moment to reflect on the last mission. How did you feel after laughing at nothing for 60 seconds? Did your mood change? Did you have more fun in class or as a group that day? What are some other things that really make you laugh? Discuss these questions as a class, or break into small groups.

I did not laugh...just had warm moments the whole day
Your fifth mission, Agents, is to show appreciation for someone!
Think of one person in your school or community who works really, really hard, but may not receive a lot of credit for doing what they do. Create a thank you card for them, and deliver it to that person before the end of the day.
And Agents, remember! As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map! Your reports are already beginning to inspire others as the world is continues to become a safer, kinder, and better place! Good work!

I will write to my students and Mr. Coate ( a picture of him clearing tree debris for our safety and his wife teaching students how to make blankets for the Salvation Army)

Going Deeper:

To feel “seen” is to be acknowledged by another that you belong, and that you are valued as a member of your community. This is a wonderful feeling, and giving appreciation is a power you can use all the time! If you see something that someone does that makes you happy, go and “see them” by letting them know how much you appreciate what they did or even who they are! It keeps that person motivated to stay positive, and makes you feel really positive, too.

For Teachers/Parents/Mentors:

While it’s valuable to encourage students to show appreciation for others, sometimes it’s our students who desperately need recognition themselves. Take a look at how this special education teacher in Florida starts each day in the classroom.


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