Monday, December 14, 2015

December 15 meeting-last meeting of 2015


Art by Fiona R.'15

1. Reflection and evaluation of YAC activities to place hours in transcript and report card
-What did you do?
-what was the impact?
-How can we make Yac better in 2016?

2. Children's Hospital 
-Art Activity
making bags for kids to make crafts at the childrens hospital
     -glue, sticks, buttons, glitter, ribbon
making place mats for the children

3. Children from new land academy coming to casady 12/15
Art Club Xmas Stockings for New World School  22 students and three teachers  TODAY3. fEED
11:45 arrival to Casaady.    Welcome by Spanish I Class
12:15 Walk to Calvert for lunch
1:30    Activity with Art Club

4. Feedback  and reflection   
-ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive  - Delivery to ICS by 4th graders  December 18 @ 10:30 am
Record number of donations

-YAC appreciation paneton  Delivered to all divisions and areas of the school.  Primary wants to know who wrote the nice note of appreciation

-Blood Drive 2015   42 screened, 35 donors.  great job seniors!

Urban Mission Santa's House

5. MLK Day, Monday, January 18th
National Day of Service Make a Day ON SERVICE of a Daf OFF From School.

Isaaiah and Mrs. Clay will finalize MLK Day this Thursday.  Suggestions
-Talk to Coach T and Basketball Boys coach to volunteer at Rebuilding Together as teams

a. MLK Day @ the Memorial, 10:00-4:00 PM Courtesy of Mrs. Lynn Porter ONMM Education Coordinator.  Planning Team needed. YLOKCasady and YAC invited
STEAMSS Project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Service and Spirituality) _ Advocacy and Research Project  Mrs. Clay supervisor

Sign-up @ Sign-up genius

b. MLK Day @ Rebuilding Together  YET To Be Confirmed. YAC Facilitator: Isaaiah
Refurbish a home: Paint the exterior of a home of an elderly handicapped Oklahoman -Direct Service Project Coach Bonfiglio and maybe Coach Pena supervisors.  TBA: Donations for supplies, meals, and schedule.  Possible group to connect sports teams.  Sign up at Sign-up genius

Isaaiah stated that we do not have a house address yet, but Rebuilding Together welcomes 35 volunteers.  Job assignments will be provided after the Xmas Break

c. MLK Day @ The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma  Youth Facilitators: MD Service Club

Permission slips needed

Morning Shift: 9:00-12:00    Snacks and drinks provided @ Break

Lunch on your own

Afternoon Shift: 1:00 - 4:00   Snacks and drinks provided @ Break
Pack Food for Food for Kids Indirect Service/Advocacy Project Mrs. Omelia supervisor

6. Changes in service requirement 

Class of 2019 : 
Hours completed and certified by August 1, 2018.

Class of 2016:  From Mr. Bottomly,

Service Learning hours are a graduation curriculum requirement that Casady reports on all transcripts to colleges in the application process.
If a Casady student has few hours (of the 45) reported on their transcript (at the time of college application submission), then the college may see that as a student who has not taken this requirement seriously.  This will probably not negatively impact an admission decision, but it might. 
If a student has not completed his or her service learning hours by graduation, then that senior's final transcript will be frozen by the college counseling office and not submitted until the hours are complete.  A frozen transcript can be very bad for a matriculating student.  He or she may not be able to be able to participate in freshman college orientation programs, and, therefore, not  able to enroll in classes and move into their dorm room.  

6. What is service learning?  Katherine introduced us to the S-L stages.  The service-learning office would like YAC to consider making a video to teach Cyclones and the OKC community about service learning.

Investigation, Planning, Action Reflection (Ongoing) Demonstration of learning and Evaluation of Project

7.  The Giving Games Proposal  Sent by Dr. Marcia Moore If YAC decides to participate, someone has to register YAC as a team @