Monday, November 9, 2015

YAC November 10th meeting

Requested snack: grapes

New Items
Placemats for Children's Hospital  -  Junior Project

Request from OUR TOWN:  12 Ushers needed, 2 per performance day.  Free tickets to performance Contact Grace or Mrs. Patton

Final account from the Food Bank for Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2015
The trailer had 4,623 pounds, then after the 171 and 92 deliveries the total weight is 4,886 pounds from Casady.
The total monetary donations (150 in personal checks, 397.31 school check, 515.62 cash) ended up being $1,062.93.   Altogether, that provides enough food and funds to provide 9,386 meals!

1. Blood Drive: Senior Project
David Crawford from the Oklahoma Blood Institute. His number is 405-419-1356405-250-9727 (cell), He said we had Dec 10th 7:30-10:30 assigned date by the Blood Bank in Records.  Here are some links to the memories of the 2014 Blood Drive.  I sorry to report that our little Bennett went to heaven during the summer.
LOCATION of the 2015 Blood drive will be finalized by Coach T. 
Date: December 10th
- blood needs to be renewed b/c it only lasts for a little while 
- the Oklahoma Blood Institute is the key provider of blood in Oklahoma 
- 16 year olds need permission from parents 
- you need an i.d. with you to give 
- you need to be under 125 lbs. 
- about a 40 minute process
- every pint of blood can save three lives 
- people everyday needs blood (every age)
- 0 negative blood is the most in need 
- Mr. Crawford interested in talking in chapel
     - will need projector to show story about blood drive
     - December 1 at 8:00 am 
- be hydrated and eat breakfast before giving blood

2. Classroom with a Cause:  Hope for the Holidays Project - Katherine S.
-Thank you
-Reflection of the Service-Learning Process
     - helps both giver and the person being served
-Demonstration of learning
- needs volunteers on December 7th- 11th to help with kids

3. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Project Proposal
- Could this be another YAC health related project?
- Any teen interested as a personal project? Update YAC will not undertake this project in 2015-2016.  Individual students might.

4. Pinwheels for Healing Classrooms at Peace House Festival
Peace Festival on November 14, in the Civic Center Hall, 9:00-4:00 PM
- Table without cost- Sharing with a former teacher from Westminster selling a cookbook with proceeds going to Syrian refugees.  
- Volunteers needed:
Shifts available.  Mrs. Clay on the premises from 9:00-12:00.  The festival goes on until 4:00 pm.  Please tell the Secretary (Cathy)  to place your name here with your shift if interested
- Mrs. Clay (10:00-12:00) Update:  No volunteers signed up.  Opportunity cancelled

For each pinwheel you send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $400,000—to IRC’s Healing Classrooms program. The more pinwheels you send, the more children you’ll help!

Since the civil war began, nearly 11 million Syrians have fled their homes. Of those, more than four million Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries of Lebanon, Northern Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. Nearly six million children have been affected by their country’s civil war and on average, it takes 17 years for most refugees to return home. This means millions of Syrian children will likely spend most—or all—of their childhood as refugees.
Even though the Syrian struggle seems overwhelming, we can take action and see change for children! 
Aubrey Registered YAC  for the Healing Classrooms Challenge, then Got us Started making pinwheels during Peace Week.  Johnny and Isabel sent 253 pinwheels in our first shipment.
Last year, Ananya introduced YAC to the Students Rebuild Bookmark Challenge and she sent over 7,000 bookmarks for literacy projects in Peru, Mali, and Nepal.  See the webcast with Peru that features Dylan, Mallory, Gabrielle and Natalie below.

Deepen your learning and about the Syrian refugee crisis and connect with beneficiaries of the Challenge through our free learning resources and tools.
What will happen to your pinwheels? The International Rescue Committee will distribute a selection of them to Healing Classrooms students in Lebanon and Iraq. Funding generated by the Challenge will train teachers in special techniques to engage conflict-affected children with social-emotional learning opportunities and to create secure, nurturing learning environments. Learn more about Healing Classrooms.

What is The International Rescue Committee ?  Helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. IRC teams provide health care, infrastructure, learning and economic support to people in 40 countries, with special programs designed for women and children. Every year, the IRC resettles thousands of refugees in 22 U.S. cities. Students Rebuild partnered with IRC on the Healing Classrooms Challenge.

5.  The Giving Games Proposal  Sent by Dr. Marcia Moore On parking lot
Dear Friends,

Our children will one day inherit this world, and face the challenges of a future we will never see. Perhaps the greatest gift we can provide for our youth today is the gift of remembering, celebrating, and putting into practice who they truly are. Compassion is not only at the core of living a healthy and fulfilling life, it is also our greatest source of strength and resilience, compelling us to care for one another and work together for the safer, kinder, and better world we all wish to live in.
Without further ado, we give to you...

The Giving Games:
Youth & Schools Play It Forward

The Giving Games: Youth and Schools Play it Forward are an 11 day global challenge to inspire, develop, and celebrate our shared humanity through acts of generosity and compassion. Beginning on December 1st – a day known as Giving Tuesday – and going through December 11th, the Giving Games are played worldwide between youth, educators, and mentors to foster safe and fulfilling places of learning, helping the next generation develop into happy, compassionate, creative, and resilient members of our world!

The Giving Games start the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and are a way to explore new ways to be generous with others, ourselves, and the Earth. Let’s play the Giving Games with generosity and celebrate giving!


Join us for a webinar with the Charter for Compassion to announce the Giving Games! This call will be a great way to learn more about the Games, get any questions you have answered, generate ideas, and connect with other educators around the world.
When: Saturday, November 7th, 2015 | 9:00 AM PST /12:00 PM ET

6. Items in the parking lot from previous meetings
-MLK Day Project(s):  January 18th  On parking lot
Make a day ON Service, not a Day OFF from school
Memories of MLK Days of the past at

-Changes in service requirement  On parking lot
Class of 2019 : 
Hours completed and certified by August 1, 2018.Class of 2016:  From Mr. Bottomly,Service Learning hours are a graduation curriculum requirement that Casady reports on all transcripts to colleges in the application process.
If a Casady student has few hours (of the 45) reported on their transcript (at the time of college application submission), then the college may see that as a student who has not taken this requirement seriously.  This will probably not negatively impact an admission decision, but it might.  

If a student has not completed his or her service learning hours by graduation, then that senior's final transcript will be frozen by the college counseling office and not submitted until the hours are complete.  A frozen transcript can be very bad for a matriculating student.  He or she may not be able to be able to participate in freshman college orientation programs, and, therefore, not  able to enroll in classes and move into their dorm room.  

What is service learning?