Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday, December 6 Meeting @ YMCA Corporate Headquarters


Youth LEAD OKC is a cultural competency program sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, Casady High School Service Learning Program, and Mercy School Institute. It is open to teens from 9th to 12th grade from public, private and home schools. YLOKC is a branch of Massachusetts based Youth Lead Online.

Youth LEAD OKC experiences are developed, planned, and implemented by teens for teens.  Youth LEAD OKC teens come from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, economic, and faith backgrounds.  OKC Youth LEADers explore their own identities as well as their similarities and differences and act together to build the next generation of community and global leaders.

There is a $30 annual fee which covers a t-shirt and operating program expenses which are subsidized by YMCA and in-kind donations by participating schools.

When was the next meeting?
Sunday, December 6, 2015  1:30-3:30 pm
Planning Team: 1:30 also.  No planning team time before the meeting!

Where did YLOKC meet on Sunday, December 6, 2015? 
YMCA Corporate Headquarters.  The Y Offices are located at 500 N. Broadway, Suite 500, OKC, OK 73102. The Corporate Office is in a five story historic building on the corner of NW 4th and N. Broadway just west of the downtown YMCA (not at the gym).
Who  attended? 
All Youth OKC LEADers and friends

What did YLOKC do at the meeting?
Finish the Teens-4-Teens Project
-Delivery of clothing to Metro Career Academy to Director of Caring, Friday November 22nd.
-Heritage Hall Leadership Class is gathering clothing and Shannon suggested to set a time and date to deliver it to Metro Career Academy's Director of Caring.  UPDATE: Carmen will deliver HH clothing early in the morning on 12/7/2015.  No clothing will be delivered during YLOKC visit Metro Career Academy.

Agenda for Sunday, December 6th meeting

Full Meeting
1. Teens4Teens Program  To be implemented Monday December 7th.
Teens must plan to leave their schools by 11:30 to be at Metro Tech by noon. The tour of the school will start at 12:30 sharp.  Transportation provided by schools should leave at 11:30 and expect to be back at school between 3:00-3:30 pm.  Permission from pertinent administrators should have been obtained by individual Youth Leaders by the second week of November!.

Proposed Schedule of Monday, December 7th Program. 
Process of the December 7th event finalized at December 6th meeting

12:30am - 1pm Youth LEAD takes tour of Metro Tech

1pm - 2pm Youth LEAD hosts program

2: 15 pm   Youth LEAD  departs

Update:  We will need 30 minutes for a tour of the school, 1 hour for the  program and 15 minutes for clean-up, feedback and evaluation

Sunday Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions and Icebreakers: Johnny
2. Delivery of clothing: Report by Shannon.  Carmen will deliver extra clothing from Casady and HH Monday morning
3. Metro Career Program
-Planning Time
-Rehearsal of facilitation of activities
3. Final Decisions
Pizza lunch, transportation

Tentative  Day Schedule
Amira: Time keeper, lunch distribution     Milley: Sign-in, transportation     Chloey: Supplies

8:00 am Carmen makes packages of YLOKC Activities for participants
8:45 am Carmen picks up clothing from HH and delivers it to Metro Career Academy.  
11:30 Carmen meets Casady students at Harper.  
11:45 George meets HH students.  Casady joins HH. Buthiana joins with Mercy students
11:50 Youth LEAD Caravan leaves for Metro Career Academy
12:10 Caravan arrives at Metro Career Academy, sets up eats pizza for lunch courtesy of Shannon
12:30 Tour of the school by Metro Tech Career Ambassador
Tentative Program Schedule

1:00 - 2:00 Youth LEAD OKC Program
a. Introduction         Mallory, Hallie, 
Name Games          Supplies  Ball and Sheet

b. Icebreakers        Johnny, ​​
Games                  No handouts of supplies

c. Debriefing          Mallory and team/Johnny and team
Why   How            Helpful handout  Types of questions
d. Skills Activity(ies)  Daniela, Ryan
I am                          Giant post-it notes, post-it notes, markers, pens
Pair Listening             Chairs for pair listening

2:00  Clean-up, Reflection
Next meeting, January 10, @ Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum
2:15  Youth Lead leaves Metro Career Academy  Milley on duty


2. January meeting pre-planning:  Meeting will be at the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum- Forensic Lab, Museum, Archives, and Memorial.  Option only brought to the attention of Shannon, who approved both contacting the Memorial for the next meeting and for MLK Day of Advocacy for roots of service.

Transportation provided by Metro Career Academy from Capitol Hill.  YLOKC Mentors of Casady, Heritage Hall, and Mercy schools are seeking transportation from their respective schools.  Youth Leaders are requesting permissions to miss school to implement the giveaway process. 
YLOKCasady has been granted permission to miss school and Mrs. Clay has reserved a van with capacity for 8 students.  Mallory'18 requested the permission for Casady Cyclones:  Mallory, Johnny, Hallie, Daniela, Natalie (will drive to Metro Career Academy), Safra, and Mariam . 

Food for thought
OUR OKC KIDS Foundation

Invitation to play, The Compassion Games: Teens and Schools Pay it Forward