Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 17 YAC meeting

Mrs. Clay away
Snack: Chocolate at YAC Community Center
Activity: Placemats for Children Hospital - Pinwheels for Healing Classrooms
Please leave area as you found it.


Final account from the Food Bank for Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2015
The trailer had 4,623 pounds, then after the 171 and 92 deliveries the total weight is 4,886 pounds from Casady.
The total monetary donations (150 in personal checks, 397.31 school check, 515.62 cash) ended up being $1,062.93.   Altogether, that provides enough food and funds to provide 9,386 meals!

1. Blood Drive: Senior Project
Contact: David Crawford from the Oklahoma Blood Institute. His number is 405-419-1356405-250-9727 (cell),
Date: December 10, 2015.  Chapel UD speech: December 1st - YAC introduction volunteer needed.
Location: Cochran Library
Time: 7:00 am set-up  Drive starts at 7:30-noon
Last year: 36 people screened, 25 were able to donate
Memories at

2. Classroom with a Cause:  Hope for the Holidays Project - Katherine S.
- needs volunteers on December 7th- 11th to help with kids

3. Pinwheels for Healing Classrooms Project Anyone making them?
For each pinwheel you send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $400,000—to IRC’s Healing Classrooms program. The more pinwheels you send, the more children you’ll help!

Since the civil war began, nearly 11 million Syrians have fled their homes. Of those, more than four million Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries of Lebanon, Northern Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. Nearly six million children have been affected by their country’s civil war and on average, it takes 17 years for most refugees to return home. This means millions of Syrian children will likely spend most—or all—of their childhood as refugees.
Even though the Syrian struggle seems overwhelming, we can take action and see change for children!
EDMOND LIBRARY HAS CRAFTING WITH A CAUSE ON DECEMBER 18 FROM 3-5 PM.  Is anyone in town to take the pinwheels to the library as a craft with a cause?
Aubrey Registered YAC  for the Healing Classrooms Challenge, then Got us Started making pinwheels during Peace Week.  Johnny and Isabel sent 253 pinwheels in our first shipment.
Last year, Ananya introduced YAC to the Students Rebuild Bookmark Challenge and she sent over 7,000 bookmarks for literacy projects in Peru, Mali, and Nepal.  See the webcast with Peru that features Dylan, Mallory, Gabrielle and Natalie below.

Deepen your learning and about the Syrian refugee crisis and connect with beneficiaries of the Challenge through our free learning resources and tools.
What will happen to your pinwheels? The International Rescue Committee will distribute a selection of them to Healing Classrooms students in Lebanon and Iraq. Funding generated by the Challenge will train teachers in special techniques to engage conflict-affected children with social-emotional learning opportunities and to create secure, nurturing learning environments. Learn more about Healing Classrooms.

What is The International Rescue Committee ?  Helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. IRC teams provide health care, infrastructure, learning and economic support to people in 40 countries, with special programs designed for women and children. Every year, the IRC resettles thousands of refugees in 22 U.S. cities. Students Rebuild partnered with IRC on the Healing Classrooms Challenge.

Here is a possibility of making pinwheels at the Library in Edmond if anyone will be in town on December 18

4. Items in the parking lot from previous meetings

-MLK Day Project(s):  Monday January 17th 
Make a day ON Service, not a Day OFF from school
Memories of MLK Days of the past at
016: MLK DAY , Monday, January 19th
National Service Day - Making a Day on Service of a Day Off from school
@ Rebuilding Together, Food Bank, City Care, Quilt Making @ Casady School  
Projects are at investigation stage.  

2016: MLK DAY , Monday, January 19th  Projects are at investigation stage.  

National Service Day - Making a Day on Service of a Day Off from school

Rebuilding Together, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, City Care-Homeless Alliance, MLK Quilt Making @ Casady School  

YAC Junior Chair, Isaiah L. has completed the request form for Rebuilding Together for a direct service opportunity for students 14 and older.  The experience will be painting an exterior of a home of an elderly, handicapped Oklahoman.  30 volunteers needed.  If temperatures do not permit painting, Cyclones will volunteer at the Food Bank or other alternative locations below.

Mrs. Clay is contacting the Food Bank for an indirect service opportunity for students 8 years old +, and to have an alternative if the weather does not permit outside painting with Rebuilding Together.  Mrs. Clay is also working on exploring possibilities with City Care for a direct service opportunity to feed the homeless on MLK Day.

Mrs. Small, Casady CFO, was approached to provide an advocacy service - philanthropy opportunity through quilt making.  A Roots and T-shirts of Service MLK Day Quilt will be started on MLK Day with a completion date during National Volunteer Week in April.

The Casady Service-Learning Program will continue to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and servant leaders from Casady and Heritage Hall (Rivals on the field, partners in service) who have passed and inspired us with their example: Mr. Larry Bruce, Bennett Hanneman, Mr. Arnel Gil, Dr. Robert Woolsey, Dr. Robbie Johnson, Mrs. Jeannie Rainbolt, Mr. Anthony Shadid, and Mr. Colby Sartin with MLK Day service experiences available to Cyclones and the greater Oklahoma City Community.

Sign-up will be done by sign-up genius.

5. Changes in service requirement 

Class of 2019 : 
Hours completed and certified by August 1, 2018.

Class of 2016:  From Mr. Bottomly,

Service Learning hours are a graduation curriculum requirement that Casady reports on all transcripts to colleges in the application process.
If a Casady student has few hours (of the 45) reported on their transcript (at the time of college application submission), then the college may see that as a student who has not taken this requirement seriously.  This will probably not negatively impact an admission decision, but it might.  

If a student has not completed his or her service learning hours by graduation, then that senior's final transcript will be frozen by the college counseling office and not submitted until the hours are complete.  A frozen transcript can be very bad for a matriculating student.  He or she may not be able to be able to participate in freshman college orientation programs, and, therefore, not  able to enroll in classes and move into their dorm room.  

6. What is service learning?  Katherine introduced us to the S-L stages.  The service-learning office would like YAC to consider making a video to teach Cyclones and the OKC community about service learning.

Investigation, Planning, Action Reflection (Ongoing) Demonstration of learning and Evaluation of Project

7.  The Giving Games Proposal  Sent by Dr. Marcia Moore If YAC decides to participate, someone has to register YAC as a team @

The Charter for Compassion and Compassion Games International partner to launch
“The Giving Games: Youth and Schools Play It Forward!”
December 1st - 11th, 2015

Compassion Games International offers fun and creative ways to ignite compassionate action in communities around the world. The Compassion Games bring the Charter for Compassion to life through the power of coopetition, catalyzing tangible acts of compassion and organized service projects in our communities.

There is a deep connection between affirming the Charter for Compassion and playing in the Compassion Games. 

The Compassion Games started as a way to engage individuals and communities to actualize the vision of the Charter. The Games occur a number of times throughout the year and measure the progress of compassionate action over time, capturing the number of volunteers, hours of service, people served, and monies raised for local or global causes.

Seattle, Louisville and hundreds of other communities, schools, businesses and organizations have played the Compassion Games, collectively serving over 1 million people in more than 34 countries to make communities safer, kinder, and better places to live.

The Compassion Games: (1) Ignite engagement; (2) Amplify what's already working; (3) Establish a framework and baseline for measuring compassion strength; (4) Stimulate and enhance reflection and learning; (5) Provide a platform for cultivating open participation; and (6) Connect participants to a global movement.

December 1st - 11th, 2015

Giving Games Header - MailChimp Size.jpg

The Giving Games are played globally between youth, educators, and mentors to inspire acts of generosity and organized service projects that create a culture of compassion and help foster safe and fulfilling places of learning.

Learn More and Sign Up Here Button.png
Help spread the word.  Share this newsletter with your networks!

Upcoming 2016 Compassion Games Coopetitions:
Martin Luther King Weekend | Jan 15 - 18
World Interfaith Harmony Week | Feb 1 - 7
Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week | April 16 - 24

2016 Annual Compassion Games | Sep. 11 - 21
Casady Cyclones Annual Compassion Games