Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 13 Meeting @ Harper @ Activities

28 students participate.  Snacks; Animal crackers and leftovers from Fall Fest.  Meeting facilitated by Aubrey.  Minutes by Johnny.  Pictures in Instagram by Grace

Food Drive 2015 October 26-30   Planning Team and freshmen
-Goal and process of drive for UD: Goal 1,500 cans.  Process was not discussed.  We need to know
a. Where will the collection take place?  Student Center (inside, outside) Quad.  Ideas were given to have some boxes by chapel????
b. What will be the incentive if any?  Pizza lunch is not an option.  Out of uniform or extra out to lunch are, but someone has to talk to Coach T and Dr. Powell.
c. Grace will place flyers around campus this week.
1,500 cans per grade.  Match by a grocery store.  Each grade must find a grocery partner.  A letter needs to be written to take to grocery stores if this idea is implemented
Can sculpture competitions

-MD Food Drive needs posters.  Prefects handling collection of cans but welcome UD helpers.  They will have house competitions with an incentive for the winning house.  MD YAC might be working on 

-LD and PD will count with UD students bringing posters, collecting and counting cans

- Introduction of inspirational speaker on 10/20:  All chapels  UD: 8:00 am, MD 9:30 am, LD 2:30 pm On parking lot
1, At the Food Bank: Shifts 9-12 and 1-4 on Saturdays, especially 10/31.  Volunteer in your Halloween Costume

Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope
2. City Care: Feeding the homeless with Mayflower On parking lot Church on 10/24.  Please let me know if you would like to attend that meal and if you are interested in bringing some students.  We encourage having students attend our meals (it’s usually a positive experience), but we asked that an adult be with the students at all times.)  If you plan to come, how many students would be attending?  We can’t have too many attending and still have meaningful duties for them to perform. Steve Newell

Pulsera project:  Bags and bracelets arrived.  Safra and Mariam will be selling them during Activities.  $5 per bracelet. $ 7 per bag. Proceeds from the bags will go to Spanish Club.  The sale started today and ends October 24th.

Items from the floor
- Holiday Drives
a. Infant Crisis Services LD and PD Holiday Drive  Katherine (classroom with a Cause) On parking lot
b. YLOKC teens-4-teens Clothing Drive  Mallory, Gabrielle, Johnny and Chloey On parking lot
c. Twirling Competition October 24  8:00-4:00 pm  Mallory and Gabrielle concessions, confirmed

New Items
Belief  October 18-24  7:00-9:00 pm at the Harper Wing.  Popcorn provided  This project is linked to the World Peace Village Peace Week building bridges of understanding  Mrs. Clay stated that she will appreciate if any YAC members view the films to send answers to the questions below: 

Back to School Compassion Games Coopetition October 14-24:  As for Peace Week, your assignments, should you choose to take them, will be e-mailed from October 14-24.  Belief and Food Drive are the October projects connected to this Coopetition. Mrs. Clay will send tasks beginning tomorrow.  Please consider sending an e-mail at the end of the games stating what you chose to implement and how did it influence your week.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Olive Garden Pennies for Patients Project Proposal at Casady Places to Serve blog

MD Junior Project Proposal Nish

Items in the parking lot

Peace Week Reflection and evaluation  Peace Week Team

Pinwheels for Syrian Refugees: Isabel and Johnny  250 pinwheels mailed to Students Rebuilding Healing Classrooms Challenge

Skill:  What is service-learning?  Mrs. Clay and Katherine (Classroom with a Cause) on parking lot