Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Freshmen place final touches Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2015

Casady Cans Do Food Drive: October 26-30.  Help take a bite out of hunger.  Bring cans and/or money.  $1=5. Monetary donations to the Regional Food Bank are 100% deductible.  

Donations Central
UD: To the Student Center before chapel.  Monetary donations to the Regional Food Bank are 100% deductible.  
MD: Cans to the area in front of the Office.
LD: Cans or money to area in front of main office
PD: Cans or money to are in front of main office

UD Goal: 1,500 cans and money per grade.  $1=5 meals  or is the equivalent to 6 cans.
MD Goal:  Beat the high school as usual!
LD Goal:  1,000 cans per grade
PD Goal:  Bring as many cans and/or money as possible

Daily results and memories at Casady Students Against Hunger blog:

YAC Food Drive Volunteers:  Report to your division at 7:15.  Welcome donors. Count cans and money.  Give thank you stickers to donors.  Report results* to Mrs. Clay via text 405-520-1325.  

Monday, October 26 - E Day
UD: Mariam and Safra S., Haillie R., Claire R*., Andy T.
LD: Dylan D., Aubrey H.*,Naailah N., Scout D., Courtney
PD: Nish C.*, Jack R., Turner H.

Tuesday, October 27 - F Day
UD: Margo G. Grant J. Mrs. Clay*, Andy T.
LD: Hannah H*., Isabel O., Meg B.
PD: Sarah C., Hallie R., Anna B.*, Johnny L.

Wednesday, October 28 - A Day
UD: Erik R., Isabelle S., Johnny L., Grace P. Andy T.
LD: Nish C., Jack R., Turner H., Payton L., Ben N.
PD: Aubrey H. Dylan D., Preston P., Blake G.

Thursday, October 29 - B Day
UD: Sahanya B*, Ellison G, Liz W. Grant J., Andy T.
LD: Audrey A*, Lydia F. Anna M.,
PD:  Nicole G., Kenzie H., Evie W., Turner H. ( will also help the children at 10:30 carry donations to trailer).  More volunteers wanted to wear can costumes.  Should have study hall after Activities!

Friday, October 30 - C Day
UD: Hannah H.*, Katherine C. Andy T.
LD: Natalie H., Hope B., Ruby B., Anna B.*
PD: No collection.

Friday, October 23, 4:00-5:30 PM  Volunteer at Boys and Girls Club @ Memorial Park.  Mrs. Clay on site.  Boys and Girls club is a Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Kids Cafe.

Saturday, October 24, 9-12 Feed the homeless at City Care with May Flower Church Small number of volunteers needed.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested., 405-520-1325

1:00-4:00 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Service-Learning YAC Volunteer Afternoon:  Mrs. Clay on site. Bring signed release of liability-available at the Food Bank website, volunteer link or at the Service-Learning Office.  Wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing.

After School decorates UD donation boxes

Kids for Kids  Food 4 Kids   Donate, Donate, Donate!

 Freshman YAC Chairs finalize Drive Details