Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Casady Cans Do Food Drive: Preliminary Steps

Faculty "food insecurity" hunger simulation and a volunteer experience.

Casady Students Against Hunger Blog

August 19th Registered via e-mail with the food Bank:  
Our Food Drive will be October 26-30th

Requested and will be delivered to Harper Wing On Monday, October 5th:

15 posters

UD:   8 collection boxes (2 per grade)
MD:   12 collection boxes (3 per grade)
LD:    12 collection boxes ( 2 per grade).  This is the only division that uses the bags  300 will do
PD:    3 collection boxes

I am the contact person at Casady:  Carmen Clay.  405-749-3103 is my office  405-520-1325 is my cell.

Inspirational speaker on 10/20th for all chapels. YAC HUNGER TEAM needS to introduce the speaker(s).

Trailer will arrive early on 10/26, first day of the drive.  Mr. Fresonke is handling this directly with the food bank
Meredith Diers is the person we are working with at the Food Bank