Monday, October 5, 2015

10/6/2015 Meeting

Aubrey and Johnny facilitated.  Minutes by Mrs. Clay.  Snacks: Left overs from Fall Fest. $0

1. Food Drive: Made boxes during the meeting. Delivered them to divisions.  Started the sign-up for volunteers the week of 10/26-10/30. During 5th period freshmen finished flyers and poseted-them in different divisions.  Mrs. Clay will volunteer at the Food Bank from noon to 4.  Anyone interested is welcome.  Get permission from Mrs. Clay and be at the Food Bank by 12:45 on Saturday, 10/10/2015.
Aubrey call for new ideas to get the UD motivated to donate.  $100 budget allocated for this project.


UD: Goal, process.  No sign-ups for UD yet the book of the drive.  YAC needs to make flyer for LD and PD and a letter for the Courier.  YAC also needs to request neon signs to advertise the drive.

MD:  Father Youmans and Mrs. O'Melia are handling the food drive with help from prefects.  MD students will help count cans, but UD students are also welcomed. They have requested help making posters

PD/LD:  Posters to motivate students to bring donations

UPDATE:  Flyers for LD/PD:  New guidelines from marketing department
We are trying to move PD/LD away from Wednesday folders. All announcements that are from the School need to go in theMonday Division Notes email that is sent to parents on Monday mornings - this is a new process this year and has been very effective for our families and the Divisions. Flyer information for the can drive should be sent to me, but I will need to have it in hand (for this next week's notes) by Monday afternoon since Notes will be emailed out on Tuesday because of the short week. Friday afternoon is the usual deadline for any requests/announcements for the Division Notes. For the Courier, the Tuesday deadline you mentioned in your email is fine.

2. Items in the parking lot from previous meetings
Reflection of Peace Week:  Johnny asked to leave thoughts on post-it notes.  The Service-Learning office will mail an article about the week with the banner to Jeremy Gilley along with a Peace Week t-shirt to thank him for his skype with us.  Mrs. Clay needs pictures and reflections ASAP.  Please e-mail her anything she can add to the article  More focused reflection needed, maybe at next meeting.

3. Items from the floor
-YLOKC  Teens for Teens Clothing Drive.  Benefiting teens from Metro Career Academy.  Chloey Benson started the idea. YLOKC training selected this project as their project for the year.  Mallory and Gabrielle will facilitate this project for Casady.  They started to make boxes and will request permission from Coach T. and Dr. Powell.  

-Classroom with a Cause: ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive  PD and LD collections  In the parking lot

-Pulsera Project: Safra and Mariam are heading this project.  The sale will take place from October 15-24 as a late connection to Hispanic Heritage Month.  UPDATE: Pulsera facilitators made flyer and placed them in the UD buildings
Your NameMariam Shakir
I am A:Choose One
School NameCasady
Class/Club/Group NameSpanish Club
Your Email
Your Phone Number
# of people in your school300
About how many people do you expect will help out with your pulsera sale?1
Date you'll begin your pulsera sale10/05/2015
Date you'll send back any remaining pulseras.10/09/2015
Pulsera Sale PlanWe will sell the pulseras for one school week, starting on a Mondayand ending on a Thursday. They will be sold in the Student Center, a break area for students after classes and during break periods. A student will man the booth and keep count of the sales. We will sell them at the suggested price: $5. In order to advertise, we will post flyers all around the school, and give an announcement during the daily chapel service at school on the Monday before we begin sales.
School Address9500 N Pennsylvania Ave, The Village, OK 73120
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73118
United States
Pulsera GuideI have read the Pulsera Guide completely, and so has my advisor.
How did you initially hear about the Pulsera Project?Google
Anything Else?
School Permission-We have approval to sell pulseras during the above datesyes
Email to

4. Fall Fest:  Great organization from planning team.  A lot of donations.  Very a few people interested in the game.  YAC made $38.85.  We had a lot of bake goods to give away.  They were consumed by YLOKC during their Sunday meeting and YAC during the regular Tuesday meeting.  Some items, like doughnuts, were given away to the cleaning people the day of Fall fest.
Pictures of fall fest forthcoming here

5. Skills  Item in the parking lot
What is Service-Learning?