Thursday, September 10, 2015

YAC Student Rebuild Bookmark Challenge webcast

A massive THANK YOU to you and your students for your hard work and dedication during this challenge. The amount of bookmarks you've made will allow Save the Children to implement their Boost Program with many students worldwide (like the amazing students you met earlier today in the webcast!).  I love that the students received all the bookmarks at the end- I knew that was happening but wanted to keep it a surprise!!

Your student's effort, excitement, and preparation was very much seen during the webcast today. Their questions and responses were very well crafted and they all looked great!! A huge thank you to their participation as Ambassador Schools.

I also want to express my appreciation for you both, Jennifer and Carmen.  I recognize the amount of coordination it takes to prepare for an event like this. Even beyond getting your entire schools to participate in the Literacy Challenge, the Webcast itself is so logistically challenging between the technology, testing, student preparation, administrative permission, other educators' permission, reserving a room, making sure the bell doesn't sound right when your students are talking, etc... What I'm simply trying to say is thank you!

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your school administration and technology personnel as well.  They were clearly instrumental in organizing the school's participation in the challenge and making sure everything goes smoothly during the day of the webcast (and the rehearsal and the various tech tests)!

If you want to share the webcast with students or a classroom that did not get to participate today, the recording can be found on the Event page here: 

The next challenge officially launches September 21st on International Day of Peace.  With a focus on Syrian youth, this challenge allows students to continue to make a difference by collaborating with their local communities, creating change beyond their communities, and harnessing their role as global citizens.

Again, many thanks to you and your students!

Nicole Goggin
Global Nomads