Wednesday, September 9, 2015

yac september 8th meeting minutes

Tuesday, September 8 : YAC meeting  8 people attend. Conflict:  Clubs Presidents meeting

Minutes by Cathy. Meeting facilitator: Miranda

Seniors:  Dylan came but had to go to Clubs meeting.  She is handling the Peru Webcast

Juniors: Cathy(Minutes), Grace (World Peace Village), Pierce Sapper, Miranda (facilitator), Johnny (9/11 speaker introduction), 

Sophomores: None

Freshmen: Hannah Jacobs (Cards) ,Katherine Schoeffler (Cards)

If you were unable to attend the meeting, READ the proposed agenda below  and watch the videos to be better informed about 9/11-9.13 Peace Week.

- There was a call at chapel to attend the webcast rehearsal and live webcast tomorrow and Thursday from 10-12 at the Cochran Library Audiovisual Room.  Webcast scripts were provided to student ambassadors.  

- Making peace one day passports

     - on September 21 we will turn the passport in for an icee 
UPDATE:  Passports will not be use this year.  No time to make them

-Making cards for firefighters/policemen to be delivered on September 11 
     - ask Aubrey if she can deliver  UPDATE:  Aubrey deliver to firefighters and police.  Mrs. Clay deliver to Mercy Hospital
-Service Project at Boys and Girls Club on September 11 UPDATE: Got cancelled.  Mrs. Clay husband had surgery Friday.

- interfaith alliance service day at Jesus House this Saturday, September 12 9-4, Walk Out of Darkness at Lake Hefner (sign up with ms. Milligan or mrs. Clay) UPDATE:  No one signed up!

- Screening of Faith-4-Peace one Day needs volunteers 3-6, Sunday September 13 at the Wing.  UPDATE:  No one sign-up as of 9/12/2015.  Mrs. Clay will still be there in case someone shows up.  UPDATE: Mrs. Clay sent links to YAC, YAC PEACE Team and YLOKC

- freshman need to start planning food drive