Friday, September 4, 2015

September 3 Planning and Peace Team Meeting

Agenda and minutes 
9 students attended. Miranda, Johnny, Grace, Pierce, Dylan, Naailah, Mallory, Gabrielle, Isabelle.

 Cost: $ 27 doughnuts for the meeting and for the Labyrinth Steering Committee Team 

Conflict: Gales Meeting for HH vs Casady Football Game

1. Labyrinth: Help set-up labyrinths. Walk outdoor labyrinth. Miranda and Johnny helped unfold the indoor labyrinth at the transept.  Pierce, Grace, Miranda, Johnny, Naailah, and Dylan placed labyrinth programs at every pew and the group went to the Butterfly Garden Labyrinth and walked it very quickly to continue with the meeting.


 2. Skype with Jeremy Gilley: Signed up: Johnny and Grace. Hope other members of the team not present at the meeting will attend the skype on Friday at Activities at the Cochran Library audiovisual room.  We made a chapel announcement and send a reminder e-mail.  
UPDATE:  Jeremy was inspirational.  His passion to decrease domestic violence and cease fire is contagious.  He related awareness for Peace Day with reduction of violence at homes, schools, communities with Mother's Day when to honor mom, people behave more peacefully.  That is happening on 9/21st and domestic violence.  On Peace Day, people are behaving more peacefully.  Peace Day is known by billions of people now, but no so much in America where it really started.  International Day of Peace is really America's Day of Peace. 
Jeremy gave up some other meetings to be with our group because youth for peace are the MOST IMPORTANT elements for change, they are the new generation of entrepreneurs of social and systems change. 

Johnny(Peace Team 2013, 2014 and 2015), Grace (World Peace Village - Marketing of YAC and Peace Week), Safra and Maria (Peace T-shirt, T-shirt solicitation Letter) attended.  

Mrs. Clay got inspired to give away ICEE's during PEACE WEEK for I SEE PEACE ONE DAY again this year by Jeremy's speech and time with Cyclones.  She also will spend the labor day weekend transforming the UCO Passports to Japan into Passports to PEACE ONE DAY! and will promote viewing the Rwanda Youth Celebration at the Wing on Peace Day, 9/21.

 3. September 4th Peace Week Speech: Being prepared, will be read at least by two members of the Peace Week Team 
UPDATE:  It was delivered by Grace who also wrote it.  There was no internet and we could not make a hard copy of her speech.  She read it from her phone and no videos were shown at any chapels.  The awareness videos we wanted to show at chapels were not viewed.  For the ones who were not in Chapel, Here is a copy of Grace's speech and the videos we wanted to show at other chapels.   Grace's Peace Week Flyer, 6 religions 1 world is now at bulletin boards in all divisions. 

Grace's Chapel Speech introducing Peace Week

"It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, football season has started. That also means that Peace Week is back!!!

For those of you who are new and don’t know what Peace Week is, don’t worry, we’re switching it up this year. The point of this talk is to give you a heads up of the changes we have made.

The main focus is Peace starts with me, now that doesn’t mean that you should go out right after chapel and solve world hunger. All that means is, you start trying to create a little bit of peace in this chaotic world.

You could open a door for someone or pick up someone’s pen that they dropped. You can focus on the small things because kindness counts. 

We can all create Peace if we are just kind to one another. Speaking of being kind, starting on September 11th each upper division building will be set up 
with tables that explain six different religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Native American.

One religion per building and you can learn different facts about a religion that is different than yours or maybe even your own. The different items from the World Peace Village ARE  ON LOAN from the Episcopal Dioceses.  They try to raise cultural awareness by helping people learn about the differences and the similarities of these six religions.  When Peace Week begins just remember, kindness counts."

4. First day of Peace Week SEPTEMBER 11, National Day of Service and Remembrance: CARDS , PASSPORTS, SAM PRESTI

YAC has decided to make thank you cards for the professionals who are first on scene at any tragedy; a thank you for their caring and compassionate ways.  

Materials for cards, provided by the service-learning program, will be available at the Harper Wing from 9/8-9/11, but YAC members are also asked to consider making some at home.  People who make cards will receive a Passport to PEACE ONE DAY where they can write what they did during the 11 Days of Global Unity (Compassion Games, World Peace Village Visits, Service Opportunities, Sharing awareness movies Faith-4-Peace One Day, Kindness is Contagious, personal initiatives).  On Peace Day, 9/21 the completed passport can be exchanged for an Icee of I SEE PEACE ONE DAY at the Casady Wing from Mrs. Clay or a member of the YAC Peace Team on duty.

The cards will be delivered to Village Firefighters, Police and Mercy Hospital with a box of Icee's for helping us to See Peace One Day possible by the kindness and care with which they treat every person regardless of color, economic status, creed or sexual orientation.

The inspirational video for 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance is called HOPE WAS BORN ON 9/11.  The service learning program is taking this short film, the Peace One Day trailer below and Opera's Belief (45 minutes) to Boys and Girls Club on 9/11 from 4:00-6:30 PM.  On Saturday, 9/12 the Service-Learning program is promoting a day of service at the Jesus House with the Interfaith Alliance. Mrs. Clay will be the supervisor.  There is also another service opportunity in the morning only, join Mrs. Milligan's team in the Out of Darkness Walk, Suicide awareness and prevention walk.  Registration links and more information at Casady Places to Serve Blog.

The UD chapel speaker on 9/11 will be Sam Presti, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Thunder.  The peace team has received his bio and will choose 4 sentences and deliver the introduction.  Why Sam Presti?  

After moving to Oklahoma City in July of 2008, Presti has stressed the importance of community involvement for both Thunder players and staff. Under his leadership, Thunder players have made nearly 1,500 community appearances in and around Oklahoma City. Presti has also made it policy for every new player and staff member to tour the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum soon after joining the organization.

Presti is actively involved with Peace Players International (PPI), a global outreach program focused on bringing children and communities together through the game of basketball. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Shooting Touch, an organization that grants graduating college seniors the opportunity to travel the world and use the platform of basketball to help foster education and influence positive social change in third world global communities.

An accomplished drummer, Presti has produced three music CDs with all proceeds benefiting the Extra Ordinary Needs Fund at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Also, Presti established the Keenan Smith-Anthony Halls Scholarship Fund at his former high school, Concord-Carlisle, to assist students with their college tuition.

Full schedule for 2015 Peace Week
whole Peace Week Folder at



4.  September 10 and September 11:  Bookmark Students Rebuild Literacy Ambassadors.  Due to lack of internet, the daily announcements were not read.  The only people attending so far are
1. Mallory W. (Bookmarks at YAC meetings, study hall, and Boys and Girls Club)
2. Gabrielle M. (Bookmarks at YAC meetings, study hall, and Boys and Girls Club)
3. Dylan D. ((Bookmarks at YAC meeting, Bodine Elementary delivery of Come and Read with Me books in May, Welcome Back to School Mentor and mentors organizer for Bodine Elementary the first three weeks of August 2015)
4. Aubrey Hermen (Bookmarks at YAC meeting, Pre-reading resources for needy daycare centers through Rainbow Fleet)
5. Carmen C.  YAC sponsor (Bookmarks at YAC and Boys and Girls Club)
6. Sheila Kruse (French teacher, bookmarks for extra credit at French classes, bookmarks at Boys and Girls Club on Global Youth Service Day)  Miss Kruse will bring her French classes, but will have to leave a bit early because students have to go to the next class.
7. Wesley Fryer (Technology Director)

 4. September 18th YAC Speech: Grace shared the pp she has prepared. It was read to meeting participants. The club fair will follow the speech on September 18th. 

The new name of YAC approved by Dylan as an executive decision is Youth Active in the Community. 

UPDATE:  Grace will make a board with YAC activities for the Clubs Fair

 5. Kindness is Contagious: UPDATE:  The movie made it with 70 reservations.  The article written by Mrs. Charlotte Lankford got tickets to move from 10 to 70.  They are trying to get the theater packed now. 70 more tickets, but that is out of our control.
Here is a copy of the article that move reservations from 10 to 70
UPDATE: Grace will welcome participants to the theater and will facilitate a thumbs up or down reflection after the movie. She will also thank Mrs. Charlotte Lankdard for her help motivating her readers to attend the movie with two articles on kindness on her weekly column on the Healthy Life Section of the Daily Oklahoman.   Here is a copy of the article that propelled 74 people to attend.  There are still 74 seats available to have a sold out theater.  Credit card reservations at