Monday, September 14, 2015


            Mission 003 - Sept 13, 2015

Good Morning Secret Agent-Ambassadors!

You've spent two days being energized by external power sources that inspire you, and you've transmitted that inspiration into acts of care, concern, warmth, and love. Please take time to consider how it felt to YOU to be kind and compassionate. Where do these feelings exist? Our hope is that you see that these powerful feelings exist inside of you. And while they may have been inspired by external sources of compassionate power, the feelings generated are uniquely yours.

That being said, your mission today, Ambassadors of Compassion, is to begin the process of consistently looking within yourself for sources of compassionate energy. This is not to say that external sources are not important; they most certainly are. But when you learn to nurture your internal source of compassionate energy, that resource becomes easily renewable. It's always available and will never run out.

To complete today's mission, treat yourself with compassion by doing something loving for yourself. Do this in a way that allows you to appreciate your gifts, while listening for that inner voice that tells you why you are unique and beautiful. (Secret Agent Tip: Sometimes you can hear that voice better if you imagine you are listening to a child!)

Remember, should your actions or those of any of the Ambassadors of Compassion be exposed, it will increase the positive ripple effect of creating a kinder world. As such, we again ask you to report your activities on theCompassion Report Map!

Good luck, Ambassadors.

(To help children get the gist of today's mission, it's important for them to understand how good it feels to complete acts of kindness. Have them talk about how it felt to complete their acts of kindness the last two days, and see if they can identify other times in their lives in which they felt good because of doing something nice. Then help them connect these positive feelings to having more "energy" to do more things. To complete the mission, help them identify something good they can do for themselves today.)

The Casady Peace Team promoted viewing Belief-4-Peace One Day at home or at the Casady Wing.  At the Casady Wing the Peace Team facilitator encouraged participants to Walk the Butterfly Garden Labyrinth and had seedlings donated by the Oklahoma Forestry Department to give away.  The hope is that the seedlings will be planted on Peace Day 9/21 and to report its planting to the ENO Online Program to add our Oklahoma seedlings planting to the numbers of trees being planted around the world on PEACE DAY.  Lemonade and popcorn were provided.

The videos screened were:
Questions to ponder after the trailer...
1. What do you believe and how does that belief system bring us closer to our life purpose?
2. What do others believe and how can we learn more about those beliefs and our own humanity?
3. How can we connect more closely to other communities of faith and belief to impact the world for the greater good?

Peace One Day   30 minute video
Question to ponder after the video:  Who will you make peace with on September 21st, International Day of Peace

Youth Peace One Day Celebration from Rwanda Trailer 1 minute
What will you do on the 21st of September, International Day of Peace- American's Day of Peace?

Two participants attended the screening at the Wing, but an e-mail was sent with the links to YAC Planning and Peace Teams to watch at home and to YLOKC

Peace Team:  Peace Week
Monday, September 14: ECONOMIC JUSTICE DAY  VIDEO: Hunger 101
Peace Week Team UD Chapel Speaker:  Jennifer Reed

Tuesday, September 15: HEALTH Video RecipeacePower of Sports
7:30 am  Peace Walk around the lake starts at Butterfly Garden labyrinth.  
Activities, Harper YAC meeting.  Agenda  Activity:  Pinwheels for Peace

Wednesday, September 16:  CHILDREN AND YOUTH DAY Video Pinwheels for Peace
Kindness is Contagious OKC Premiere at Quail Springs 7:30 PM  Grace Patton facilitator.  Special thanks to Mrs. Charlote Lankfort for recruiting her readers to attend the screening

Thursday, September 17: WOMEN  Video Peace Players International: Romy & Malak
Peace Week Team Chapel Speaker: Casady Orchestra

Service Opportunities
Friday, September 18: HUMAN RIGHTS  Video  Youth for Human Rights
3:00-7:00 Youth LEAD OKC LEADERS training @ Casady Wing
7:30-8:30  Belief-4-Peace One Day screening @ Casady Wing

Saturday, September 19:  FREEDOM   Video Youth for Human Rights: Freedom of Thought
9:00-10:00 Boys and Girls Club Day of Kids set-up
10:00-8:00 PM  Youth LEAD OKC training starts at Boys and Girls Club and continues at the Casady Wing

Sunday, September 20: DISARMAMENT Video BELIEFCharter-4-Compassion
1:30-5:30 pm OCC Interfaith Youth Tour - Wear your Peace Week t-shirt
6:00-7:00 pm  Belief-4-Peace One Day Recipeace Dinner at Grand House

7:30  Pinwheel blessing and labyrinth Walk: Wing
World Peace Village with snacks donated by local restaurants coming all day long.   Icee's for I see Peace with acts of kindness, compassion of service while supplies last

Introduction of Peace One Day
ONE Minute  35 minutes, Peace One Day story   Youth Celebration, Peace one day

Introduction of BELIEF
 1:50 Trailer: 

7:11 minutes