Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First YAC Meeting after Clubs Fair 9/22/2015

First YAC Meeting after Clubs Fair 9/22/2015

Minutes by Mrs. Clay

Attendance: 37 members attended the first meeting

Seniors: Aubrey, Dylan  ( 6) 
Juniors: Miranda            (6)
Sophomores: Safra        (7)
Freshmen Anna, Claire    (18)

Snacks: Left over from Peace Day and YLOKC training and retreat.  Cost $0 for the meeting but for Peace Day and YLOKC retreat and training: $175

New Items 
1. Student Rebuild School Healing Classroom Challenge:
Pinwheels for Syrian Refugee children and teens
- Need to count and make sure all pinwheels made are finished   On parking lot until next week when we will have pinwheels from MD, LD after school care and Boys and Girls Club.
-Update:  Dylan sent an e-mail stating that Casady YAC will take the challenge and to add pinwheel making to our activities at Fall Fest!  Go Dylan!

New Healing Classrooms Challenge

Join Students Rebuild, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Global Nomads Group to help Syrian youth recover from crisis and grow into happy, healthy adults. To participate, make and mail in pinwheels. For each pinwheel you send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 -- up to $400,000 -- to IRC's Healing Classrooms program. The more pinwheels you send, the more children you'll help.

2. Fall Fest: Aubrey explained what was needed and made a  Sign up to bring supplies and to work the booth.

3. Students Against Hunger Casady Cans Do Food Drive: Flyers, sign-up for responsibilities  ON PARKING LOT until next week.
Sign-up the day you have first hour Study Hall to avoid lateness problems. Notify your Study Hall teacher that you are on duty helping collect and count cansUpper Division, Middle Division, Lower Division, Primary Division  Cans/ posters
Monday(,  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday: YAC at the Food bank

Old Items Reflection and Evaluation 
August/September YAC On parking lot

1. Clubs Fair

2. Peace Week

3. Peru Webcast


Did you see our second and final Literacy Challenge webcast from Peru? During the live event, two schools in the U.S. connected with their Peruvian peers who are beneficiaries of the Literacy Challenge. Students discussed everything from the importance of literacy to hobbies and dreams for the future. We even took audience questions sent in online, answered them in real time -- and handed out bookmarks. You can see it all by watching the webcast video.

Agenda for next week

Team Building Icebreaker
Fall Fest
Items on Parking lot