Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Agendas for following meetings and minutes for September 1st meeting

First YAC Planning Team and YAC Peace Team Meeting:  
September 3, 7:15 AM @  the Harper Wing
Suggested Agenda
1. Peace Week
-Labyrinth Speaker Introduction. Walks sign up
-Labyrinth Thank you Note sign LETTER
- Peace Week Speech at Chapel on the 4th
- The Compassion Games ???
-Peace Week sign-up for service projects and activities on weekends
- Peace Week T-shirt Update
- Peru webcast  Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge:  Bookmark Project

AGENDA FOR YAC MEETING SEPTEMBER 8THNext Week's YAC meeting, Tuesday, September 8th : Writing thank you letters to Village firefighters and policemen in honor of September 11 (Friday), National Day of Service and Remembrance, S-L will provide supplies and will buy Sam's boxes of ice cream sandwiches to take to both.

Minutes of September 1st Meeting
YAC meeting: September 1, 2015, Activities, Harper Memorial Wing:  No chapel reminder, conflict with newspaper meeting.  Minutes by Cathy and Mrs. Clay

·     Peace week
-       On the 10th peace team is setting up tables with different religions
- Flyer made by Grace at all bulletin boards at the end of the day today.  
- Mrs. Clay provided copies of Peace Week Calendars.  Calendar will be on bulletin boards at the end of the day Wednesday.
-Labyrinths at Casady:  "Peace Begins with Me"  Cannon Susan Joplin of Saint Paul's Episcopal will have chapel talks on Thursday, September 3 about Labyrinths.  Sign-up to walk a labyrinth with Mrs. Clay.  5th Hour if not in Music and during your study hall might be great opportunities.  Walks will start at 10 but will go on all day.  There is a Pep Rally during Activities.  In door at the Chapel Transept (take off your shoes before walking) and an outdoor painted in grass at the Butterfly Garden.  

·      Global Nomads: Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge-The Bookmark Project Phone Conversation about Google Hangout Webcast with Peruvian Children for whom we made bookmarks on National Volunteer Week and Global Youth Service Day at Boys and Girls Club last April.  We send 7,000 bookmarks
-We met Nicole(from New York) and Abby(who will be handling webcast from Peru)
-Students will miss classes from 10:30-noon on September 9th and 10th

Confirm Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Ambassadors
1. Mallory W.
2. Gabrielle M.
3. Dylan D.
4. Carmen Clay (Sponsor)
5. Wesley Fryer ( IT Director)
6. Leighton Gelnar (checking schedule)
7. Colton Gelnar (checking schedule)
Emily Richards wants to attend the broadcast.  She was an exchange student in Spain and wants to be connected to literacy efforts that will involved using Spanish language
AUBREY H. Can only attend the live broadcast.  No reply from Natalie H. yet
Mrs. Kruse was going to ask French students who made beautiful bookmarks for extra credit in her French Class for students in Mali.  No students will come from this resource

Mrs. Clay will ask Ananya's sister and mother to possibly attend since Ananya led the project.  We are hoping Ananya will be attending and participating online.  To prepare for the broadcast Nicole sent the following information.  Other students who made bookmarks are concerned about missing two hours of classes to commit to attend both days of the broadcast, the first day is the rehearsal and the second is the actual live broadcast.  Ananya's sister is unable to attend but will check with her mom to see if Mrs. B. can represent the parent component of this project

- Nicole told us that the next Students Rebuild Challenge will be made public on the International Day of Peace, 21st of September 

Nicole sent the following script for the webcast.  This will be used both at the rehearsal and the live webcast

Students Rebuild- Literacy Challenge- The Bookmark Project webcast with Andhuaylas, Peru

Check Global Nomads, the Peru Webcast Details and the Literacy Curriculum at http://gng.org/sr-peru

Below find a script of September 9th (rehearsal) and 10th (live) webcast

To engage the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge participants around the world, Global Nomads Group will host a 40-minute live broadcast from Peru, a community home to a successful Save the Children Literacy Boost program.  In this broadcast, facilitated by GNG, a panel made up of Save the Children staff, local students and community members impacted by literacy issues and Literacy Boost, and 1-2 Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Ambassador 

Schools from the US, will discuss the driving question: What is the role literacy plays in your social, cultural, and academic life in Peru and around the world?


Date: Wednesday, September 9th: Rehearsal, Thursday, September 10 Live Webcast
Time: 12:00 – 12:40 PM [ET]/ 11:00-11:40 AM Casady Teens.  Be at the Cochran Library by 10:30.  We will have handouts on literacy from their website.
Location: Luis Pata School, Andahuaylas, Peru Cochran Library Audiovisual Room
● Production Supervisor: Abby Finck, GNG Engagement Coordinator
● Field Producer and Host: Rachel Kornhauser, GNG 
● NY Facilitator and Technician: Nicole Goggin, GNG Program Coordinator
● Show Runner and Director: Darieus Legg, GNG 
● Webcast Technician: Louis Abelman, GNG Production 
● Save the Children Representatives : 
● Local Student Representatives (3-4): 
● Local Community Representatives (ex: Reading Group Counselors, Parents of 
students in program)
● Interpreter:
● US Ambassador School: Casady High School in Oklahoma City, OK
● US Ambassador School: Vista Magnet Middle School in Vista, CA 

Driving Question: What is the role literacy plays in your social, cultural, and academic life in your community?

TIME (60min) n/a Trailer: Loop plays pre-program 

11:00-11:05  Introduction

11:00-11:02  Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge: Global Learning Crisis
Lower Third with name, and partner logos. GNG US video turns off after introduction.

11:02-11:05  Pan to surroundings   Video from Teaser

11:05-11:07  Clip of kids in classroom

11:11-11:15   Part 1 – Introduction
Nicole in NY [Welcome]:
Welcome to the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Peru webcast. I’m Nicole with Global Nomads Group in New York.  For the past year you, students around the world, have been committed to the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, making bookmarks that were matched with funding to support Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program. I’m pleased to connect you to, Andahuaylas, Peru where students, teachers, and community members have directly benefited from the bookmarks you made through this challenge.  
Take it away in Peru!

[Local panelist to welcome viewers, give context to location including language]
[Rachel/Facilitator introduction and general intro to issue]

My name is Rachel, with Global Nomads Group.  In Peru, 40% of the population over 15 years of age are illiterate.  For the next 40 minutes we will discuss this issue with my friends working to improve literacy in this community, and the ways lives are being changed through their work. 

(Brief and general introduction of panelists—reiterate the Ambassador Schools are students in the U.S. who took the Literacy Challenge by making bookmarks. The bookmarks were matched with funding for Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program, the program our panelists are here to discuss today) 

Lower Third with students names

B Roll of Kids in life OR Stills of kids 

[Facilitator Intro to US/Ambassador Schools, each school to showcase community or school and ask a question to student panelist]

11:15-11:35 [Direct Online audience to Q&A box] 
To you all, joining at home or school, please introduce yourself in the Q&A box on Google Hangout. Be sure to tell us your name and where you are watching from!

Part 2 – What is the role literacy plays in our social, cultural, and academic life?

Rachel: [Prompt panelists about role literacy plays in their life]  sample questions below:

[To student]

What are your dreams for your future and how will literacy help you achieve them? 

● What do you enjoy most about reading? 

● Where do you read (intro to reading corners at homes/ book banks/ reading camp)?

● Besides the ability to read, what else have you gained through Literacy Boost? (confidence, creativity, ambition)

[To Save the Children, Voluntary Reading Promoter, or parent]

How and why do you promote reading? (high school students as Voluntary Reading Promoters, parents creating reading corners, teachers getting training )

● How do you see literacy affecting the community beyond the classroom?

● How has Literacy Boost impacted you?

[Peruvian student to explain aspect of Literacy Boost (new books in Book Bank/ Reading Festival/Reading Corner], 

[Question between US and Peruvian students]

[questions from virtual audience to panelists]

Part 3 – Take Action 
Rachel: [Transition into new segment]

You have been making bookmarks all year that contributed $300K for STC's Literacy Boost program in Peru, Mali, and Nepal and brought copies of more than 80 new books to 105 school communities. 

Now let's hear from some of you:
[Rachel to US schools about participation]: 
Facilitator: [Addresses questions from virtual audience to panelists]

Part 4: Conclusion

Rachel [Conclusion] Today we looked at how literacy and education impacts 
people in a very significant way.  We encourage you to learn more about this issue here in Peru, and around the world and to continue to learn, connect and take collective action on critical global issues through Students Rebuild or on your own. 

Final Words from panelists: 

Rachel [Conclusion] Thank you so much to our amazing panelists, live and virtual, Students Rebuild, Save the Children, Global Nomads Group and our Challenge participants around the world for joining this conversation.  On behalf of Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge we thank all of you for your participation.  Go to www.studentsrebuild.org to learn more about the results of the Literacy Challenge and about the next challenge! 

Helpful links to understand the scope of this amazing project

About Student Rebuild Challenge and webcast http://studentsrebuild.org/find-challenge/literacy-challenge

About the Bezos (Amazon.com) Foundation http://www.bezosfamilyfoundation.org/

About Global Nomads  http://gng.org/  They are handling the webcast and they have a lot of information about the webcast with Peru in their website.

About SAVE THE CHILDREN https://www.savethechildren.net/

Pictures of the small team that made bookmarks at Boys and Girls Club during National Volunteer Week:Global Youth Service Days:http://casadycommunityservice-learning.blogspot.com/2015/04/its-time-to-celebrate-tell-world-your.html

- Skype with Jeremy Gilley- September 4th at Activities, Cochran Library Audio Visual Room.  Any interested students or faculty welcomed!

Peace Team
- Cathy Z.
- Johnny L.
- Grace P.
- Safra S.
- Mariam S.
- Carmen Clay
- Wesley Fryer

-Kindness is Contagious:  September 16 (Kids and Teens Day) 7:30 PM @ Quail Springs Theater

Consider making reservations this week for the movie to make it.  Here is the article by Mrs. Charlotte Lankford in the Daily Oklahoman.  Reservations went from 10 to 43, but still need 22 more reservations for the movie to make it and we only have today and tomorrow!  Reserve your ticket ($11.25 per person) with a credit card at www.gathr.us/screening/12710, and you will receive your ticket via email.

A few weeks ago this column focused on the importance of kindness, and readers responded with their own thoughts.
Linda St. Onge, from Yukon, said, “Kindness is an attribute I value greatly in others and I strive to demonstrate and 'require' it of myself.”  
Andrea White wrote what I always like to hear: She thought the column was worth sharing with her two grown daughters, who were going to share it with their children.
Ed Apple, from Duncan, shared the wisdom of a verse by Adam Lindsay Gordon: “Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone, Kindness in another's troubles, Courage in your own.”
Mo Grotjohn, from Oklahoma City, recommended a book titled “Congratulations, By the Way: Some Thoughts on Kindness,” by George Saunders. A line in a quote on the back cover reads, “What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.”  
That same week, an invitation came from Carmen Clay, head of Casady School's Service-Learning Program, to view a documentary titled “Kindness Is Contagious.” The film will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 16 at Quail Springs Mall AMC Theater and is open to the public. 
“Kindness Is Contagious” features scientists, university professors, street performers, soup kitchen volunteers, police officers, models, CEOs, athletes, roller girls, concert pianists and artists. The filmmaker asks each of them one question: “What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?”  The audience will learn how a little generosity can help one live a happier, healthier, wealthier, longer and more fulfilling life.
The Quail Springs theater must have 61 tickets reserved several days in advance of the screening to present the film. Patrons will only be charged for the ticket when that goal is met, so make your reservation ASAP.
Reserve your ticket ($11.25 per person) with a credit card at www.gathr.us/screening/12710, and you will receive your ticket via email.
I hope to see you at the movies! 

Casady School Peace Logo.jpg

Help Bring
Kindness is Contagious
To Oklahoma City
Theatrical On Demand®kindnessIsContagious_Poster_web-2y2urqutvt183col8n81ds.jpg
September 16, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Quail Springs AMC
@ Quail Spring Mall
2501 W Memorial Rd.

Tickets: $ 11.25
Make ticket credit card reservation @

To show the movie we need 61
reservations.  If this does not happen,  the movie will not be shown, and credit cards will not be charged.

It is time to re-orient towards kindness as a way of creating more
compassionate communities and
making a difference.  

Learn how generosity can help YOU live a happier, healthier, wealthier, longer and more fulfilling life from heartfelt stories and scientific research.

Movie trailer @

“Speaks to our capacity to fully understand quality of life situations and scenarios.”  - The Huffington Post

“I have come to believe that kindness may be the most important asset in any relationship, be that with a family member, friend, partner or spouse, boss or employee or the clerk behind the counter.” Charlotte Lankard