Saturday, September 26, 2015

Agenda and minutes for Tuesday, September 29

Agenda facilitated by Aubrey, minutes by Johnny
Snacks: Cookies and juice

1. Team Building Activity - Johnny facilitated a name game
2. Guest: Mrs. Karen Dillier
NBTA Twirling Competition needs volunteers on October 24th from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.  in the North gym at Casady to do various things (concessions, lining up contestants, posting awards results, etc.).  It should be a fun and busy, but enjoyable day. Contact Mrs. Karen Dillier
The following students signed-up
Mallory and Gabrielle will run concessions.
Anna B, And Sanhaya B. will volunteer from 8:00-12:00
Chloe y B. will volunteer from 8:00-4:00
3. Chloey spoke about a new YLOKC project:  Teens for Teens Clothing Drive.  
Chloey will make a donation box and we will collect them in the Harper
YAC community room.
4. Safra and Mariam will promote their pulsera project, if they get the pulseras
at Fall Fest.  If not, they will start after the break, for Hispanic Heritage
5. Three more freshmen want to be Freshman chairs:  Anna B. Sanhaya B. and 
Hannah H. will help facilitate the Food Drive Project

Old Items
1. Fall Fest: Aubrey asked people to sign-up to volunteer.  Bring baked good to Harper early morning.  Mrs. Clay and the set-up team will transport them to the YAC tent!
Signs- No one is making signs-  We will make them on Friday and use the one we have from years past.  We will also sell Peace Week t-shirts and have the Peace Day banner for people to leave us what they did on peace day 2015
Games for Fall Fest:  No one is working on getting the supplies needed for the games.  Mrs. Clay will try to provide what she is able and the rest will have to be made on the spot.  Isabelle is checking with Dollar Tree.  Mrs. Clay is checking with Sam's and the Casady Athletic Department.
Set-up for Fall Fest:  Mrs. Clay took care of that.  3 tables, 6 chairs, electricity and a tent
Sign-up for baked goods: 17 people signed-up
Sign-up to volunteer at YAC Fall Fest Booth:  There is at least one person per shift.  More needed.

2. Pinwheels:  UPDATE FROM AUDREY: Casady YAC is registered to receive $2 for every pinwheel from the Bezos Foundation for Students Rebuild! Yay!  Isabelle is taken the Challenge to OKC!
-Sign-up for the Students Rebuild Challenge - Find an individual or a team to facilitate this project and take it to our Casady and Greater Oklahoma City Community  DONE  Aubrey and Isabelle
-Count the pinwheels we have made- We started, but Isabelle, Mallory and Gabrielle will head this project and Mrs. Clay will bring the pinwheels from the MD.  Date to mail pinwheels made so far: Next Tuesday
-make sure they are all quality to send to Bezos Foundation
Pinwheels Lesson Plan from Pinwheels for Peace Website
Pinwheels template

Thank you for joining the Healing Classrooms Challenge!

By registering the YAC team for the Healing Classrooms Challenge, you’ve taken the first step to connecting with your peers worldwide to make a difference. You’ve chosen to bring hope and healing to others in need and joined a movement to help children around the world improve their lives through education.
Now it’s time to take action! Get all the details on how to make your pinwheels and mail them in so we can match them with funds—and you can see the positive change you’ve made. Be sure to check out these important links: 
Free Tools (poster and flyer templates, curriculum resources and more):
Share your pinwheel photos and videos and encourage others to join you on Students Rebuild social media:
Questions? Need to make changes to your registration information? Please contact us:

 Student Rebuild School Healing Classroom Challenge: Dylan sent an e-mail stating that Casady YAC will take the challenge and to add pinwheel making to our activities at Fall Fest! 

New Healing Classrooms Challenge

Join Students Rebuild, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Global Nomads Group to help Syrian youth recover from crisis and grow into happy, healthy adults. To participate, make and mail in pinwheels. For each pinwheel you send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 -- up to $400,000 -- to IRC's Healing Classrooms program. The more pinwheels you send, the more children you'll help.

3. YAC  Peace Week T-shirt:  On the parking lot, but Aubrey said it was ok to sell them at the Fall Fest Booth
Many left
Only a few people provided $10 for their t-shirts
Collect money for the t-shirt or try to sell them at $15 at fall fest for Peace Week Team to receive t-shirts free of charge

4. Reflection and evaluation of Peace Week On the parking lot
Article requested from Peace One Day. Global Compassion Games, World Peace Village, Episcopal Dioceses and Shinnyo-en foundation (we sent an article to them on a yearly basis)

5. Reflection of Peru Webcast: Peru Webcast On the parking lot


Did you see our second and final Literacy Challenge webcast from Peru? During the live event, two schools in the U.S. connected with their Peruvian peers who are beneficiaries of the Literacy Challenge. Students discussed everything from the importance of literacy to hobbies and dreams for the future. We even took audience questions sent in online, answered them in real time -- and handed out bookmarks. You can see it all by watching the webcast video.

5. Bodine Elementary YAC Mentors   Dylan.  Thank you notes were delivered by Aubrey yesterday.

New Items

1. Students Against Hunger - Casady Cans Do Food Drive  October 26-20  Freshman Team with collaboration from all grades
-State goal
-Make sign-ups
-Make flyers for different division
-Connections to Homeless Alliance-s-l educational component: Poverty in Oklahoma awareness and exploration

2. MLK Day:  Food Bank for MD and Rebuilding Together for High School
-Need facilitators of opportunity
a. Connect with organizations
b. Reserve the day with a number of guarantee volunteers in mind
c. Investigate if there will be a cost for the opportunity with Rebuilding Together

3. Skill:  What is the difference between s-l and volunteerism/community service, internship?

4. Homeless Alliance and City Care

Found Causes "City Care" from DALE EPPERSON on Vimeo.