Thursday, August 6, 2015

YAC Fedex Invitational: Sunday, August 16, 3:00-5:00 PM

Meeting called by President Aubrey.  Due to last minute Cheer practice meeting time was changed to 3:00-5:00Google Calendar RSVP sent on 8/6/2015  Updated time sent on 8/12/2015
Snacks: Grapes and Animal Crackers.  Chocolate.  Water and Apple Juice.  Cost $50

Expected attendance 
Seniors: Aubrey, Allison, Neeley
Juniors: Miranda, Grace
Sophomores: Natalie
Freshmen: Daniela and Hope 
Adults:  Mrs. Clay, father Youmans

Regret unable to attend:  Tara, Johnny, Kira, Hallie, Safra , Mariam

Agenda  by Aubrey
1. Welcome- Introduction
2. Calendar
3. Peace Week Update 
4.  Officers
5. Miscellaneous Items from the floor, Mrs. Clay and Father Youmans

 Mrs. Clay's  Items 
a. YAC calendar, officers, bylaws

b. YAC @ Teacher In-service at the Food Bank, Thursday, September 18, 7:15 AM -1:00 PM 

c. YAC Flyer/Brochure/Calendar for Freshman Orientation 

d. Connecting Service-Learning Program Calendar to YAC's calendar 

e. Peace Team Report: Status of Calendar, flyer for the week.  Mother Susan Labyrinth Talk - Inner Peace on 9/3, Skype with Jeremy Gilley 9/4.

f. Kindness is Contagious Screening update and call for facilitators. We have 10 reservations and Mrs. Charlotte Lankard from the Daily Oklahoman wrote a column on kindness.  She is considering connecting her readers to the movie screening. September 16th was chosen by Garth because it is Children and Teens Day in the 11 Days of Global Unity. 

g. YAC/YLOKC @ Oklahoma Memorial Museum Training date.  On September 11th, if in town Sam Presti, General Manager of Thunder and spokesperson for the National Memorial and Museum Oklahoma Standard might speak at chapel. If he is unable to speak, the peace team will promote Peace week with videos (Interdependence and Peace One Day could be choices)

h. Clubs Fair and Fall Fest (what we will be selling/promoting as fundraiser of the year)

i. Opera's BELIEF video series in October- connects to Peace Week Interfaith theme.  Casady Service Learning is promoting in with Father Blizzard.  We need youth facilitators at different venues.  Casady is one venue.  Saint Paul's Cathedral might be another venue.

j. Youth LEAD OKC Kids Korral Kick-off Party, Sunday, August 23, 1:30-6:30.  Johnny Lee is the facilitator of the kick off.  Let Mrs. Clay know if you will be attending.  It should be a blast.  

k. OK Kids Korral has a new youth board.  Applications are at all bulletin boards and the deadline is September.  One of Mrs. Clay's old Spanish students has created this youth board.  The people who apply and are accepted will be founding members.  This is the first year of the youth board for OKC kids korral.