Monday, August 17, 2015

YAC FEDEX Invitational: Organizational Meeting minutes

YAC planning meeting : August 16th, Harper Wing, 3-5  (2 hours)

Agenda by Aubrey and Dylan

Announcements from the floor
1. Welcome- Introductions
2. Calendar
3. Peace Week Update 
4.  Officers
5. Miscellaneous Items from the floor, Mrs. Clay and Father Youmans.  
Snacks and drinks by Service-Learning, $50

Minutes by Cathy and Mrs. Clay
Seniors: Aubrey, Allison, Neeley, Fiona
Juniors: Miranda, Grace, Cathy, Pierce, Isaiah
Sophomores: Natalie, Safra, Mariam
Freshmen: Claire, Ruby, Naailah, Hope, Hannah H.
Adults:  Mrs. Clay, father Youmans
RSVP unable to attend:  Tara, Johnny, Kira, Hallie, Stout

Announcements from the Floor
- Jeremy Skype talk (Dylan) 
 September 4, at Cochran Library, Activities 10:05 AM.  Jeremy Gilley institutionalized the UN International Day of Peace on the 21st of September.
He is the creator of a non-profit organization PEACE ONE DAY.  Before the SKYPE meeting, please familiarize yourself with his work via his videos available at

   - Oklahoma Humane Society (Miranda)
Animals/misfits organization
          - Miranda requested to dedicate a month/week towards animals
          - Bring animals to Casady during finals week?
               - ms. Titus/ coach miles
Maybe be we could consider bringing animals to a Peace Walk on Sunday, September 13, Environment Day

- Teacher's In-Service Day at the Food Bank  Tuesday, August 18, 7:15-1:00 (Mrs. Clay)
          -Needs YAC volunteers to help with registration, distribute t-shirts and volunteer with the teachers.  The YAC Service-learning touch:  Help teachers reflect before and after and provide music for the volunteering time.  At the food bank, YAC volunteers will pack food with the teachers and participate in the food insecurity simulation if space is available. Contact Mrs. Clay if interested,, 405-520-1325

- Welcome back YAC and Service-Learning to Harper Wing (Father Youman's)
 - YAC places spirituality and dogma into action where is needed in the community.  Welcome back home! YAC!.  Father Youman's will not be able to attend YAC meetings anymore because there is a conflict with his MD schedule. Father Blizzard will attend YAC meetings as his schedule permits it.

- Playground for Bodine Elementary (Dylan)
-Dylan and a group of seniors have been mentoring and tutoring at Bodine elementary.  Bodine has a walking trail, but wishes to have a Kaboom Playground.  The cost of the playground is related to the type of playground the kids and administration want for their school.  Interested YAC members could start writing a grant in collaboration with our development department and pertinent administrators and Bodine elementary students in the month of September.  If interested e-mail or text Mrs. Clay  (, 405-520-1325)

- OK Kids Korral has a new youth board (Mrs. Clay)
YAC and YLOKC inspired this organization to create a youth board to help them help kids.  Applications due in September available at  all bulletin board or from Mrs. Clay.

- Welcome
_ Introductions
-Calendar (Aubrey)
     - YAC meetings in Harper Wing on Tuesdays during Activities 10:05 (To be approved by Coach T, at Activities Sponsors Meeting next week)
     - Theme for the year: Children
     - YAC meetings:  Activities! not just communication of opportunities
     - YAC funding comes from an endowment provided by the Rainbolt Family.  $100 per month have been allocated to YAC needs like supplies for projects, snacks for meeting (last year we had donations from YAC members because YAC membership grew too large.  This year, we might need to consider a fee to belong to the club or have a sign-up to bring snacks because Activities is in the middle of the morning and members will be hungry.  The idea of a social chair was turned down and place this responsibility under the management of the treasurer.  YAC's only fundraiser is Fall Fest!)
     - YAC Planning Team- Executive Board Communication
Teen board communicates via text.  Aubrey ask everyone to get an app for communication. 
Mrs. Clay sends messages via e-mail only.  Her communication should be timely, at least 3 or 4 days ahead.  If instant communication needed, Mrs. Clay will go through YAC planning team officers.  YAC members can send texts to her 405-520-1325
The marketing and communication officer, Grace needs a team to have -administrative approved social media outlets of communication that are timely updated.
     - Chapel Service Announcements:  A youth (YAC/STUCO) will pick the service opportunity from the daily announcements where Mrs. Clay will provide supervision that week. Mrs. Clay is suggesting Dylan and Cathy to decide since they are in both YAC and STUCO.  For example, for Peace Week, we have the following service opportunities AS OF 8/17/2015 for YAC to ACT in the community.  Sign-up at Casady Places to serve blog

FRIDAY, September 11
National Day of Service and Remembrance.  
Chapel: Peace Team/ Mr. Sam Presti
YAC’s Good Deed: making baked goods for firefighters and policemen?
4:00-5:30 PM @ Boys and Girls Club Pinwheels for Syrian Refugee Children
Service Day
9:00-4:00 PM Jesus House Service with Interfaith Alliance, Mrs. Clay supervisor,
8:00 - 11:00 AM Out of Darkness Walk, Hefner Lake
Mrs. Milligan’s Team
8:00-4:00 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma  No Casady supervisor
8:00-12:00 Alzheimer's Walk, Bricktown Ballpark,No Casady supervisor
SUNDAY, September 13
Peace Walk around the Casady
Popcorn with  BELIEF and PEACE ONE DAY
Oklahoma Department of Forestry Seedlings Giveaway for PEACE DAY PLANTING

FRIDAY, September 18
3:45-4:45 PM @ Boys and Girls Club: Pinwheels for Syrian Refugee Children and Global Peace Village   
5:00-6:00 PM @ Boys and Girls Club Recipeace popcorn with BELIEF & PEACE ONE DAY
SATURDAY, September 19
8:00-12:00 Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids Fair and school supplies giveaway, seedlings give away, World Peace Village Awareness- Art Installation: People to People  Peace mural  
10:00 - 8:00 Youth LEAD OKC training
8:00-4:00 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
No Casady supervisor
SUNDAY, September 20
1:00 - 5:30  OCC’s Interfaith Youth Tour. $15 per person.  A Christian, Jewish and Muslim experience
12:00-5:00 Youth LEAD OKC leader retreat
6:00 PM  Recipeace dinner with: BELIEF AND PEACE ONE DAY
MONDAY, September 21
Pinwheel blessing and planting (Chapel services)
3:16-3:56  PM Popcorn with  PEACE ONE DAY
6:00-8:00 PM OCU IDP United Nations Association of Oklahoma Celebration

     - September - Peace Month/Clubs Fair/Fall Fest/all YAC collaborates
          -Peace Team (11th-21st) Grace, Johnny, Cathy, Safra, Mariam
               - World Peace Village (Grace) One religion for each building so students can learn about each.  "Tentative calendar for the week will be sent by Mrs. Clay to YAC members.  Final calendar and flyers will be made and placed on bulletin board NOT DOORS by Grace and Peace Team.  They will also make chapel announcements and promote Peace World Vill
               - Make pinwheels during YAC meetings for Syrian refugee children to remind them the innocence of youth lost to war.  The Bezos Family Foundation funds the Student Rebuild Challenges.  They will deliver the pinwheels to Syrian children and donate $2 per pinwheel made to SAVE THE CHILDREN, organization working on the ground with the children.
                    - Quality not quantity of pinwheels.  To increase the number of pinwheels made reach out to different people to make a greater impact
          - Webcast with Peru- Students Rebuild Bookmark Challenge: Last year YAC member, Ananya B. took the Bookmark Students Rebuild Challenge during National Volunteer Week in April and YAC sent over 7,000 bookmarks through the Bezos Family Foundation.  Casady YAC has been selected by Global Nomads to have a Google Hangout- Webcast attended by schools around the world who participated in sending 300,000 bookmarks ($300,000) to Mali, Nepal and Peru.  Aubrey contacted the organization and they chose Casady YAC who made bookmarks to host the webcast.  September 9th and 10th Casady YAC students who participated/facilitated bookmark making will become Students Rebuild Bookmark Challenge Ambassadors.   15-20 YAC students will miss class from 10:50-12:00 on both days to attend the webcast that will take place at the Cochran Library Audiovisual Room.  Dr. Powell has approved the activity provided that involved students make up the work missed.  
            - Peace Week Calendar and T-shirt
YAC "Planning Team-Executive Board" voted via post-it notes.  Safra and Miriam's design was selected.  Mrs. Clay will try to find sponsors to defray part of the cost of the t-shirts.  Peace team needs to meet to finalize calendar to provide donors a full idea of what they are sponsoring.  T-shirt companies also need to selected to see what the cost will be. T-shirt project should be finalized by last day of August.

            -Peace Week Global Compassion Games (Mrs. Clay) will be promoted by the S-L Program office.  Mrs. Clay will send a flyer INVITING to register online.  The games are a coonpetition (collaborative competition)

            - Peace Week BELIEF Trailer (Mrs. Clay)  Invitation to any YAC member interested in helping facilitate a preview of the trailer along with a showing of one of the videos from Peace One Day during Peace Week.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested,, text: 405-520-1325

            -Peace Week Kindness is Contagious documentary screening (Mrs. Clay).  The premiere of this documentary in OKC will be on Teens and Children's Day, Wednesday, September 16th at 7:30 pm at Quail Springs.  The Daily Oklahoman, Family writer, Mrs. Charlotte Lankford will attend as well as our benefactor, Mr. Gene Rainbolt.  Mrs. Clay invites any interested YAC member to become the facilitator of this movie.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested:, 405-520-1325.  What will it take?  Welcome the audience before the movie begins and ask for a thumbs up or down reflection after the movie ends.  The movie will only come to Quail Springs theater if we get 61 more people to buy tickets.  You can reserve tickets (if we do not get the minimal number of participants, your/your parents credit card will not be charged) at

          - Fall fest / Freshman? and all grades clubs fair
                -flyer about YAC/calendar and officers will be made by Grace
               - Fall Fest is YAC's only fundraiser for YAC's needs like snacks, incentives for teens to donate for non-profits like food-4-food gift cards during Food Drive.  BRING IDEAS TO THE NEXT MEETING!  DATE: tba        
               -Cake walk, bake sale, bubbles?  FUN activity that will bring children, teens and parents to booth to enjoy and donate to YAC

     - October 
          - Freshman Project with YAC members from all grades collaborating
          - Food bank donation drive (Freshman YAC Reps facilitate)
               - get everyone to collaborate
               - incentive for the high school: gift cards?
               - last week of October but decisions about number of flyers, boxes, etc need to be made now.  Freshman Chair, please contact Mrs. Clay, cell 405-520-1325
School Compassion Games:  Food Drive is our coopetition!

     - November 
          - children's hospital (juniors)
               - making place mats or crafts that children can do (needs video)
               - juniors need to figure out what to do during yac meetings 
               - porch supplies is the best store to buy what you need 

    - December 
          - continue children health
          - blood drive
               - Make posters?  ADVOCACY PROJECT

    - January
          - literacy (seniors and sophs)
          - MLK day
                - Food bank FOR OTHER DIVISIONS, building house (preferred with Rebuilding Together because it accepts 14 year old volunteers FOR HS) , playground (need to write a grant AND SEE IF IT CAN BE BUILD THEN-WEATHER PERMITING)
          - Casady vs. Heritage basketball game
                - diapers for Infant Crisis Services, fundraiser for animals for the Humane Society

     - February 
          - Continue literacy.  RAK Week- Random Acts of Kindness Week 

     - March 
          - month for fundraiser for animals 
               - March madness tournament to raise money?
     - ms. Lopez dance studio and helping casady families with small businesses 
     - interviews during chapel for students doing projects
          - to help support each other 
     - NYLC National Service-Learning Conference  March 29- April 3

       - April  
-National Volunteer Week/ Presidential Service Awards
-Projects and activities for National Volunteer Week and Global Youth Service Days
Earth Day- Compassion Earth Day Coopetition
STUCO Walk-A-Thon benefiting Children's Hospital

YAC Senior Send Off- YAC/Service Learning Demonstration and Celebration Event
YAC reflection and strategic planning for school year 2016-2017


     - YAC Planning Team Executive Board (Aubrey)
How are the officers selected? Time spend on YAC and desire to make things happen in a collaborative inspiring way.
          - Co-presidents: Aubrey and Dylan
          - Vice president: Miranda 
          - Secretary: Cathy
          - Treasurer: Johnny 
          - Marketing/Communication/Social Chair: Grace P 
          - Grade Reps
                - Freshman: Claire and Ruby
                - Sophomores: Mariam and Safra 
                - Juniors: Pierce and Isaiah (maybe Isabelle)
                - Seniors: Leighton? and Neeley

-main speaker, leadership, guidance on projects, filter agendas, sets calendars.  Participates in service projects when schedule permits it.  Promotes "acting" in the community

-work with the presidents to be the voice, VP steps up to lead meetings when president(s) are not present
-Help set and handle the agenda at meetings and participate in projects when schedule permits it.  This position is a step towards having full leadership of YAC the following year.  A President in training.  

-take notes, filters YAC Pic for the week for DA and works with Co-Presidents and Vice-President to have the agenda set for meetings.  Takes minutes during meetings  Works closely with the Marketing and Communication offices on flyers, posters, business cards, t-shirt.  The Secretary has to know every decision officers are making to inform the Executive Board and the members

Needs to develop a grant application system to allocate $100 a month coming from S-L budget
Other funding comes from dues??? and Fall Fest fundraiser
Needs money for: Snacks for meetings.  Supplies for projects not available from the S-L program
We need to decide on a system for the snacks
a. Dues to purchase snacks for every meeting and thank you gifts to YAC leadership at end of year
b. Voluntary sign-up knowing that some will not sign-up or will forge

-Manage the funding YAC raises at Fall Fest and create a grant proposal for the $100 the service-learning budget provides to help youth initiatives on a monthly basis.  Read the proposals and make a decision of who gets the funding.  Sometimes teachers and students will be competing for the funding.  It can be tricky sometimes and you might not always make everyone happy.  That is why an application process is needed.  

-Apply for grants to enhance what YAC does and maybe help an intentional and direct funding connection with YLOKCasady needs.
Adult Grant Writing Resources:   Mrs. Clay helps  with grant writing, but we need to have grants checked by Mr. Evan Walter, our Development Director because he is an expert in the field and because we need to make sure he knows about any fundraising efforts going on at Casady at any level.

Marketing/Communication/social Chair:  
Undefined - New Position

Class Reps or Class Chairs:  
Facilitates grade projects.  Keep grades inform of YAC activities

     - Youth LEAD OKC
          - Like YAC but with different kids from around the city
          - Focused on connecting kids with different backgrounds, religions, etc.
     - OK Kids Korral kick off on Sunday August 23rd (1:30-6:30)
Checking schedules:  Pierce will bring Rachel, Aubrey, Natalie, Safra, Mariam.  Freshmen were invited and a minute was taken by Mrs. Clay to explain that in service-learning experiences the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, How, and How Much are decisions made by Youth!  (Skill Developing- Understanding difference between Service-Learning and Volunteerism/Community Service (court appointed))

     - Clubs Fair     Freshman Clubs Fair during Orientation?
           - Needs volunteers 
              * Make posters
              * Bring snacks or drinks
          - YAC flyer!?