Saturday, August 29, 2015


This meeting is for "planning team", "peace team," and YAC and non YAC members who participated in the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge during National Volunteer Week in April 2015 and Global Youth Bookmark Service Day @ Boys and Girls Club.

 Suggested Agenda 

1. Skype with Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace one Day and International Day of Peace at the Cochran library.  SIGN-UP PEACE TEAM AND OTHER INTERESTED STUDENTS.

2. Bookmark Students Rebuild webcast with Peru phone conference with Nicole from Global Nomads.  Nicole is handling webcast on September 9th and 10th @ 11:00 am, Cochran Library. Nicole will give details of the webcast.  She sent the following yesterday via e-mail

What is the role literacy plays in your social and academic life in Peru, and around the world?

Hello Everyone!

The efforts you've put into this challenge and the bookmarks you've produced is wonderful!  Thank you so much.  I'm so excited for you to connect with your peers in Peru and engage in a conversation on literacy.

Start to think of some questions and comments you would like to share with your peers.  You can also look through the script I've attached here in this email to get a better idea on what will be discussed during the webcast.

Also below are the panelists who you'll be speaking with on September 10th!  Read through each one to learn more about who you'll be engaging with.

This link below features a link with highlights from the last webcast, so you can watch what the upcoming webcast will be like:

1.Volunteer Reading Promotor: Young girl (sixteen) from the last grade of Luis Pata school. She´s responsible of the implementation of different activities in  her community (Luis Pata) as Reading camps, Story time, Book Banks.

2. Student from the 3rd grade of primary school in Luis Pata: Abigail is 8 year old and she´s bilingual and very collaborative in class and is learning around the five literacy skills promoted by the project. Also, she´s participating in Reading Buddies once a week.

3. Student from 6th grade of primary school in Luis Pata: he is 12 years old and is very active in the Reading Buddy activitiy.

4.Director and teacher of first grade from the school 54125 in the community of Toxama (two hours away from the webcast). Victor Román Yauris is a bilingual teaching (Quechua-Spanish) (you had received his life story)

6. Teacher from 3rd grade of primary school Luis Pata: Milagros is bilingual  and she´s Docente de 3rd grade de la I.E de  Luis Pata: Milagros

7. Literacy Boost Coordinator in Apurímac: José Carmen Reinaga.

8. Representative of Save the Children (Perú): we need to confirm if Magaby Villalobos (María Gabriela Villalobos) will participate in the webcast because she was selected as the new Director in our country office and she will assume her new position in August.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Script sent Nicole from New York

Nicole in NY [Welcome]:

Welcome to the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Peru  

webcast. I’m Nicole with Global Nomads Group in New York.  

For the past year you, students around the world, have been 

committed to the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, making 

bookmarks that were matched with funding to support Save 

the Children’s Literacy Boost program. I’m pleased to connect 

you to, Andahuaylas, Peru where students, teachers, and 

community members have directly benefited from the 

bookmarks you made through this challenge.  
Take it away in Peru!

[Local panelist to welcome viewers, give context to location 

including language]
 [Rachel/Facilitator introduction and general intro to issue]

My name is Rachel, with Global Nomads Group. 

In Peru, 40% of the population over 15 years of age are 
illiterate.  For the next 40 minutes we will discuss this issue 

with my friends working to improve literacy in this 

community, and the ways lives are being changed through 

their work. 

 (Brief and general introduction of panelists—reiterate the 

Ambassador Schools are students in the U.S. who took the Literacy 

Challenge by making bookmarks. The bookmarks were matched 

with funding for Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program, the 

program our panelists are here to discuss today) 
[Facilitator Intro to US/Ambassador Schools, each school to 

showcase community or school and ask a question to student 


[Direct Online audience to Q&A box] 
To you all, joining at home or school, please introduce 

yourself in the Q&A box on Google Hangout. Be sure to tell us 

your name and where you are watching from!


Part 2 – What is the role literacy plays in our social, cultural, 

and academic life?

Rachel: [Prompt panelists about role literacy plays in their life] 

sample questions below:

[To student]

What are your dreams for your future and how will 

literacy help you achieve them? 

● What do you enjoy most about reading? 

● Where do you read (intro to reading corners at homes/ 

book banks/ reading camp)?

● Besides the ability to read, what else have you gained 

through Literacy Boost? (confidence, creativity, ambition)

[To Save the Children, Voluntary Reading Promoter, or parent]

How and why do you promote reading? (high school 

students as Voluntary Reading Promoters, parents creating 

reading corners, teachers getting training )

● How do you see literacy affecting the community 

beyond the classroom?

● How has Literacy Boost impacted you?

[Peruvian student to explain aspect of Literacy Boost (new books 

in Book Bank/ Reading Festival/Reading Corner], 

[Question between US and Peruvian students]

[questions from virtual audience to panelists]

Part 3 – Take Action 

Rachel: [Transition into new segment]
You have been making bookmarks all year that contributed 

$300K for STC's Literacy Boost program in Peru, Mali, and 

Nepal and brought copies of more than 80 new books to 105 

school communities. Now let's hear from some of you:

[Rachel to US schools about participation]: 
Facilitator: [Addresses questions from virtual audience to 


Part 4: Conclusion
Rachel [Conclusion] 

Today we looked at how literacy and education impacts 

people in a very significant way.  We encourage you to learn 

more about this issue here in Peru, and around the world and 

to continue to learn, connect and take collective action on 

critical global issues through Students Rebuild or on your own. 

Final Words from panelists: 
Rachel [Conclusion] 

Thank you so much to our amazing panelists, live and virtual, 

Students Rebuild, Save the Children, Global Nomads Group 

and our Challenge participants around the world for joining 

this conversation.  On behalf of Students Rebuild Literacy 

Challenge we thank all of you for your participation.  Go to to learn more about the results of 

the Literacy Challenge and about the next challenge!

3. Peace Week Update: 9/11 Bake Goods for police and firefighters?  Pinwheels for Syrian children, t-shirt, speakers, chapel speeches introduction.  September 4th Peace Team speech introducing peace week 2015

4. Activities Fair:   September 18  2 minute presentation at chapel, Clubs Fair during Activities.  

5. Fall Fest: Cake Walk, first opportunity to sign-up

6. Students Against Hunger - Casady Cans Do Food Drive Complete the Food Bank form

7.Other items

Information on agenda items:  Agenda items by Mrs. Clay

1. Peace Team


Monday August 31st(2:00 PM) and Tuesday September 1 outdoor labyrinth drawing by Butterfly Garden.  Donation of Cannon Susan Joplin.  Labyrith drawn by Butterfly Garden by Dr. Diane Rudenbock and Mr. Fresonke's Crew.

Thursday, September 3rd: Peace Begins with Me; Labyrinth chapel presentation by Saint Paul's Episcopal, Cannon Susan Joplin.  Labyrinth experience during Activities.  All UD and language clubs invited to participate

Friday, September 4,-Skype with Jeremy Gilley-   10:05, Cochran library. All YAC members and language clubs welcome. Please watch this 27 minutes video before the SKYPE

Find his documentary of his journey to establish the 21st of September, International Day of Peace and his initiative PEACE ONE DAY @

YAC PEACE WEEK TEAM and YAC activities before Peace Week
-September 9th and 10th  Peace Team sets Global Peace Village @ buildings

-Wednesday, September 9th and Thursday September 10th: 10:45 Bookmark Student Rebuild Literacy Challenge.  9th Rehearsal of Webcast with Peru, 10th live broadcast at Cochran Library Audiovisual Room.  The rehearsal will start at 11 and should take 45+- minutes.  Register at
If you are not in the room, you can view from wherever you are.  You just need to register at

Casady YAC Bookmark Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge Ambassadors
1. Mallory Woodruff
2. Gabrielle Moore
3. Aubrey Hermen
4. Dylan Dobson

Miss Sheila Kruse
Mrs. Carmen Clay
Mr. Wesley Fryer

Helpful links to understand the scope of this amazing project

About Student Rebuild Challenge and webcast

About the Bezos ( Foundation

About Global Nomads  They are handling the webcast and they have a lot of information about the webcast with Peru in their website.


Pictures of the small team that made bookmarks at Boys and Girls Club during National Volunteer Week:Global Youth Service Days:

-Peace Week Chapel Speeches and Activities
- September 4th UD, MD and LD  Peace Week @ Each Division
UD: Global Peace Village, Global Compassion Games, documentary screenings, service projects, pinwheels for peace for Syrian refugee children, Peace Walks, Peace Meals, Seedling give away
MD: International Club making pinwheels, MD Service Club September 18th Fest for YMCA, MD SEE letters to Veterans
LD: After School labyrinth Walk
PD: Pinwheels blessing and songs during their chapel service
September 15:  Possible speaker on economic justice and racism
September 17: Orchestra performs Piece of Peace

11 Days of Global Unity:  PEACE WEEK
_ Friday September 11th:  Introduction of speaker: Sam Presti, Thunder General Manager, if in town, or Video about September 11 and Hope is Born.   Play the Global Compassion Games! Celebrate International Day of Peace  Make pinwheels.  Visit Global Peace Village in all buildings


9/21 United Nations International Day of Peace

9/21 Peace One Day Celebration in Rwanda

Peace Village @ Wing, Open to the public with donated refreshments
Pinwheel blessing before school, at the Wing
Pinwheel blessing at chapel in other divisions
6:00-8:00 PM

Check your schedules and sign up for service projects
9/11 Baked Goods and ice cream for Village firefighters and police
9/12: Jesus House Interfaith Alliance Service Day
9/13 Peace Walk and Faith-4-Peace One Day popcorn screenings
9/18: YLOKC Training/Boys and Girls Club/ MD YMCA Fest
9/19 Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids and YLOKC Trainintg
9/20 1:30-5:30 Interfaith Youth Tour  Recipiece Meal at local restaurant