Thursday, July 16, 2015

Third Peace Team Meeting: Wednesday July 22, 4:00-6:00 PM at Activities/After School Building

Sort Peace Village
Create Peace Week-Peace Team Calendar and save the dates flyer
Peace Team/ Peace Week T-shirt

Any member of the peace team in town.

Activities/After School Building (between PD and LD)

4-6 PM


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Set up process and calendar for Peace Week 2015 - 
Delegation of responsibilities.  Chapel presentation schedule
Summer to do list

Emerging calendar for 11 days of Global Unity 2015  The calendar, subject to additions and changes as of 7/16/2015:

a.  9/11-9/21 The YAC Peace Team will promote Peace begins with ME/YOU/US by inviting high school youth and adults to explore the PEACE VILLAGE to build as Pope Francis stated, "bridges of understanding" of our diversity through the unity of the Golden Rule.  We are assessing our resources and we should have a plan of action at

On the daily announcements and bulletin boards, suggestions for the Compassion Games International will be made public.  We are promoting the screening of Kindness is Contagious at a local theater in August and September as a possible motivator and perhaps "catching kindness" with Instagram might be an option to motivate enthusiasm to participate in the games.

b. Service for Peace  Sponsors:  The Casady Service-Learning Program, YAC, YLOKC, Community Partners for Service for Peace

Tuesday 9/8th-Thursday 9/10th:  YAC Peace Team sets-up Peace Village at UD

Friday 9/11 Unity:  YAC Good Deed: Service for Peace:  TBA  In the past:baked cookies for police and firefighters. MD new YAC will be sending letters to Veterans.

Saturday 9/12: Interdependence:  Day @ Food Bank. 400 volunteers possible.  Oklahoma Department of Forestry seedling giveaway.

Casady encouraged to volunteer with Boys and Girls Club, Positive Tomorrows, The Hugs Project, YMCA-YLOKC.  Oklahoma Forestry Department seedlings giveaway- Eno Global tree planting days

Sunday 9/13 Environment:  Peace One Day movie screening @ Casady Wing. Pot luck Recipeace Meal  Oklahoma Forestry Department seedlings giveaway

Monday 9/14 Economic Justice:  Global Compassion Games - Peace Village

Tuesday 9/15 Health: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village

Wednesday 9/16: Children and Youth: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village  Pinwheels for Peace, Poppies for Peace

Thursday 9/17: Women: Global Compassion Games- Peace Village

Friday 9/18 Human Rights:  Set-up Peace Village at Boys and Girls Club.  Boys and Girls Club Oklahoma Department of Forestry seedling give away.  Pinwheels for Peace, poppies for Peace, Interfaith peace art at Boys and Girls Club

Saturday 9/19 Freedom  Day for Kids Fair and school supplies give away.  Peace Village and seedlings give away.  Interfaith peace art station at Kids Fair.  Possible Youth LEAD OKC training day.

Sunday, 9/20 Disarmament  1:00-5:00 Interfaith Youth Tour sponsored by Oklahoma Conference of Churches.  Dinner and screening of Peace One Day at local restaurant with recipeace elements

b. Monday 9/21  Celebration on Monday 9/21.  Peace music, golden rule, peace prayer at each station.  Possible ethic food provided by parents and/or international food restaurant donations.  Stations open during chapel times.  Blessing and planting of pinwheels PD, LD, MD/UD (language/religion classes, YAC).  Viewing of Peace ONE Day telecast of global peace day celebration