Monday, July 27, 2015

Peace T-shirt Meeting

7/27/2015 @ Wing  6:00-6:45  Made t-shirt design ballot and send it to youth and adult members and asked them to vote.
Participants:  Safra, Mariam, Mrs. Clay

Three designs were submitted.  

Safra and Mariam sent the following ballot via e-mail.  

Votes will be received until the next meeting

Y.A.C. Peace Week Shirt Design Ballot
Send your votes via email!

Design 1:  YAC loves Peace  Week  Votes:

Design 2:  Casady loves Peace  Votes:  1 vote 7/27/2015(s)

Displaying Casady Peace.jpg

Design 3:  Peace Week  Votes:  1 vote 7/28/2015(g), 2 votes (7/29/2015) (s,m)