Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Minutes of July 22,2015 meeting by Cathy

July 22, 2015 : peace team meeting @ After School Building
World Peace Village organizing, rooms, requests, and tentative who will do what. Berries and Grapes:  $11
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Seniors: None
Juniors: Grace (facilitator), Cathy (minutes), Johnny
Sophomores:  Safra and Mariam
Freshmen: None
Faculty:  Mrs. Morgan (World Peace Village, Mrs. Clay (minutes and snack)

World Peace Village - Organizing tables

     - each building in the high school represents a religion
          - put food from the religion in the building which corresponds
          - Judaism
               - Johnny asking dr. Bishop and Twins helping him out
          - Buddhism
               - Johnny asking mrs. Craft in the library
          - Islam
               - grace and Johnny asking dr. Shreve price
          - Christianity
               - sitting area in miller... Mrs. Clay asking mr Pena
          - Hinduism
               - ms. Zesigers room ?
          - Native American
               - student center, ask coach Mac and mrs. Williams
               - play music
     - mini posters on the doors of each building or on the chapel

     - make your own prayer mat in the after school program
     - $2 per pinwheel, each pinwheel go's to a child in a war zone,
          - quantity over quantity
     - cannon Susan
          - going to talk about labyrinth walk at all chapels September 3rd

     - put tables up Thursday before peace week
     - chapel speeches: last 6 days of peace week
          - people from each religion talk for 5 minutes about it
     - t shirts  - Next meeting   online  google handout  Safra and Mariam facilitating
          - custom ink
          - need sponsors for each division to try to get discounted quality t-shits
          - if a person makes so many quality pinwheels, they will get a discount 

- Save the date flyer about peace week. 
- T-shirt design proposal by Tuesday, July 28th.  Goggle Hangout meeting to vote for the t-shirt Wednesday, July 29th. Mariam and Safra considering facilitating.

Peace Be With You
Native American
May the Great Spirit be with you
Salamon Alaikom

YAC  Affairs
     - meetings  45 minutes: 15 minutes of skill building.  Mrs. Clay requested consideration of this format.  
     - YAC needs to have a meeting in early August to finalize board officers and delineate responsibilities.
-Johnny will be treasurer and will apply for a Do Something Grant to have an idea of how to design the YAC grant proposal for $100 monthly funding.
- Mrs. Clay sent e-mail to consider Grace for Marketing and Communication.  She will write the description of this office.  She wants a team. needs people who are computer savy
- Safra and Mariam will complete the application for the pulsera project as a YAC project.  They will connect to the Spanish Club when it becomes operational.


- Sunday, August 9th 1:00  Free Men  Jewish/Muslim Film institute.  Free at Emmanuel Synagogue
- Monday, 7:30, August 10 at Quail Springs.  $11.15  Documentary  Kindness is contagious. Tell Mrs. Clay via e-mail if you want to attend

Emerging Calendar for Peace Team, Service Learning Compassion and Kindness Experiences for PEACE ONE DAY