Friday, July 24, 2015

July 23, 2015 | Volume 22, No. 29
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Lead the Leaders: Join the Largest Youth Service Coalition in the United States   

There's just one week left to apply to join the largest coalition in the United States of organizations mobilizing youth to serve their communities. Applications for YSA's 2016 Global Youth Service  
Day Lead Agency grants are due next Friday, July 31
The program offers U.S. organizations funding up to $3,000 provided by State Farm, capacity-building training, and ongoing support to lead high-impact, high-visibility youth service activities and celebration events for GYSD (April 15-17, 2016).
As the official organizer of Global Youth Service Day in their region, GYSD Lead Agencies are a vital part of creating a culture where young people have the opportunities and support to create positive change in their communities. Learn more at 

Want to learn more about what GYSD Lead Agencies actually do? Here are 6 stories that showcase how they mobilized youth for GYSD 2015. As you'll see, it takes all kinds of organizations to make GYSD a success! Join us in 2016.

Douglasville, Georgia 
Des Moines, Iowa
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
Duluth, Minnesota
Indio, California
St. Louis, Missouri

The GYSD Lead Agency program is sponsored by State Farm.
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Earlier this week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked President Obama about encouraging national service. In response, President Obama reflected on his own experience as a community organizer when he was younger: "I wanted to try to commit myself to something bigger than just me. The young people I meet around the country, and by the way, around the world, they have that same sense. This notion that young people have lost their idealism, or they're too cynical, or ironic - it's not true. But we have to give them pathways to get them involved." Watch the video here....»

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation & the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence have partnered to ask every high school student in America to speak out about the way they feel in school. Join the #EmotionRevolution and take the survey today. High school students can also now apply - until August 1 - to attend the inaugural Emotion Revolution Summit in October 2015 where the survey results will be revealed. During the Summit, students from across the country will have an opportunity to meet with Lady Gaga, educators, academics, and policy makers to learn ways they can accelerate positive changes in their schools and communities....»

Nonprofit VOTE has joined with Independent Sector, the National Council of Nonprofits, and United Way Worldwide to launch the Nonprofit Votes Count campaign. Plan to use the week of National Voter Registration Day,September 22, to make sure all your organization's eligible staff, board members, and volunteers are registered to vote. Show your support of voting for your community and the nonprofit sector by getting listed as a partner of Nonprofit Votes Count. When you do, you'll get a set of complimentary "I work for a nonprofit and I vote" stickers and colorful National Voter Registration Day 2015 posters. ...»
Deadline: Rolling - Fridays Weekly Through August 7
In partnership with Save the Children, YSA will support organizations to engage youth on September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance in organizing local disaster preparedness awareness events (Prep Rallies) and community service projects (Prep Projects). $2,000 Training Host Grants are available for organizations in the Mid-Atlantic (DC, MD, VA) and the South (OK, TX, AR, LA, MS), and $1,000 Project Organizer Grants are available for organizations in California and the Northeast Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT). Learn more about this program at

Deadline: August 10 
Creativity gives you the power to help shape a better world. YSA, in partnership with ABC and Disney Friends for Change, can help you create the future you imagine. Young changemakers, ages 5-18 in the United States, can now apply for a $500 Summer of Creativity Grant to support a service project that makes your community greener, safer, smarter, healthier, cleaner, or fairer.  

Deadline: August 26 
The Tom's of Maine 50 States for Good initiative supports grassroots organizations throughout the country working to do good in their communities. In 2015, the program will provide grants of $20,000 each to a grassroots nonprofit organization in every state + DC. Any individual 18 years of age or older is eligible to nominate a nonprofit organization for consideration. ...»

Disney Friends for Change Latin America Grants
Deadline: August 31
As bolsas do projeto da Disney, Amigos Transformando o Mundo, oferecem às crianças e jovens de 5 a 18 anos, da América Latina, a possibilidade de buscar inspiração para criar um mundo melhor em benefício das pessoas, da comunidade e do planeta. 

Las becas de 
Amigos por el Mundo de Disney brindan a niños y jóvenes entre 5 y 18 años de América Latina la posibilidad de inspirarse para crear un mundo mejor en beneficio de las personas, las comunidades y el planeta. 
The 16 Year Old Hero for Animals in Puerto Rico

This week, we honor a 16 year old hero for animals from Manati, Puerto Rico - Natalia Maisonet. Natalia founded Alley Cats & Dogs Rescue Project PR INC. at the age of 11 and has been helping to save lives 4 paws at a time ever since.  Her goals are to educate children on caring for animals, so they will become better citizens; to work with the government so we can have better laws to protect and care for animals; to have an island wide massive sterilization/neuter program; and to save as many animals as we can from the streets, abuse, and hunger. Natalia says, "The biggest satisfaction is seeing a dog or cat with a new family and knowing it will not go hungry or be in the streets suffering."...»
Peter Levine, an expert in youth engagement and civic renewal, writes, "A presidential election cycle is a great civic ritual. Even though only about 60% of adults vote-when we're lucky-a national campaign still touches most Americans in one way or another. It challenges us to consider fundamental issues. As the 2016 cycle heats up, what should we expect from this great national civic experience? What do we have a right to expect from the election?"...»

Teaching What 'Privilege' Really Means
What is privilege? Is there any way to describe it? A recent video posted by BuzzFeed shows the results of a "Privilege Walk."  The rules are simple. Everyone gathers behind a long horizontal line. When the facilitator reads a statement that applies to you, you step forward; if it doesn't, you step back. Afterward, participants get to hear and process together the personal stories about how race, class, gender, and ability affected the opportunities of individuals in the room. Learn more and get a list of the statements for the activity. ...»

Every Kid in a Park Initiative Webinars
August 10August 12, or August 14 
President Obama's "Every Kid in a Park" initiative was announced in early 2015 to provide all 4th grade students and their families with free admission to federal lands and waters for a year. Register for an upcoming webinar to learn more details about this exciting initiative, and ways to participate. The webinar will be held three times during the month of August....»
"Hero in Me" by Jeffrey Gaines

"And as I grow older
And there's so much 
that I do not know
I'm drawn to those who are bolder
And go where no one dare to go." 
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